Being sick is the worst, isn't it?


What a wild and crazy cold and flu season we are having. There are so many different "bugs" going around that it's just a matter of time before something gets you.


As lots of you know, a stomach bug got my family last weekend, about 10 hours before I was supposed to be leading worship. Ugh. PT got hit with the flu last week. And lots of folks around Good Shepherd have had one thing or another. Maybe you are one of them (but I hope not!).


In the office this week, some of us were chatting about how good it feels when you have been sick and you finally get back into your routine. All of a sudden, a hot shower feels amazing. A trip to the grocery store is a breath of fresh air. Going to work feels remarkably like a vacation. Suddenly, we can do all the things we normally do! We can contribute to society in our small, but significant, way. It feels deeply good.


In a way, it's coming back to life.


In our Gospel for Sunday, Jesus heals a woman who is sick with a fever. But the Bible doesn't just say that he heals says, he "raises" her. And after this everyday resurrection, she is able to jump back into her everyday life, serving those around her.


In the story, she wasn't dead. She was sick. And yet, Jesus brings her back to life.


Because of Jesus, she is able to take her place in the household again. She is able to provide hospitality to her guests (a central tenet of both Judaism and Christianity). She is able to do the ministry that has been given to her to do.

Healing stories are lovely, and yet, they can be tough. We don't always get the healing for which we pray. Those we love and lose do not, in fact, come back to  this  life.



And yet, Jesus is always reaching out to us, in the midst of whatever ails us, to bring us back into a full and meaningful life. Jesus calls us to human connection, even when we are sick. Jesus calls us to serve, in whatever ways we can, given our circumstances. Jesus calls us to healing, even when a cure is not possible. Jesus calls us back to life.


Perhaps we'd like a more dramatic resurrection. Instead, we get resurrection that is everyday. Every. Day. It is not always dramatic, but it is always a miracle, always a gift.


May you be well this season, and if you are not, may you feel Jesus bringing you back to life.


Peace be with you,



Sunday's Readings
Isaiah 40:21-31
Psalm 147
1 Corinthians 9:16-23
Mark 1:29-39

Shepherds' Informational Meeting  - February 4, 9:30-10:30 am in Fellowship Hall  Are you looking for an opportunity to deepen your faith while walking alongside our Way of the Shepherd newcomers in their faith journey? Consider serving as a sponsor (shepherd). At this meeting with Pastor Tim, you will hear more about the shepherds' role and determine whether it's the opportunity for you.

There is no Youth Group at GSLC this Sunday. Instead, Middle and high school youth are invited to a Super Bowl at the Grant home. Please RSVP on the City or contact Andrew Buck if you are interested.

Interested in getting to know more about Good Shepherd? - Tuesday, February 6, 6:30-7:30 am in Fellowship Hall Join us for Way of the Shepherd, a time when guests and prospective members get together for dinner, discussion and a time to get to know each other. Contact the church office for more information.

Volleyball in the Fellowship Hall - Wednesday, February 7 between 6:00 and 8:00 pm Youth and adults are invited to join in the pickup games. All skill levels are welcome for an evening of fun play! 

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper - Tuesday, February 13, 5:30 - 7:00 pm in Fellowship Hall Come and enjoy a pancake supper hosted by the GSLC Youth! Freewill offering will support the youth attending the 2018 ELCA Youth Gathering in Houston.

Ash Wednesday Services & Imposition of Ashes - Wednesday, February 14, 12:15 & 7:00 pm  

Good Shepherd is currently seeking a part-time Interim Director of Music Ministry  to manage the music program of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church for the glory of God and consistent with the high standards and traditions of the Lutheran Church. If you know someone that is interested, please share  this information  with them.

Did you know you can control the volume of the worship service in the Haven?   Neither did some of the staff until this week! There is now a  handy sign to help Haven occupants locate the volume controls, as well as hymnals, so they may continue to worship in the Haven.

More information about upcoming events is available in  this week's bulletin announcements .

Health and Healing for Harold and Jeannine Lester, parents of Paul Lester.

For the Orphans of Mnene Parish , including Robert Mpofu and Mutokozisi Sigono.

Robert is 21 and spent time with our 2017 mission team. He currently lives with Dean Sibanda while he attends Security School. It is our understanding that Robert is taking courses to work with a security company. Robert is one of six siblings in the GSLC support program. Staff on the Mnene Committee in Zimbabwe have been in discussion about setting up a homestead for Robert and his siblings. No firm plans or budgeting are in place at this time. Robert's Mail For Mnene partner is Katherine Hrivnak.

Mutho, turning 21 soon, is one of five Sigono siblings in the GSLC support program. He is cheerful and outgoing. He spent time with our 2017 mission team. He currently attends Msume Secondary School, taking Form 4 classes. He works hard in school, wanting to follow the example of his older siblings. His Mail For Mnene partner is the Lavery family.

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