October 26, 2018
Runnels has always been the school for all races, religions, and national origins.
We are ever grateful to those who have made a gift to our school through this year's Annual Giving Campaign. In particular, we extend heartfelt thank yous to our newest Diamond Donors, Gladys and Kelly Runnels, Stacey and Mike Smith, and Wendy and Shawn Worsham. Their names will be added to the donor plaque in the Gladys Hague Runnels Theatre after the campaign has ended . 2018 DONORS

If you have not yet done so, we are asking you to please make a gift to our school by Oct. 31. It is our hope that all members of our school community -- parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty and staff, board members, and friends -- will choose to support Runnels through this appeal. Your kind gift -- in any amount -- will help strengthen and sustain the mission and vision of Runnels School for today's students and generations of students yet to come.

In this week's Focus: Runnels ACT Scores Surpass State, Nation; PAR's "Fall Fling"; Alum Illustrates Children's Book; What's Under the Hood?; Making Connections and Sharing Knowledge; STEM Water Project; Who's Who in Ancient Egypt; Kudos and Notable Events; We Sincerely Thank; Athletic Corner; Weekly Photo Album; and Friendly Reminders.
Runnels ACT Scores Surpass State, National
Average ACT scores for the Runnels Class of 2018 outshone those of the state and nation in every single category. The ACT is a national college entrance exam that measures a student's readiness for college in the subjects of English, math, reading, and science. Students receive individual scores on the various components of the test as well as a composite score.

In English, Runnels posted a strong average of 28.5, compared to 19.0 for the state and 20.02 for the nation. Runnels students also excelled in math, with an average score of 26.3, well above the state average of 18.5 or the national average of 20.5. In reading, Runnels also did well, earning an average score of 28.3, as opposed to the state, which came in at 19.6, and the nation, at 21.3. Runnels also topped state and national results in science, with an average score of 26.1. The state average was 19.1, and the national average was 20.7.

At Runnels, the average composite score was 27.5, substantially above that of Louisiana, at 19.2, or the nation, at 20.8.
Family-Friendly "Fall Fling" Set for Friday Night
Join us for an evening of family fun and entertainment at the Parent Association of Runnels' (PAR) annual "Fall Fling" on Friday, Nov. 2 from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. in the outdoor plaza on the main campus. We'll have Trick-or-Treating, Face Painting by the Art Club, a Book Walk (a Cake Walk with books) with prizes sponsored by the Elementary Library, a Pumpkin Contest, the Thespian Club's pulse-pounding Haunted House (with a "Scare-O-Meter" at the door to guide parents of young children), and a screening of Transylvania 2. Concessions will be available, with proceeds benefiting PAR and the Runnels Theatre Department.

During the event, the PAR will be collecting Amazon and Visa gift cards and cash donations for the United Cajun Navy to benefit those affected by the recent hurricanes.

PAR President Blake Stevenson reminds parents to send two bags of candy labeled with their children's grades to school this week for "Fall Fling" Trick-or-Treating.( Please bear in mind when making your selection that our elementary school campus is a nut-free zone. ) If you would like to volunteer to help with the event, please contact her at PAR@runnels.org.

Drama Department Presents The Crucible Tonight, Tomorrow and Sunday
The Salem Witch Trials form the backdrop of Arthur Miller's American classic The Crucible, which will be performed by the high school drama department in the Gladys Hague Runnels Theatre tonight and tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. and Sunday at 2:00 p.m. The play tells the story of the 17th-century witch trials as a metaphor for the "Red Scare" in the '50s when many Americans, including the playwright, were falsely accused of being communists. This play is meant for mature audiences. Parental guidance is advised.

Advance tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for students. At the door, they are $12 for all. Online ticket sales end 12 hours before each performance. CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS
Alumna Illustrates Children's Book
Artist and Runnels graduate (Class of '10) Lauren DeWitt recently had her first book published. She is the illustrator of Oswald Bumblepit Wanders the World , a new children's picture book written by Dina Saad and published by GP's Honey Tomes, LLC. At a book release party held in Bayside in th e Queen's area of New York City, the first run of the book was nearly sold out.

The book follows the charming and upbeat adventures of Oswald Bumblepit, a bee -- intentionally drawn to resemble an emoji -- who visits the seven wonders of the modern world. Illustrating the iconic landmarks was a job tailor-made for Lauren, who has just returned from nearly a year of working as a freelance artist while traveling through Europe, Asia, South America and Mexico with remoteyear.com. The company arranges transportation and itineraries, accommodations, and office space for people who want to work while they see the world.

