April 03, 2020
Summer Camp Fee Schedule Dates Extended & No Late Fees!
Fee Schedule Dates Extended & No Late Fees For Summer Camp Programs

Two of the most frequently asked questions we've received regarding 2020 Summer Camp programs are:

Question : "Will summer camp still take place?"
Answer : "Yes! We are moving ahead as planned with our 2020 summer camp programs. As long as the CDC and the State of NC deem it safe for us to gather and conduct our summer camp programs by early/mid-June, then summer camp will take place as planned. 

Question : "Will you extend the payment deadlines for each of the fee schedule payment dates since we are unable to meet right now?"
Answer : "Of course! While you can set up Parent Portal within your Troop's summer camp registration (or your Pack's resident camp registration) so that parents can log in from home and make payments to their Scout's account directly online (preferred method as it keeps you from having to chase down fees, etc.) we're still going to modify the fee schedule payment dates in the hopes it will ease the burden a little bit for our Scouting families by pushing those dates out a bit.

The Original Fee schedule dates are listed below in red, the NEW, EXTENDED Fee Schedule dates are listed in green:

For Cub Scout Resident Camp :

● Fee Schedule: $45.00 per camper was due by April 3, 2020 , the new date is now April 30, 2020
● additional $45.00 per camper was due by May 1, 2020 , the new date is now May 29, 2020 
● total remaining balance per camper was due by June 1, 2020 , the new date is now June 12, 2020 by 5:00p.

For Scouts BSA Summer Camp :

● Fee Schedule: $80.00 per camper was due by March 31, 2020 , the new date is now April 30, 2020
● additional $80.00 per camper was due by April 30, 2020 , the new date is now May 29, 2020 
● total remaining balance per camper including Merit Badge class fees was due by June 1, 2020 , the new date is now June 12, 2020 , and any classes with an additional class fee would need to paid in full no later than June 12, 2020

Additionally, please note that we will not be assessing any late fees to registrations that were made in good faith prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Need to add Scouts after you’ve starting meeting “in person” again, or at any time between now and June 12th? We will not be assessing any late fees to those registrations either!  

We want to do everything within our power to provide a safe, affordable, FUN summer camp program for any Scout that wants to attend and insure that all of our campers have a fun, outdoor, in-person, summer event to look forward to, and no one should be penalized financially for the situation we're all going through currently.

If you have any questions regarding 2020 summer camp programs, please contact Sarah Fernandez at Sarah.Fernandez@Scouting.org.  

Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone at camp this summer and can't wait until we can all gather together again!!
Digital Safety In a Time of Increased Online Activity - Advisory For Units
Digital Safety Advisory For All Units

As units use digital and online resources, such as video conferencing, to continue Scouting meetings, projects and advancement during the COVID-19 outbreak, the National Council has provided the following guidance for councils which all units will need to comply with:

- BSA’s youth protection policies apply to all online activities. All online activities, including video and audio conferencing through platforms such as Zoom and Skype, must adhere to the BSA’s current youth protection guidelines for digital communications, including the BSA’s Digital Privacy guidelines ( https://www.scouting.org/training/youth-protection/ ) and the BSA’s Social Media Guidelines ( https://scoutingwire.org/social-media-guidelines/ ). Because safety features and privacy controls vary widely from platform to platform, and out of respect for families’ own preferences concerning social media usage, we strongly recommend using business-oriented conferencing platforms—for example, Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting and others—to conduct online group activities instead of platforms intended for online gaming (e.g., Discord, Robolux, Twitch).

- Safeguard personal information. If you collect a person’s personal information online—for example, through web forms used to register people for online meetings—then you should post a notice or disclosure at the point of collection describing how you will use the information. The notice should be conspicuous and written in plain English. Keep in mind, video conferencing platforms (e.g., Zoom) have their own privacy policies which apply to data collected through the platform (e.g., if the platform is hosting your web form). Organizers of Zoom and Skype meetings—for example, unit leaders and Merit Badge counselors—may obtain personal information about a youth, such as his or her name, phone number or email address. Meeting organizers must keep such information private and not share a youth’s personal information with anyone else except that youths’ parent or guardian or the unit leader responsible for recording advancements. For example, a Merit Badge counselor should not publicly post or otherwise disclose a roster containing personal information of Scouts who the counselor has worked with.

