Friday Meditation - 27 March 2020
Friday Meditation
…with love from Audrey (Pastor Audrey Ward)

What on earth does “don’t panic” mean?

A buddy of mine texted those words to me this week. I laughed out loud at his examples: Suddenly start driving in circles? Run erratically all over to stores buying you-don’t-care-what, just a lot of it? Turn into a catatonic or raging maniac? How does a society reach that state.

Good questions, really. Even better, how do we hold our own selves steady and reach a hand into cyber-space to keep each other from toppling into chaos? Well there are the usual ways of phone calls, email and a site or two of social media that may feel like good company depending on your attitude to that sort of thing. But I actually trust my own insides, and I’ve discovered that when I take time to learn something new or to use my minutes doing something I can look back on and say, “There. That’s in place”--even if it’s as simple as a made bed--I feel a little bit better.

Because it’s our minds that need that don’t panic signal. The mind-body connection is exquisitely real. A Psalm can also be a tonic. Here are the last few verses of Stephen Mitchell’s adaptation of the 127 th :
Vainly you keep toiling and planning
and worrying about tomorrow.
He gives joy to those who love him
and blesses them with peace.

Friday Music for the Heart
" Safe Inside Your Love " - FUMC PG VBS Kids 2019
In these days of social distance, we are called to meet apart.
Still we pray for one another, hold each other in our hearts.
If this time indeed is holy, we must keep it truly so.
Even in our isolation, God’s rich blessings overflow.
We avoid the world’s distractions, set our minds on things above:
Patience, kindness, goodness, mercy, faith, joy peace, abiding love.

R.G. Huff 3/17/2020