Socratic Seminar Examines American Classic
American Studies teacher Norma Marsh ( with laptop in photo ) and her students held a Socratic Seminar on Mark Twain's novel Huckleberry Finn in the Jr./Sr. High Library this week. They discussed and defended their responses to topics, characters, and themes in the controversial book. Back in the classroom, they went to work on their next assignment -- a research project on the Gilded Age. To help students decide on their topics, workstations were set up around the room to offer information about art (including a video on the famous Ashcan School) and artists, cartoons about politics and reform, and other aspects of the era.
What's Under the Hood?
The 5th and 6th graders in Sheri Allen's Introduction to Computer Science classes have been looking inside computers to see what makes them work. Operating in small groups, students carefully opened the case coverings (sometimes trickier than you might imagine) and intellectually "dissected" the machines. They located the hard drive, optical drive, Mother Board, and RAM slots, traced the power supply, and followed the path through which information travels. Along the way, they made observations, learned what each part does and discovered why it is important.

 ( Photo: Elementary computer science teacher Sheri Allen, second from left, helps students, from left, Lina Derzi, Sam Kennedy, Danyel Howell, and Henry Frederic locate the case covering of a computer. )
Making Connections and Sharing Knowledge
The students in Amy Guillory's Introduction to Engineering class teamed up with Marcy Faust's second hour physical science students this week to teach them how to select components and build a circuit."

"Engineering students have been learning how to design and wire circuits using components that would be found in an entry level college circuits lab," explained Mrs. Guillory. "We thought it would be a good opportunity for them to practice their skills." They helped the physical science students design and wire a series circuit, a parallel circuit, and a combination circuit.

( Photo: Sophomore Barrett Couvillon, far left, helps physical science students, from right, Annie Leake, Alex Frederic, and Alan Lam design and build a circuit. )
STEM Water Project
Math and engineering came together in a real-world STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activity in Ben Young's Algebra II classes this week. Armed with rulers and notebooks, students left the classroom in search of school drinking fountains so they could measure the arc of the water coming out of the spout. Students actually measured three points in the parabola formed by the stream of water shooting out of the fountain. Using the three coordinates measured, they were able to find the equation for the arc of the water stream.

( Photo: Algebra students, from left, Jacob Folse, Drake Tooraen and Reagan Kyle.)
Who's Who in Ancient Egypt
In Gina Golda's 6th-grade social studies classes, students have been ramping up their digital skills while learning about the society of ancient Egypt. Working in groups, students created Google slides with text and images describing the roles of various social classes in the culture. Social classes covered included government officials, priests, scribes, artisans, and peasants. The slides called for students to insert images and text, change background color, create thought bubbles, insert animations, use Word Art, and group together text and objects. In doing the research and building the slides, students learned about history while increasing and practicing their digital skills.

( Photo: Sixth grade social studies students, from left, Jake Carey, Sarah Ortlieb, and Lilah Wartelle collaborate on their Google slide describing the life of a scribe in Ancient Egypt.)
Kudos and Notable Events
LIGO Guests in Physics Class ...
LIGO Science Educator Tien Huynh-Dinh and Drew Burrett, a physics teacher from Ardrossan Academy in Scotland who is visiting here as part of the LIGO Teacher Exchange Program, were on campus Thursday to observe high school physics teacher Amy Guillory instructing her class on resolving a vector into its components. While her students practiced doing problems on dry erase boards, Mrs. Guillory compared notes on teaching methods with the visitors. ( Photo: Clockwise from top left are Scottish teacher Drew Burrett, LIGO Education Director Tien Huynh Dinh, Mrs. Guillory, and physics students Dylan Breaux, Trent King, and Aaron Taliaferro. )
Holiday Writing Contest... Though Jack Frost isn't nipping at our noses yet, the holiday season is on its way, and the Runnels Writing Center is welcoming it by sponsoring a Holiday Writing Contest for students in grades 7-12. Students may enter in the categories of Poetry or Memoirs. Those submitting poems are asked to model their work -- in meter and rhyme -- on one of 10 familiar carols such as "Jingle Bells," "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire," or even "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer." ( See the Writing Center's Google Classroom for a complete list. ) For students interested in submitting holiday memoirs, please be advised that they must be based on moments or events that actually occurred. Submissions in both categories must be received by Nov. 29.

