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Friday Five

Barry Sheets, Legislative Consultant
September 6, 2019
After celebrating Labor Day
it is time to re-double our efforts toward protecting life
1.  In the category of "Don't know when to quit," Martin Haskell and Women's Medical Center, Dayton, filed a Motion for Reconsideration before the Ohio Supreme Court in order to get another shot at reversing the trial and appellate courts' findings that the Ohio Department of Health would be well within its authority to pull the abortion facility's licensure for good. This motion is a delaying tactic, hoping to stretch out and delay the Ohio Dept of Health action while they hang hopes on keeping the killing floor open through the Federal Courts. Pray that this motion meets with the same reception as their previous appeal met with.
2. The makeup of the Ohio Senate is undergoing changes once again. This week, the Senate selected former Representative Dr. Terry Johnson of McDermott (Scioto County) to replace former Senator Joe Uecker in the 14
th District. The Senate session to swear in Dr. Johnson will be on September 18
th. A screening panel will also meet to evaluate applicants to replace Senator Lou Terhar of the 8
th Senate District in Cincinnati, who announced his resignation (effective at the end of September) due to health reasons. Current Rep. William Blessing III (House Primary & Secondary Education Committee Chairman) has announced he will seek the seat. Applications are due by September 20
th to the Senate President.
3. In a shockingly candid response to CNN's "Climate Change" town hall this week, Senator Bernie Sanders  indicated  that he sees the killing of defenseless unborn babies as a key to "fixing" the climate "problem." Sanders has now staked a position he is fully in favor of population control, would repeal the Mexico City Policy, push birth control on other countries via U.S. policy, and remove restrictions on abortion in order to address the "climate catastrophe." This is yet another example of a bankrupt worldview (Socialism) which could be setting our national policy if the Presidency falls into the hands of most of the currently announced candidates trying to unseat President Trump.
4. John 7:24 states that we are to "Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment," in essence to judge by the truth of the matter, not on feelings or false beliefs. It would have been a blessing had Madison County, Alabama, Judge Chris Comer lived by these words. Judge Comer recently  dismissed a lawsuit brought by Ryan Magers, who was suing an Alabama abortion mill for wrongful death in the abortion of his girlfriend's unborn child, on the grounds that basically the Probate Court wouldn't challenge existing precedent regarding the legality of abortion. Pray that Magers and his attorney will courageously file an appeal to this unjust ruling.
5. In the disturbing case of Skylar Richardson, the southwest Ohio teen cheerleader who gave birth, killed her newborn child, and buried the baby in her back yard, another unsettling piece of  information has emerged. Prosecutors revealed text messages between the girl and her mother just hours after the baby's death and burial, not declaring remorse, but stating "I am literally speechless with how happy I am my belly is back OMG ..." Sadly, this isn't surprising, as both the self-esteem movement and the Planned Parenthood driven sex-ed curricula in many schools are indoctrinating our children to be callous about human life. Continue to pray for this teenage girl, her family, and those around her that they may come to the truth about the precious nature of life, and of God's mercy and grace.
Each installment of the Friday Five will bring thumbnail profiles of key policymakers. One statewide office holder or agency director, one Senator and three House members will be profiled each time.
Ohio Supreme Court-Justice Sharon L. Kennedy of Butler County, is serving her first full term on the State's highest court. Formerly serving as a Domestic Relations and Administrative Judge of the Butler County Court of Common Pleas, Kennedy has been on the bench since her appointment in 2012 and then winning election in 2014. She is up for re-election to the bench in 2020. Before obtaining her Law Degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Law, she served as a police officer for the City of Hamilton. Kennedy has been a steady conservative vote on the bench, having voted with the majority in key cases important to Pro-Life interests.
Senator Frank Hoagland (R)- the former Navy SEAL and security consultant is serving his first term in the Ohio Senate representing Southeastern Ohio 30
th District, which includes Belmont, Harrison, Carroll, Jefferson, Meigs, Monroe, Noble, Washington and parts of Athens and Vinton Counties. No stranger to tough situations, having participated in combat zones including the International War on Terrorism and the War on Drugs in South America, Hoagland brings a no-nonsense approach to his service in the Senate. A bit of a work-horse, Hoagland serves as Chairman of the Senate Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee. He also serves on the Energy & Public Utilities, General Government & Agency Review, Government Oversight & Reform, Local Government, Public Safety & Veterans Affairs, and the Transportation, Commerce & Workforce Committees. Hoagland has been a steady, constant Pro-Life vote during this term. Hoagland is up for re-election in 2020.
Representative Emelia Sykes (D)-Serving her third term and first as the House Minority Leader since the beginning of the year, Sykes represents the 34
th House District in Akron, Summit County. She is the third member of her family (father Senator Vernon Sykes and mother, former Rep. Barbara Sykes) to hold this seat in succession. Sykes is the ranking member on the House Rules & Reference Committee, and serves on the Joint Legislative Ethics Committee (special committee) and the Special Committee on Rules. She is a Family Law Attorney with a J. D. and Master Degree in Public Health from the University of Florida and an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Kent State. Sykes has been a vocal pro-abortion advocate and vote during her tenure in office.
Representative Terrence Upchurch (D)-the first-term member from Cleveland's 10 th District was a former special assistant to Cleveland City Council before winning a House seat. Born and raised in the greater Collinwood and Glenville communities, he earned a Bachelor Degree in Political Science from Cleveland State University and is currently pursuing a Master's of Public Administration Degree from Villanova University. He serves on the House Economic & Workforce Development, Health, Insurance, Public Utilities, and Ways & Means Committees. Upchurch has been a consistent pro-abortion vote during his first term.
Representative Nino Vitale (R)-the third-term legislator from Urbana in the 85
thHouse District (Champaign and parts of Logan and Shelby Counties) is a Pro-Life Champion. Never afraid to speak truth into the raging abortion debate, Vitale has carried and co-sponsored key pro-life legislation, including the Life at Conception Act. He has also been the leader on the Pastor Protection Act in the House. One of the few "dual" chairmen in the House, he leads both the Sunset Review Committee and the Energy & Natural Resources Committee. He also serves on the Economic & Workforce Development and Public Utilities Committees. Vitale has been a rock-solid vote for Pro-Life during his tenure.

Personal Note   As many of you may have heard, the Friday Five for last week was not delivered due to an unexpected health crisis I experienced. After testing and consultation, it has been determined that I have a large tumor on my left kidney, which will necessitate the removal of the organ. I will be meeting with the specialist next week to determine when this procedure will take place. I covet your ongoing prayers for the wisdom to make correct choices, for the doctors' skill, and for God's blessing to cover the costs of this surgery (we belong to Samaritan Ministries health cost sharing plan, and trust God in this as in all things). I hope to be able to continue the Friday Five coming weekly during my recovery period.

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