Sunday April 28th: 
10:00 am: Worship and Baptism led by Rev. Kathi
 Scripture: Acts 5: 27-32   
Gospel: John 20: 19-31
 Message: "Linger a Little"

Monday April 29th:

Tuesday April 30th:
7:00 pm: Bogeys to Birdies Opening

Wednesday May 1st:
2:00 pm: Knitting Group
6:45 pm: Prayers and Communion service
7:15 pm: Garage sale setup

Thursday May 2nd:
9:00 am: Garage sale setup

Friday May 3rd:
9:00 am: Garage sale setup

Saturday May 4th:
8:00 am- noon: Garage Sale

Next Sunday May 5th: Service and Communion at 10 am.