Keyboarding Hall of Fame ... Though speech recognition is an option on many digital devices, most of us still rely on keyboarding to input our data. To improve their touch typing skills, students in Mrs. Allen's elementary Introduction to Computer Science classes have been regularly practicing on the website, typingclub.com. The fastest and most accurate typists are recognized by having their pictures and wpms (words per minute) on Mrs. Allen's "Keyboarding Hall of Fame" poster. Congratulations to Alexa Laplace, 100 wpm; Damien Tinsley, 65 wpm; Lina Derzi, 52 wpm; Landree Clark, 46 wpm; Zeb Tate, 44 wpm; and Noah Hebert, 41 wpm. (Photo: Super-fast touch typists Alexa LaPlace and Damien Tinsley.)
... Congratulations to our friend David Latona (Addison, 6C, John Morgan, grade 8, and Dawson, grade 9), who regularly arranges for DEMCO linemen to visit the preschool during Community Helpers Week, for his recent promotion to Vice President, Marketing and Member Services, at DEMCO.
We Sincerely Thank...
Supporting Awareness ... Students rallied behind "Breast Cancer Awareness Spirit Day" on Wednesday by wearing every possible shade of pink to school. They were also invited to show their support by participating in a coin drive and bake sale and attending a home volleyball game (dressed in pink) that night. Thanks to our generous and thoughtful students and families, we were able to raise $211.11 with the coin drive and $148.25 with the bake sale. The money will be donated to Cancer Services of Greater Baton Rouge. A special thank you goes to the 8th grade for sponsoring the bake sale. Spirit Points were awarded to classes with the highest level of participation in several of the activities. Congrats to the senior class, which is clinging to first place ( by 5 points!) in the Spirit Contest.
Hearing and Vision Screenings ... We sincerely thank nurse Natalie McGee (Sean, grade 7) for assisting with this week's Hearing and Vision Screenings in the Elementary School.
PAR Volunteers Needed for Halloween Snack
The PAR is sending out a call for parent volunteers to help with decorating Krispy Kreme doughnuts and serving them to students in grades K-12 on Wednesday, October 31. Because the PAR's Google sign-up sheets are set to view only at this time, please email PAR@Runnels.org if you would like to volunteer.
Math-A-Thon "Superheroes" Still Raising Funds for St. Jude's
There's still time to donate to the St. Jude Research Hospital's Math-A-Thon! If you are an elementary parent, please visit mathathon.org and sign up your child so you can make a donation on his or her web page. Children can be "superheroes" by helping sick kids at St. Jude's get better by participating in Math-A-Thon.

In this week's album: 6th-Grade Social Studies, Stick Projects in 4th-Grade Science, Circuits in Physics and Science, Photosynthesis in Biology AP, Think Pink! Day, American Studies' Socratic Seminar and Gilded Age Research Project, Algebra II Water Fountain Project, Preschool Witches' Brew, and Candids.
Athletic Corner

Today is the last day of the Booster Spirit Store's fall sale.
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The varsity cross country team celebrates success at the district meet.
Members of the junior high cross country team at the Mustache Dash.

Last Saturday, the junior high and varsity cross country teams competed at the STM/Pre-State Meet in Natchitoches. Eighth grader Molly Sandifer and 7th grader Emma Felton each took 1st place in the half-mile repeat relay challenge.

At the meet, racing tactics and times continued to improve, with six runners setting new PRs. Junior Annie Fink led the girls team with a 12th-place finish and freshman Dawson Latona led the boys with another new PR, placing 11th. The girls team finished 4th out of 20 teams, while the boys finished 7th.

At the STM Eagle Dash, the junior high Running Raiders captured nine new PRs. Annie Garrison led the girls and Grant Gueho led the boys. Evan Ho raced to a new PR and a top finish.


Congratulations to Daniel Mayeux for earning a place on the All-Academic Composite Boys Cross Country Team for Class B. Honorees will be celebrated at the LHSAA State Championship Cross Country Meet and at a ceremony on Monday, Nov. 12 at Northwestern State University. (Photo: Daniel Mayeux .)

Kudos to senior Rachel Wehbe for being named to the All-Tournament Team at the Baton Rouge High Tournament last weekend. Outstanding players are selected from the schools participating in the tournament. Rachel said, “While it is a symbolic team, it is quite an honor.”
(Photo: Rachel Wehbe)

Runnels basketball had its first scrimmage of the season last Friday versus the Holden Rockets. The Raiders defeated Holden 67-51, and were led by Cade Tate with 20 points. Collin Coates added 12 points, and Ben Holliday 11 points. Runnels will scrimmage with St. Michael on Friday, and then will officially kick off the season with a home opener on Tuesday against Phoenix.

After a tough game against Brighton in our gym Oct. 23, the Lady Raiders, parents, and students honored the team's seniors at a Senior Night celebration. ( Photo: With Coach Jean Martinez are volleyball seniors, from left, Hannah Cassano, Maddy Sutton, Caroline Henning, Sydney Markham, Rachel Wehbe, Anna Claire Pousson, and Alexis Rogers). CLICK HERE for more photos.

