January 25, 2019
Runnels has always been the school for all races, religions, and national origins.

In Focus this week: Student Artwork Selected for Fifth Annual Juried High School Exhibition at LSU; Senior Beta Club Installs New Members; Time To Schedule Classes for Students Entering Grades 7-12; Ticket Sales Strong for Beauty and the Beast at Runnels; What's Your Blood Type?; Harvesting Knowledge from Preschool Garden; High Tech Trekkers "Visit" Machu Picchu; Surprise Gift from American Hero Funds Reading Incentive; Humanizing History; Kudos and Notable Events; We Sincerely Thank; Weekly Photo Album; Athletic Corner; Friendly Reminders.

Time To Schedule Classes ... Students going into grades 7-12 next year will attend scheduling sessions in the auditorium Jan. 28-30. Parents are welcome to attend with their students. MORE INFORMATION

Here's a preview of a few changes in the curriculum:
Computer Applications will be a required elective in 7th grade.
Computer Science II ( new course ) will be offered to students in grades 10-12 who have successfully completed Computer Science I.
Multimedia Production ( new course ) will be offered to students in grades 11-12 through a selective audition and admissions process. This is designed for the Raider Wrap-Up crew and will be offered concurrently with Yearbook.
Probability and Statistics ( new course ) will be offered to students in grade 12 who have successfully completed Advanced Math PreCalculus or Advanced Math Functions and Statistics.
Louisiana Studies will now be required in 7th grade and American History in 8th.
What's Your Blood Type? As part of their studies of genetics, students in Ramona Eberly's biology classes performed a very hands-on lab this week. With junior and senior high nurse Karen Rhinehart on board to do the finger sticks, they tested their own blood to determine their A, AB, B, O blood type as well as Rh positive or negative factors. "They also discussed how the alleles they inherited from each parent determined their blood type," said Mrs. Eberly.
( Photo: Nurse Karen Rhinehart lends a hand with finger sticks in biology class as students work on a lab to find their own blood types.)
Harvesting Knowledge ... The preschoolers are enjoying a bumper crop of winter vegetables from the Discovery Garden this year, resulting in an interesting farm-to-table moment involving cabbage.

In October, with the help of preschool teachers Dawn Pittman and Stacey Rosenbrook, some of our afternoon Pre-K students planted cabbage, broccoli, and lettuce in the preschool garden. Throughout the fall and early winter they helped water and weed. Their cabbage and broccoli plants flourished but they had a slight setback with the lettuce. "We had to plant our lettuce twice," said Ms. Pittman, "because of some hungry, hungry caterpillars."

Last week, the biggest cabbage in the bunch was ready to harvest. Ms. Pittman took it home for cleaning and chopping and brought it back to preschool as the main ingredient for coleslaw. "We set up a coleslaw station where the children could make slaw using the cabbage they had grown," she said. She was surprised at how many of the children actually tried it. Their reactions varied sharply. Some wanted more but others were not fans. This week, the preschoolers were in the garden again, this time to harvest broccoli and lettuce. ( Photo: Picking broccoli in the preschool garden are, from left, Parker Lewis, Landon Hymel, and Emma Stewart.)
High Tech Trekkers ... Cheyenne Davis' fifth-grade social studies classes took a virtual reality trip to Machu Picchu in Peru this week in connection with their lessons on the Incas. Using an app, cellphones, and Google Sourcing 3D Virtual Reality Headsets, they were able to "roam" this World Heritage Site.

"We had two different screens going," said Mrs. Davis. "On one screen, students got to explore the site as a whole. They saw terraces where the Incas grew their crops, the Andes Mountains, the Urubamba River, and the central plaza where llamas are still a common sight, just as they were when the Incas ruled there 500 years ago."

On the other screen, students viewed sites such as the Funerary Rock Hut, said to be where the Inca mummified their nobility, the Temple of the Sun, a place where ceremonies paying tribute to the sun took place, and the Royal Tomb at the base of stairs carved by Inca stonemasons. The students also did some "virtual trekking" along the 45 km long Inca Trail that winds through high altitude mountain ranges and subtropical forests. ( Photo: Alaina Milam, 5C, takes in breathtaking views of Machu Picchu with a Google Sourcing 3D Virtual Reality Headset, a cellphone and an app.)
Surprise Gift from Las Vegas Hero Helps Fund Accelerated Reader Store ... Our fifth-graders attended the opening of their new Accelerated Reader (AR) store today, which was funded by an unexpected gift from an American hero. Las Vegas nurse Sonya Monarrez, a dear friend of 5th-grade mom Julie Tinsley (Damien, 5C), was at the concert in Las Vegas when the worst mass shooting in modern American history took place. In spite of being hit with shrapnel, she and another nurse tended to victims until first responders arrived. When our students, who were 4th graders at the time, learned about this, they wrote thank you letters to Ms. Monarrez, who surprised them with a lovely note in return that included a check for $100 and memorial bracelets for the entire class.

