Catholic Schools Week Celebration Concludes with Cobra Pride Day
As we conclude Catholic Schools Week (CSW) today, we are once again reminded of the many moving pieces that make Bishop Grimes and Catholic education special. This week we celebrated those pillars, and their impact on our students, faculty/staff, and the BG community.

Principal Allyson Headd ’08 explained, “We are a school community focused on faith formation, academic excellence, and service to others. Catholic Schools Week is yet another opportunity to be reminded of who we are as a faith filled community, and the many people and places that continue to advance our mission.”

This week, students participated in several activities centered around CSW, with different themes for each day. On Thursday, students took part in a Theology class project, writing letters to our BG Alumni priests. The list of recipients included Rev. Stephen Wirkes ’72, Rev. Clarence Rumble ’74, Rev. Christopher Celentano ’97, Rev. Christopher Seibt ’03, and Rev. Nathan Brooks ’05.

On Friday, students, faculty, and staff celebrated a Cobra Pride Day. All were encouraged to showcase Cobra pride with a BG school colors dress down day. Faculty and Staff were also treated to an appreciation luncheon sponsored by the BG Parent Organization.

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