Friday Meditation - 20 March 2020
Friday Meditation
A few minutes with Pastor Audrey Ward in the circle of belonging:

Friends change our lives, don't they. So, when we are locked away behind our private gateways, what seems like the loss of those contacts can be an ache. But the truth, challenges, grace, mercy and light they ordinarily bring us in person are still ours during days of isolation. Perhaps we can learn to write notes with stamps fixed to their envelopes once again.

Always remember to pray for each other:
we are entirely present--together--in prayer. sure to go outside and breathe this crisp air
and let the sunshine in
Friday Music for the Heart
A Mighty Fortress is Our God (click here) (UMH No. 110 if you have a hymnal at home)
Abide With Me (click here) (UMH No. 700 if you have a hymnal at home)
In these days of social distance, we are called to meet apart.
Still we pray for one another, hold each other in our hearts.
If this time indeed is holy, we must keep it truly so.
Even in our isolation, God’s rich blessings overflow.
We avoid the world’s distractions, set our minds on things above:
Patience, kindness, goodness, mercy, faith, joy peace, abiding love.

R.G. Huff 3/17/2020