With that $100 gift, 5th-grade reading teacher Rachele Smith decided to launch an Accelerated Reader store to encourage reading. She used the money to stock the store with things like snacks, candy, pencils, and other novelty items. Students used points they had earned by taking Accelerated Reader tests in the second quarter of the school year to make their purchases. "The store is an incentive to encourage 5th graders to read and take more Accelerated Reader tests," said Mrs. Smith. "The tests help build reading comprehension."

Along with our students, we thank Ms. Monarrez for her extraordinary act of courage and for extending her kindness and generosity to Runnels students.

( Photo : Can I Afford This? Contemplating purchases in the new Accelerated Reader store -- set up on Friday afternoon in the Elementary Computer Lab -- are, from left, Evan Ho, Cameron Stevenson, Damien Tinsley, Limmie Bailey, and Nico Morgan.)
Humanizing History ... The lesson that history is full of real people who can make a difference to others came in loud and clear to our 7th, 10th, and 11th graders after watching the film Big Sonia at the Jewish Film Festival this month. The movie offers a glimpse into the life of Holocaust survivor Sonia Warshawski, now a great-grandmother, tailor, and inspirational speaker in Kansas City. The film follows Sonia, who survived three concentration camps when she was a teenager, on her journey to bring the truth of her experience to young and old in today's world.

"After the film," said social studies teacher Samantha Chaisson, "students participated in a Skype Q&A session with one of its directors, Leah Warshawski, who is Big Sonia's daughter." Later in class, Mrs. Chaisson's students reflected on their greatest takeaways from the film and how seeing it added to their knowledge of the Holocaust.

Reminder: Re-enrollment Deadline Is Next Friday
Friday, Feb. 1 is the last day to re-enroll for the 2019-20 school year at Runnels without having to pay the re-enrollment tuition. This can mean a savings of up to $750 per student! Please call 225-215-5706 or visit the Business Office in McMath Hall on the main campus if you have any questions about re-enrollment.

Open enrollment for new families begins Feb. 1. Please spread the good word about Runnels to family, friends and neighbors looking for a new school. For information: Admissions Director Sarah Haase at admissions@runnels.org.
Kudos and Notable Events ...
NFL Grant ... Congratulations to elementary P.E. and science teacher Tish Tooraen for winning a flag football grant from the NFL. She was awarded the complete program -- the curriculum, 2 agility ladders, 12 footballs, 3 kicking tees, and 100 green and yellow flags.

A Green Thumbs Up ... High school art teacher and Nature Club sponsor Sydney McGraw and alumni Adam Howe ('17) and Irene Lewis ('16) worked with volunteers from Southern and McKinley High School to plant a community garden at Howell Community Park as part of the Walls Project's Martin Luther King Day Festival. For the new gardening initiative, dubbed Baton Roots, the volunteers planted collard greens, mustard greens, green onions, spring mix, and flowers.