- Recording online meetings with youth is not authorized. As a reminder, Scouting’s Barriers to Abuse ( https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/gss/gss01/#a ) prohibits any one-on-one contact between an adult leader and youth members – in person, online, through a web conference, over the phone, via text, or in any other form. Electronic communication between adults and youth should always include another registered leader or parent. We believe our existing policy is the best way to protect youth and volunteers, and we do not believe recording online meetings would provide any additional material benefit. To the contrary, recording calls would increase personal risk as call recording is subject to various legal requirements under U.S. law and the laws of individual states, some of which require all parties to a call consent to recording.

Considering those potential regulatory risks and the effect of BSA’s existing policies, we are not authorizing the recording of online meetings where youth are present.

Find a copy of this information in PDF form at this link .
"Camp Cooped Up!" Extended & Participation Prizes Announced!
Greetings From "Camp Cooped Up!" Catch Up On Daily "Virtual Camp" Challenges 8 - 14
Looking for FUN At Home Scouting family activities this weekend? Miss any of the Daily Challenges this week? No worries, catch up on days 8 through 14 below:
Camp Cooped Up! Day Eight Challenge: “The Tower”!

1. Using materials that you find around your house, create the tallest free-standing structure you can!
2. Using a tape-measure, measure your “tower”.
3. Tell us how tall it was, and share a photo of your structure on our Facebook page, tag us in your Instagram story, or send it via email to Sarah.Fernandez@Scouting.org .  
Camp Cooped Up! Day Nine Challenge: “Digital Scrapbook”!

1. Find a simple recipe, like “Compost C1. Find pictures from your favorite campout and gather them in a file or folder.
2. Write a few sentences explaining why that campout was your favorite or what your favorite part of it was.
3. Create a digital "favorite campout" scrapbook!
*TIP: Smilebox has a free digital scrapbook feature, and check out these cool Scout-themed digital scrapbooking "papers" we found: http://auntiemdesigns.blogspot.com/search/label/Scouts
4. Share your scrapbook creation on our Facebook page, tag us in your Instagram story, or send it via email to Sarah.Fernandez@Scouting.org. 
💡 * BONUS: Bonus points if your scrapbook includes photos of Camp T! We miss you and are counting the days until we can gather again with you at camp!!
Camp Cooped Up! Day Ten Challenge: “Catapult”!
1. Using items and supplies that you find around your house, make a catapult!
Ideas: Your catapult can be as simple as craft sticks, a plastic spoon and a rubber band, or you can build a bigger, more complex model. It's up to you! Check out a few ideas here: https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/8514686772407545/
2. Test out your catapult using marshmallows or a small bouncy ball & show us it works via photos or video.
3. Share your catapult photos or video on our Facebook page, tag us in your Instagram story, or send them via email to Sarah.Fernandez@Scouting.org
Camp Cooped Up! Day Eleven Challenge: “Translation”!
1. Chose a language other than English.
2. Using a dictionary or the internet, learn how to say one of the following sentences:
“My favorite thing about camping is ____________________________.”
“The thing I like best about being a Scout is ________________________.”
3. Type up or record your translation and share it on our Facebook page, tag us in your Instagram story, or send it via email to Sarah.Fernandez@Scouting.org
Camp Cooped Up! Day Twelve Challenge: “STEM Coin Spinner”!
1. Gather the following materials:
- Cardboard
- White paper
- Pennies
- Crayons or markers
- Glue
- Scissors
2. Locate and follow the directions to make a penny spinner at the following link:  https://teachbesideme.com/stem-toy-penny-spinners/
 3. Create your own penny spinner!
4. Share a photo of your penny spinner on our Facebook page, tag us in your Instagram story, or send it via email to Sarah.Fernandez@Scouting.org.
💡 * BONUS: Bonus points if you do a little research on physics and motion: Why does a top spin? 
Camp Cooped Up! Day Thirteen Challenge: “Green Thumb”!
1. Gather the following materials:
- Potting soil
- Containers: Foam cups, empty food cans, etc.
- Garden trowel or old spoon
- Permanent marker
- Vegetable scraps: Potatoes, lettuce, onion, celery, etc.
2. Locate and follow the directions for 15 edible plants that you can grow from scraps located at the following link:   https://thesoccermomblog.com/foods-you-can-regrow-from-scraps/
3. Plant your windowsill garden!
4. Share a photo of your window plant or windowsill garden on our Facebook page, tag us in your Instagram story, or send it via email to Sarah.Fernandez@Scouting.org
Camp Cooped Up! Day Fourteen Challenge: “Safety”!
1. Working with your parent or guardian, determine and/or do the following:
·          Know where in your home to locate the emergency contact list for your family.
·          If your home has one, know how to operate the security system.
·          Acknowledge and pledge that you should avoid opening the door for strangers.
·          Be aware of any food allergies in your household and what to do in the case of accidental ingestion.
·          Agree and pledge that you should never play with fire.
·          Acknowledge and pledge that you should steer clear of the medicine cabinet unless supervised by an adult.
·          Know how to practice water safety.
·          Be familiar with the family escape plan in case of an emergency.
2. Draw a diagram of your property and highlight the best escape routes for your home. Remember to designate a place to gather outside, in order to account for the safety of each family member.
3. Share a photo of your diagram on our Facebook page, tag us in your Instagram story, or send it via email to Sarah.Fernandez@Scouting.org .