On Saturday, Oct. 13 the varsity swimming Raiders competed at Crawfish Aquatics and left with two 1st-place wins. Senior Spencer Spivak placed 1st overall in the men's 50-Yard Freestyle with a new personal record of 24.52. He was also a finalist in the 100-yard Breaststroke. From the ladies team, sophomore Kate Oehrle placed 1st overall in the girls 100-yard Breaststroke and 4th in the 200-yard IM. Erin Oehrle placed 3rd in the 100-yard Freestyle and was a finalist in the 100-yard Backstroke. Our Boys 200-yard Freestyle Relay team, consisting of Spencer Spivak, Steven Spivak, Seth Miller and Barrett Couvillon, were also finalists.

Preliminary finalists included Steven Spivak in the 200-yard Freestyle, Barrett Couvillon in the 200-yard Freestyle and 50-yard Freestyle and Hudson Hillman in the 100-yard Backstroke. (Photo: Seventh grader Mikalyn Shay hits her mark.)

Congratulations to the junior high school girls for placing 3rd overall in their division at the Oct. 20 meet at Crawfish Aquatics. The boys placed 13th for their division, and the combined team scores placed Runnels 8th overall.

Seventh grader Mikalyn Shay placed 1st overall in the girls 100-yard Freestyle, setting a new personal record of 1:11.72 and earning 4th place overall in the 100-yard IM. Sixth grader Annie Garrison placed 1st overall in the 50-yard Breaststroke, with a new personal record of 44.49. She also placed 2nd overall in the 50-yard Butterfly.

Finalists included Mikalyn Shay, 100-yard IM; Lily Hayden, 50-yard Freestyle and 50-yard Breaststroke; Paige Ashley, 50-yard Freestyle and 50-yard Backstroke; Michael Hillman, 100-yard Freestyle; Luke Hillman, 100-yard IM; Jack Ezell, 50-yard Freestyle; Aubrey Francois, 50-yard Breaststroke; and in the Girls 200-yard Medley and Freestyle Relays, the team of Mikalyn Shay, Annie Garrison, Lily Hayden and Paige Ashley.

Preliminary finalists included Michael Hillman, 50-yard Freestyle; Luke Hillman, 50-yard Backstroke; Jack Ezell, 50-yard Backstroke; and in the Boys 200 Medley and Freestyle Relays, the team of Michael Hillman, Luke Hillman, Jack Ezell and Aubrey Francois.
(Below is a corrected version of a story that ran in last week's issue. We inadvertently left out the quote at the end of the first paragraph. We apologize for the error.)

The Runnels Junior High Athletic Department welcomes two new coaches to jointly lead both the boys and girls soccer teams. Nick Khosravi has been named head coach and Jackie Gonda will be the assistant head coach. They come to us “with a lot of experience and we are lucky to have them," said Junior High Athletic Director Sam Coates.

Khosravi and Gonda are both life-long soccer players -- starting as young as the age of four. Khosravi was raised on Baton Rouge soccer. He has played for BRSC Black team, Glasko Middle School, Baton Rouge Magnet High School and for LSU. Khosravi is a seasoned referee with experience dating back to middle school and has most recently coached the club soccer this past summer.

Gonda is a native of Atlanta and is currently in her sophomore year at LSU studying petroleum engineering. She has spent the last five years on the soccer field as a referee and is in her third year of coaching youth sports u8 through u13 select teams.

The coaching duo said they are grateful “for the opportunity to coach at Runnels, and we looking forward to the new season. Go, Raiders!”
On Friday
Varsity Boys Basketball Scrimmage vs. St. Michael at Home – 5:30 p.m.

On Saturday
JV Volleyball Halloween Tournament at Brighton – TBA
Jr. High & Varsity Cross Country at Baton Rouge Metro Championship at Highland Road Park – Begins at 8:00 a.m. Spirit Event!
Varsity Swimming at City Championship at Crawfish Aquatics – 8:30 a.m.

Email game and fan photos to  n.latiolais@runnels.org . Please include the date and location of the event and the students pictured .  
Friendly Reminders
Oct. 26-28 / The Crucible / Gladys Hague Runnels Theatre, Oct. 26 and 27, 7:00 p.m. and Oct. 28, 2:00 p.m. This play is for mature audiences. Parental guidance advised. Advance tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for students. At the door, tickets are $12 for all. Online ticket sales end 12 hours before each performance. CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS

Oct. 31 / Elementary Halloween Parade / Catalano Gym, 8:45 a.m. (PAR Halloween Snack, 10:00 a.m.)

Oct. 31 / Annual Giving Campaign, A Gift of Kindness / Last day to become a member of the Corporation for one year with a donation of $250 or more. CLICK HERE TO DONATE TODAY...
Nov. 2 / PAR Fall Fling & Pictures in the Plaza / Outdoor Plaza, 6:00 p.m. Parent volunteers are needed.

Nov. 6 / School Holiday / Election Day - Runnels is a polling place.

Nov. 8 - 16 / Elementary Library Fall Scholastic Book Fair