Lucky Winner ... Kudos to junior and senior high Latin and Greek teacher Ann Ostrom, winner of the Teacher Spirit Week drawing last week. Her prize was a gift certificate to Starbucks!
We Sincerely Thank...
PODS at Preschool ... Our preschoolers had an inside look at PODS (Portable on Demand Storage) and how they are transported this week when local PODS company owner Mike Breaux brought one to campus for Transportation Week. Mr. Breaux and his company also treated the students to a lunch of hot dogs, baked beans, chips and cookies. Many thanks to Mr. Breaux, PODS driver Montell Mathews, cook David Boudreaux, and PODS employee Royeann Kinsley, who is the grandmother of preschooler Briggs Elliser. Another connection we have to the company is through RHS graduate Charlotte Hearin ('09), who is a part owner. ( Photo: Mike Breaux of PODS Moving and Storage with Royeann Kinsley and her grandson, preschooler Briggs Elliser.)
Vintage Rides ... Wayne Phillippe, father of Karis, 6A, Kellen, 2A, and Katen, preschool 3s, of Wayne's Collision and Restoration, brought two classic muscle cars, a green '69 Ford Mustang and an orange '67 Chevrolet Camaro, to the preschool this week. Students had fun getting in the drivers' seats, inspecting "peek-a-boo" headlights (with covers), and learning how to use a crank handle to open car windows. Seat belts, of course, weren't even optional when these cars rolled off the assembly line. ( Photo: At the preschool with the '69 Mustang and '67 Camaro are, from left, Max Lee, preschool student Katen Phillippe, and Wayne Phillippe of Wayne's Collision and Restoration. )
Transportation Week Continues ... Many thanks to Adam Wyatt, father of preschool student Lily Wyatt, for bringing an LSU golf cart, a four-wheeler, and a Jeep to preschool today for Transportation Week.
( Photo: First graders in Mrs. Tooraen's science class display the kites they made as part of their lesson on wind power this week. They had fun flying the colorful kites outside on our campus.)
In this week's photo album: 5th Grade Virtual Trip to Machu Picchu, 6th Grade Field Trip to LIGO (special thanks to Matt Hebert for sharing his photos), Blood Typing in Biology, 1st Grade Kites and Flags, Physical Science, Kindergarten 100th Day, Accelerated Reader Store, Senior Beta Induction Ceremony, Preschool Cabbage, Transportation Week and 100th Day, and Lady Raider Soccer Senior Night Dinner Celebration.
Athletic Corner

It’s time to sign up for the spring sports season for Boys Baseball, Girls Volleyball and Boys/Girls Track and Field. Your athlete is allowed to play more than one sport. Complete one Sign-Up Form for each sport. Please sign up ASAP so that the coaches can get an accurate headcount.

  • Boys Baseball and Track and Field will begin practicing the third week of February.
  • Girls Volleyball season will run mid-February through April with practices beginning in late January.

What do you need to do to Sign Up your athlete:
  1. Complete the online Sign Up Form.
  2. Turn in the required Physical Form. If you have already turned in a Physical Form in the Fall, you are done.
  3. If your child has asthma, you will also need to have a Physician Order/Airway Action Plan completed by your child’s doctor.
  4. Your athlete will not be allowed to practice or play until the Physical Form and/or the Physician Order/Airway Action Plan are complete. To submit these form(s), you must bring a copy to the Jr./Sr. High Office.

If you have any questions, contact Junior High Athletic Director Sam Coates, s.coates@runnels.org .

Up, up and away! At top, Cade Tate is taking in the game. From left, Collin Coates, Cade Tate and Jack Kahn hit the courts and the nets.

The Runnels varsity basketball team defeated Mt. Hermon 89-46 in front of a large homecoming crowd. After a slow start, the Raiders took a 34-19 lead into halftime and continued to build the lead. Cade Tate led the scoring with 34 points and 7 three-pointers. Collin Coates and Ben Holliday each added 14 points, while Phillip Lukinovich and Griffin Kennedy each chipped in 8 points.

MORE PHOTOS fr om the homecoming game and court presentation (This gallery includes some photos from Matt Hebert as well. Thank you, Matt for sharing your photos from the game.)....

Runnels traveled to Crescent City on Tuesday night and lost a hard-fought game, 59-46. Crescent City is the state runner up and the #2 team in Division 5. The Raiders were up late in the third quarter but couldn't hold on to the lead. Cade Tate and Collin Coates each had 11 points. Runnels is 22-12 on the year now and the #3 team in Division 5. The Raiders travel to play Holden tonight.

Squat. Bench. Deadlift. Repeat. The boys and girls powerlifting teams compete on Saturday in their first meet of the season in the Panther Invitational at Woodlawn High School starting at 9 a.m. The team celebrated its seniors at a special dinner


This week the Lady Raiders had three district wins! Monday, they beat Dunham 2-0. On Thursday they played Catholic Pointe Coupee and won 7-0. And, this afternoon, they did it again! Our team shut out Bolton 8-0. Go, Lady Raiders! Join us tomorrow, Jan. 26 at Burbank at 11:00 a.m. as Runnels faces Episcopal in a battle for the District Title!
( Photo: Senior Lady Raider Soccer Players and Their Moms -- We said a bittersweet goodbye to our three soccer seniors with a dinner party at Las Palmas on Jan. 13. From left are Kim Couville, senior AnnaClaire Courville, Lisa Kadi, senior Anna Kadi, senior Avery Hamachek, and Emilie Hamachek. More pictures in Weekly Photo Album.)