💡 * Bonus points if you know where your family's first aid kit is located and are familiar with the contents! 
Continue to follow us on Facebook and Instagram each day for new "Camp Cooped Up" Daily Challenges next week!
COVID - 19 Updates: Weekly Status of Events
Health & Safety: COVID-19 Updates

Event Status Updates

Events Postponed :

  • Spring Cub Family Weekend and Crossover Two | Scheduled for April 3 – April 5, 2020 | No dates for reschedule yet
  • Neusiok District Friends of Scouting Dinner | Scheduled for April 7, 2020 | No date for reschedule yet
  • National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) | Scheduled for April 24 - April 26, 2020 | No date for reschedule yet
  • Basic Adult Leadership Outdoor Orientation (BALOO)| Scheduled for May 2 - May 3, 2020 | No date for reschedule yet
  • Tuscarora Council Merit Badge College | Scheduled for May 09, 2020 | In the process of converting many of the Merit Badges being offered to online classes (More info forthcoming, stay tuned for details.) Additionally, if you'd like to sign up to be a digital Merit Badge Counselor to teach classes for this event, please contact Sarah Fernandez as soon as possible.
  • Introduction To Outdoor Leadership Skills (IOLS) Scheduled for May 09 - May 10, 2020 | No date for reschedule yet
  • Additionally: Camp Tuscarora and our Kerr Lake properties are closed through May 10, 2020.

FAQ: The most frequently asked question regarding events status we've received is " Once you've successfully rescheduled an event to a new date, will you then re-open registration and extend the sign-up deadline ?"

Answer: Absolutely ! One positive outcome we can all take some small comfort in is that with new event dates comes an opportunity for more Scouts and families to gather and join us at Scouting events once it's safe for us to all do so again.

We will continue to re-evaluate on a weekly basis and provide Council-wide communication updates in an effort to keep all of our Scouting families informed and as up-to-date as possible.

We thank you for your continued support and patience as we all weather this storm together. Our continued prayers for safety, health, and well-being are with everyone as we weather this storm together. Stay safe out there!
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