September 25, 2020
There is no school on Monday, September 28 in observance of Yom Kippur. G’mar chatima tova!
Dear Husky Community,
As I told the faculty yesterday, there is no substitute this year for seeing you and your children on campus and interacting daily in both formal and informal ways. In lieu of the many conversations that we are missing, today’s note touches on a pretty disparate set of issues.
First of all, thank you again to all of you who joined our Grade Level Gatherings over the past two weeks. They were a great chance to see your faces and hear updates on the many events and activities we are providing our students. For more options coming their way, please make sure to remind students about the Club Fair on Wednesday.
In terms of our distance learning scenario, we received this notice yesterday from the Dept. of Health:
Los Angeles County has met the metric thresholds for Tier 2 but must continue to meet these metric thresholds for two consecutive weeks before moving into the higher tier. We must continue implementing infectious control measures to help slow community transmission so we can open up more business sectors and schools in the county.

Although the language is not specific, the message is clear: The County is being very appropriately methodical about opening schools, and the focus remains, as ever, about not proceeding until we can do so in an environment which minimizes risk to all members of our community. We continue to evaluate next steps and wait for word that we will be able to bring more students to campus soon.

Lastly, but by no means of lesser importance, Breonna Taylor’s life mattered. This week provided another shattering example of the injustice that continues to face people of color in our nation. Christina Morse (Director of Student Life), and Emilie Padua-Douglas and Matt Blanchette (our co-Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Coordinators) provided two Diversity Dialogues today to support our Black students and other students of color in our community now and in the time ahead, and we are committed to fulfilling our diversity promise to “live, work, and study with a multiplicity of people who are not just like ourselves.” At this difficult time, we all need to support this multiplicity as well. 
Wishing You Health and Wellness,


Pictured Above: Regardless of virtual learning, our students took Spirit Week to heart and came prepared for each day's theme. Whether it was showing off a pet, a favorite team, an inspiring character, or a favorite meme, Husky Spirit unites our entire community!
2020 Arts Invitational - October 2 & 3
Morning Meeting Link - Tuesday, September 29
We will be meeting as an entire school via Zoom on Tuesday, September 29 at 8:00 AM. A link to the Zoom meeting can be accessed below and a reminder e-mail will be sent that morning to all students. Please note, these meetings will use a different Zoom link each week.
Things To Know - Read This Section Every Week!
School Directory - Update your Privacy Settings on Blackbaud by October 9: We are preparing to launch our new digital directory via Blackbaud and we need all families to update their privacy settings prior to publication by October 9. Please note, if you do not opt-out or change your privacy settings, it is likely that your information will be included in the online directory. Click the "Announcements and Events Details" button below for more information.

Blackbaud User Guide: We are currently assessing which aspects of Blackbaud require additional training or tutorials for our community. For the time being, please click the "Blackbaud User Guide" button below or the "Announcement and Event Details" button to access a learning resource provided by Blackbaud.
2020 Invitational - Visual and Performing Arts: Our fall performance is a Visual and Performing Arts Invitational representing some of the biggest talent on campus. The mix of live and recorded performances will be presented via webinar on October 2 at 7:00 pm, and October 3 at 2:00 pm. There is limited “seating,” so reservations are required. A registration button was provided under David Maher's letter, however, you may also visit our "Announcements and Events" page by clicking the button below to access the link as well.

Selective College Night - Princeton: On Thursday, October 8, Princeton University has partnered with our college counseling department to provide a virtual conversation regarding the college application process. Please register by October 7 to receive the Zoom link. The registration link can be found lower on this letter or by clicking the "Announcements and Event Details" button below.
Senior Speeches
Riley McIntire

"I strongly believe that together we will be able to find happiness and security for ourselves in the future. Things will get better for us, our children, our grandchildren. We are adapting to our dire circumstances, fighting for our futures, and for our rights as humans and soon, very soon I believe, we will be able to see our seeds grow."
Selective College Night - October 7 | 6:30 PM
Parent Resources for Student Wellness
Rolling Hills Prep and Renaissance Schools proudly partner with South Bay Families Connected, an organization dedicated to providing meaningful social-emotional wellness resources for parents and students. Additionally, our schools have a dedicated Families Connected page for our communities that can be accessed by clicking the button below.
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