Last weekend, the Runnels junior high boys basketball teams competed in the St. George Tournament. The 8th grade finished 3rd out of 12 teams. The Raiders defeated St. Jean Vianney, 40-24, St. Jude, 32-22, and Our Lady of Mercy, 38-34, before losing to Brusly, 36-28. The 7th grade finished 5th, beating Sacred Heart 26-12. The boys suffered a loss to our Lady of Mercy, 32-26, then came back to beat Holy Family 32-16. In their last game, the Raiders fell to St. Alphonsus, 28-20.

On Monday, the 6th grade team beat Parkview 22-14. Noah Herbert led the boys, scoring 8 points. The 7th grade also scored a win, crushing Parkview 40-18. Cooper Coates and Rossie Harrison each scored 12 points.

Last night, the Runnels junior high girls basketball teams ended its regular season with the White team finishing 5-3-1 and the Blue team finishing at 5-5.

The Lady Raiders will play in the post-season tournament starting Monday at Parkview. Runnels White team is currently the #3 seed and will take on the #7 seed, Parkview, at 5:45 p.m. The Blue team is the #5 seed and will play the #4 seed, Copper Mill, at 6:45 p.m.

Last week at the LSU Indoor Qualifier, Annie Fink improved her 1600m time and is now ranked 3rd in Division 2. On Saturday, Annie Fink and Micah Roper will be racing to improve qualifying times at McNeese before the Indoor Championship at LSU on Feb. 16.

High School Outdoor Track and Field is just around the corner. No prior experience is necessary. The more athletes we have, the stronger we will be! The girls will be defending their 2018 District Championship and the boys are after their first District Title. The sport of Track and Field helps promote athleticism, and running is foundational to all other sports. We are excited to have Coach Andre Metoyer again working with our throwers and Coach Desmond Dunn joining us to coach the jumps and sprints. Both Coach Metoyer and Coach Dunn are former Track and Field athletes and bring their expertise to help our athletes. For more information or questions, please email Track & Field Coach Julie Fink, j.fink@runnels.org .

Jr. High Track and Field will be starting soon. Be sure to complete the Jr. High Sports Sign-Up Forms.

The junior high boys soccer team will play in the quarter final game on Saturday at 9:30 a.m. at Independence Park. O n Sunday, the junior high girls soccer team competes in the semi-final game Sunday at 1:00 p.m.
Varsity Girls Soccer vs. Bolton – 3:30 p.m. at Burbank – Dismiss at 2:15 p.m.
Varsity Boys Soccer at Ascension Christian – 6:30 p.m.
Boys Basketball at Holden – JV at 6 pm & Varsity to follow

Varsity Girls & Boys Powerlifting at the Panther Invitational - 9:00 a.m. at Woodlawn
Jr. High Boys Soccer vs. Episcopal – 9:30 a.m. at Independence Park
Varsity Girls Soccer vs. Episcopal – 11:00 a.m. at Burbank #12 Spirit Event & Last home game for our Seniors!
Jr. High Boys Basketball at St. Thomas More Tournament – TBA

Jr. High Girls Soccer vs. Episcopal – 1:00 p.m. at Independence Park

Email game and fan photos to  n.latiolais@runnels.org . Please include the event and the name of the students pictured .  
Friendly Reminders
Jan. 28 - 30 / Scheduling Meetings for the 2019-2010 School Year. Parents are welcome to attend with their students. / Gladys Hague Runnels Theatre:  Jan. 28 - Current 11th Graders, 9:20 a.m. & Current 10th Graders, 10:10.  Jan. 29 - Current 9th Graders, 9:20 a.m. & Current 8th Graders, 10:10 a.m. Jan. 30 - Current 7th Graders, 9:20 a.m. & Current 6th Graders, 11:00 a.m.

Jan. 31 / Jr. Beta Club Induction Ceremony / Gladys Hague Runnels Theatre, 11:00 a.m.

Jan. 31 / High School Shakespeare Contest / Gladys Hague Runnels Theatre / 11:50 (during lunch)

Feb. 4 - 22 / Pasta for Pennies

Feb. 9 / Mini-Cheer Clinic for Grades K-5 / Catalano Gym, 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Feb. 15 - 17 / Disney's Beauty and the Beast / Gladys Hague Runnels Theatre, Friday, Feb. 15 at 7:00 p.m.; Saturday, Feb. 16 at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.; and Sunday, Feb. 17 at 2:00 p.m. Tickets: $10 for students, $12 for adults in advance and $15 for all at the door. Click here to purchase tickets .