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Friday Five

Barry Sheets, Legislative Consultant
August 2, 2019

Young people are getting ready to go back to school, and we are getting  ready to go back to work advocating for solid Pro-Life policies.  After the recent debates, it's striking the Democrat presidential candidates are not talking about their devotion to the abortion industry.


1. It was mentioned in a previous issue that the National Education Association (NEA) had formally voted to fully support abortion on demand at their national convention. As school will be starting back in soon, it is evident that many teachers who have to be in this union DO NOT support this move by their national leadership. We can help them have a larger voice by joining our friends at the American Family Association (full disclosure: I was formerly the Ohio state director for AFA in the early 2000's). The American Family Association is circulating a petition calling on the NEA to rescind their vote and back away from embracing abortion on demand. Let your friends who are  Pro-Life teachers know how to share their voice as well!
2. In the "what goes around comes around" category, a recent  story on the creator of the  Sex and the City  series of books about women who put career ahead of family has admitted her biggest regret in life was putting her career ahead of (never) having children. Sadly, she is using this tragedy as a way to sell another book in the series, about older women who have to create community because they don't have family to rely on in their later years because of choosing a career over never having children.
3. Speaking of sadness, as of Thursday, the State of New Jersey became the seventh state to make Physician-Assisted Suicide (PAS)  legal. Democrat Governor Phil Murphy signed the measure into law after eight years of legislative attempts (sounds like a dark mirror opposite of Ohio's Heartbeat Law). What is even more alarming is the American Medical Association's (AMA) response to this movement.  While generally opposing PAS as  "incompatible with the physician's role as healer" they waffled by saying now  "physicians should have considerable latitude to practice in accord with well-considered, deeply held beliefs that are central to their self-identities." Hmm, like the  Hippocratic Oath (the original version), perhaps?
4. More troubling news in Ohio: this week, it was  announced  that Akron's Children's Hospital (yes, Children's Hospital) is now seeing patients (children) in its new Center for Gender-Affirming Medicine. This is a center to streamline gender transitions (sex changes) for patients aged SEVEN AND OLDER! The center will provide puberty blocking drugs, opposite sex hormone treatments and "mental health care coordination" (but no plans to help children by talking them out of having their bodies mutilated).  Akron isn't the first to do this: Cincinnati Children's has its own center, which has been criticized for supporting the removal of parental rights if the parents object to their child being provided such "treatment."
5. Some legislative activity is going on during the summer "break." On Thursday, the House seated newly-appointed Representative Douglas Swearingen, an attorney from Huron, for the 89th House District (Erie and Ottawa Counties) seat that was vacated on Wednesday by former Rep. Steven Arndt. Arndt was pro-abortion. We are praying that Speaker Householder and the Republican caucus have chosen wisely and that our newest Representative will hold to the Republican platform on Life issues.



Ohio Department of Veterans Services
Director Deborah Ashenhurst, appointed by Governor Mike DeWine in January, retired from the U.S. Army and the National Guard in October 2015 after 37 years of service and holding the position of Adjutant General since 2011 under former Governor John Kasich. She leads the agency that serves Ohio's military veterans and their families. Ashenhurst coordinates the county veteran's service offices, helps individuals obtain their service records, receive healthcare, and obtain workforce training and placements, and preventing homelessness among Ohio's veterans.
Senator Dave Burke (R)
The second-term Senator from central Ohio's 26th Senate District calls Marysville home base. Burke, a pharmacist by trade, owns Dave's Pharmacy in his home town. A former City Councilman and State Representative, he chairs the Senate Health, Human Services and Aging Committee. Burke is the Vice-Chair of the Finance Committee and serves on the Health and Medicaid Subcommittee of Finance, Energy and Public Utilities, Insurance and Financial Institutions, and Rules and Reference Committees, and the Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee. Burke has been a consistent Pro-Life vote during his tenure in the Assembly.
Representative Gary Scherer (R) 
The fourth-term member from Pickaway County's Circleville represents the 92nd House District. Scherer is majority owner of Buckeye Tax Professionals and was formerly the president of the Pickaway County Chamber of Commerce before coming to the Legislature. He is the Vice-Chairman of the House Finance Committee, and serves on the Aging and Long-Term Care and Ways and Means Committees. He is an appointee to the Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee. Scherer has been a consistent vote for Pro-Life legislation during his tenure in the House.
Representative Michael Sheehy (D) 
Lucas County's 46th District has been served by Michael Sheehy, a former Oregon City Councilman, for the last three terms. Sheehy is a retired rail conductor for CSX. He is the ranking member on the House Transportation and Public Safety Committee, and serves on the Armed Services and Veterans Affairs, Commerce and Labor, and Public Utilities Committees. Sheehy has voted pro-abortion during his time in the Assembly.
Representative Michael Skindell (D)
Cuyahoga County's 13th District welcomed Michael Skindell to represent them this year in the House after he served two terms in the Ohio Senate and previous four terms in the House. Skindell, from Lakewood, is an Attorney by profession, having graduated with a B.A. from Walsh College and a J.D. from the Cleveland Marshall College of Law. He serves on the House Finance Committee and its Transportation Subcommittee, where he is the ranking member. He also serves on the Civil Justice, Economic and Workforce Development, and State and Local Government Committees. He is an appointee to the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review. Skindell has been a strident pro-abortion, pro-homosexual rights leader and vote during his long tenure in the Assembly.

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