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                         July 27, 2018

Season:  Ordinary Time                   

                   Rev. Kathi's Message:
Kathi is on vacation. Her message will resume on August 10th.

The United Church of Canada will be re-organizing our governing structures at the end of this year. Moving forward we will no longer be receiving our regular oversight visits from Halton Presbytery.
The Presbytery thought it would be helpful for the incoming Regional Council if they could have an updated profile of each faith community in the region.

Our Leadership Circle has been working on answers to six questions the Presbytery has asked about us and they would welcome your input. For the coming weeks, while Kathi is on vacation, we will feature one of the questions  each Friday and give you an opportunity to provide input.

The Leadership Circle would like your input on the following.  After reviewing the question and answer below, please provide any feedback you may have to Barb Jennings, Chair of Communications by responding to this email or sending a separate email to Barb directly at

Question #4   
Tell a story in recent past that really contributed to your faith/spiritual 
life?  How could your church build upon that in the future? 

When the Leadership Circle (Board) members addressed this question, numerous stories came to mind. The stories could be grouped in several categories.
The stories....
Of a young participant in the Breakfast Club Program who had not been attending for quite some time, suddenly returned because once again resources were too few at home. The impact of these continuing and returning needs is heart-wrenching.
During a tour of the Deacon's Cupboard food bank, it was evident that the volunteers serve and converse with the guests in a very respectful way. It became evident that we are all one people under God, all dealing with various challenges and situations.
How to build on this...
Continue to support local programs and advocate for social justice. Find new opportunities to open our doors to the community using our strengths and passions to better serve our community and neighbours.
The stories...
In an aging congregation, there have been numerous people facing serious illnesses over the past year. Meals have been provided to families, rides to appointments have been arranged, and the caring support of the congregation has been inspiring.
In recent months, transportation has been provided to two individuals living in seniors' residences-one to attend worship at EMUC and the other to volunteer at the Deacon's Cupboard. This means they remain engaged and participating in church life.
I have found the continued engagement of members coping with serious/life threatening health concerns to be very inspiring.  
How to build on this....
For people making major life changes, explore if there are other ways we as a congregation can extend God's love through us to the many seniors that have moved into our neighbourhood.                                                                                        
In the future we will need to continue to find ways to support/accommodate people in these situations and help them still feel they are a part of the community especially if they are not able to attend regularly                                                                                                    
The stories....

Part of my faith journey is to keep my eyes open for new possibilities and new spiritual relationships with people who share my enthusiasm to try new things and create new initiatives. EMUC recently accepted an invitation to work on a joint fundraiser with Eden United Church in Meadowvale. It would involve generating people willing to help behind the scenes as well as people who might be interested in participating in the cast of a mystery dinner night. Over the course of many months, a group of congregation members from both churches worked on rehearsing scripts and planning the 2 evening performances that would take place in April. It was absolutely wonderful to meet and interact with these new friends from Eden and plan an event that resulted in both churches benefitting from our combined efforts.
I was involved recently with the Mystery Dinner fundraiser. I am still in awe as to how so many came together each in their own way to make it the success that it was. I had several invited guests attend that had no previous involvement with either of the two churches. They all remarked on how impressed they were and could not believe the entire production was all staffed by volunteers.
I was part of the organizing team for our recent fundraiser - the garage sale. I was so energized by the response from the congregation to our call for help and donations. The spirit of us all working together to do a good job for a common goal was amazing. I felt the spirit was truly alive in our church. We were able to serve our church and also the community around us by offering them "goods" at reasonable prices and in a friendly environment.
How to build on this...
Building on this in the future is an exciting prospect. This successful initiative was celebrated by the congregations on both churches and we have now discussed the possibility of working together again on projects in the future.
Look for opportunities to open our doors to the wider community.
Going forward we need to determine the opportunities within the community to work together both within the congregation and with other churches or organizations.
Use that spirit to continue working together and supporting each other and our community.  
The story...
The sermon given by Kathi Phillips, our new minster, on Mother's Day was entitled "Love, love, love" and was one of the most inspirational sermons I have ever heard. It was creative, interesting, absolutely meaningful and very different... incorporating music and lyrics (at certain points sung by our minister, followed by spontaneous joining in by our congregation) of the Beatles` tune by the same name. At its conclusion there was a gentle eruption of applause. It prompted me to reflect on being a Christian, and made me feel grateful that I am. Kathi`s words stay with me still.    
How to build on this...
Continue with inspirational and meaningful messages as well as education to our congregation and beyond the walls of our church possibly using technology.

We welcome your input and feedback! Thank you!

                This Week at EMUC

Sunday July 29nd       
                     10:00 am:
 Worship - led by Deb Siertsema
                                        Responsive Reading:  Psalm 14 - VU 735
                                       Scripture:  John 6:1-21
                                         Message: "A Simple Faith"

Wednesday 6:45 pm:   Prayer and Communion service is cancelled for                                             July and will  resume August 8th.                                 
Next Sunday August 5th:   Worship will be led by Scott Beckett,
                                      a candidate for ministry from First United
                                      Church in Port Credit

Rev. Kathi is on holidays until August 7th.  
For any pastoral concerns, please contact Peter/Sylvia in the office 905-820-9466 ext 23

Summer Office Hours: Monday 1- 4 pm; Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday 9-12 noon & 1- 4 pm; Friday 9 -1pm

Upcoming Events:

Tarek is settling in well and getting to know the city.  He has been introduced to Nidal with whom we were working when we first started the sponsorship process. Nidal's educational background is similar to Tarek's and he has volunteered to assist him in getting his credentials assessed and exploring the possibilities of employment in the field of translation. Tarek will be moving into a one bedroom apartment in Sheridan Homelands in July.
We welcomed the Nadaff family to Canada a week ago. They have moved into the two bedroom apartment on Jaguar Valley. During the summer, volunteers may be needed from time to time to help drive them to appointments.

A huge thank you to our EMUC family who responded with generosity to the appeal for assistance for Joseph Matumaini and family. Through your donations an apartment has been secured for Joseph, his wife and daughter, beginning August 1st.  Joseph's family members arrived on July 24th.  They are planning to attend the Worship Service on Sunday July 29th .

Recently 100 chairs were purchased for the Lower Hall to replace those that were in a bad state of repair.  We have had inquiries from individuals  wanting to donate funds to help cover the cost of the chairs.   The cost of each chair was $65.00.  If you wish to make a donation, you are invited to place it on the offering plate, clearly designated for the chairs.   
FUNDSCRIP is an innovative fundraising program that asks you to purchase gift cards in order to pay for regular items you buy every month.  A percentage of the cards purchased through FUNDSCRIP is donated back to our church.
Order forms for gift cards will be available the last Sunday of every month.  The next order date is this Sunday, Aug. 26, 2018.  There will be no FUNDSCRIP order in July.  Please see the display board at the back of the church or speak to Joanne Hines if you have any questions about the program.

Erin Mills Town Centre has a box beside the Guest Service desk where you can deposit your depleted, used gift cards. You may also place then in a small box on the Visitors table beside the photocopier room for those who would prefer to leave their old cards at church.  Mary Anna Williams will ensure they are dropped off at the Town Centre.   The program is run by  If you have any questions please speak to Mary Anna.