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Friday Five

Barry Sheets, Legislative Consultant
May 3, 2019

After celebrating the National Day of Prayer and giving thanks to God for His blessings, we look forward to many opportunities for advancing the cause of Life.


1. Lawsuit watch II: It has been 22 days since the signing of the Human Rights and Heartbeat Protection Law, meaning only 68 days until the law takes effect. The ACLU and abortion providers may attempt to wait until right before the effective date of the law (July 10th) to ask for an "emergency" stay of the law from a judge and then file the lawsuit. 

2. It is said that news comes in threes, and that seems to be true for the Ohio House. On Thursday it was announced Representative Tim Schaffer of Lancaster was chosen to be appointed to the 20th Senate District seat that has been open since the departure of Brian Hill. The House will now likely create a THIRD screening panel (along with those for the seats of Steven Arndt and Sarah LaTourette) to receive and interview candidates for the now-open 77th House District seat. 

3.  The House Democratic Caucus is putting together a screening panel, as Representative Glenn Holmes of McDonald has resigned to accept an appointment from Governor DeWine to the State Parole Board. The turnover in the Legislature is not entirely unexpected in the first year of a new administration, as a number of lawmakers are tapped to provide their expertise within the Executive branch.

4. Proponent Testimony was heard in the House Civil Justice Committee on Senator Joe Uecker's Senate Bill 27, which requires the humane disposition of the remains of an unborn child killed in a surgical abortion. RTLACO was heavily involved in the hearing,  as Margie Christie, Executive Director, Dayton Right to Life, submitted written testimony and I presented testimony before the committee and fielded a number of aggressive questions from panel Democrats. It is anticipated further hearings will be scheduled on this measure in the near future.

5. Thursday saw the announcement from the Administration of President Donald Trump a new rule has been issued which allows medical providers to exercise their rights of conscience and refusal to perform certain services such as abortions, sterilizations or assisted suicides. The Department of Health and Human Services-Office for Civil Rights, Director Roger Severino, notes the rule follows and affirms conscience rights established by the U.S. Congress.



Director of the Ohio Department of Commerce, Sheryl Creed Maxfield 
Sheryl Maxfield is the former chief counsel and former First Assistant Attorney General in former Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine's office. The department is focused on promoting the growth, success and safety of businesses in real estate, industrial compliance, securities, financial institutions, liquor control, fire safety and unclaimed funds. Maxfield earned a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from Bowling Green State University and a Law Degree from the University of Toledo, College of Law.

Senator Robert Hackett (R)
Senator Hackett is from the 10 th  District (Clark, Green and Madison Counties) and serving his first full term after being appointed to fill an unexpired term three years ago. Hackett is a financial planning professional who resides in London. He is the Chairman of the Insurance and Financial Institutions Committee and the Chair of the Health and Medicaid Subcommittee of the Senate Finance Committee. Hackett has been a consistent vote in favor of pro-life measures, both in his Senate tenure and while 

Representative Don Jones (R)
Representative Jones, a first-term member serving the 95th  House District in the eastern part of Ohio (Carroll, Noble, Harrison, Washington (part) and Belmont (part) Counties). Jones has a background as a volunteer firefighter, EMT, and agricultural education teacher for 23 years, and running a family farm equipment dealership.  He is the Vice-Chairman of the House Primary and Secondary Education Committee. Jones has been a Pro-Life vote during his first term.

Representative Kris Jordan (R) 
Jordan is serving his second cycle in the Ohio House representing part of Delaware County. He was in the State Senate prior to the House and a House member prior to that. Jordan was a County Commissioner and a legislative staffer prior to state office. He has been a Pro-Life stalwart, having introduced a version of the Heartbeat Bill while in the Senate, and is a consistent vote for pro-life issues. Jordan also notes involvement with Greater Columbus Right to Life as part of his activities.

Representative Candice Keller (R)
The 53rd  House District Representative is serving her second term and represents portions of Butler County. Keller is a Pro-Life champion's champion with a background to certify it. She is Executive Director of the Community Pregnancy Center in Middletown (her hometown) a pro-life, pro-woman, pro-child agency. She was the co-lead sponsor of the Heartbeat Bill (HB68) and has spoken many times on the House floor defending pro-life positions.

Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati is a proud member organization of the 
Contact: Meg Wittman, Executive Director, Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati, 513/728-7870.

Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati is a grassroots organization, which exists to ensure that pro-life principles of protection and dignity for all innocent human life are upheld and kept before the public; Jack Hart, President. Affiliated with Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio.