Sunday December 22nd: 
10:00 am: Advent 4 "Imagine...Loving Joy"
Worship led by Rev. Kathi
Time for all ages question:
"Joseph chose to do the right thing for Mary, not the socially accepted thing. Have you ever had to make that kind of decision?"
Hebrew Scripture: Isaiah 7: 10-16
Gospel Lesson: Matthew 1: 18-25
Message: "Joseph's Gift"

Monday December 23rd:

Tuesday December 24th: Christmas Eve 
6:30 pm: Family Service
9:00 pm: Candlelight Communion Service

Wednesday December 25th: Merry Christmas!

Thursday December 26th:

Friday December 27th:

Saturday December 28th:

 Next Sunday December 29th: "Imagine...Compassionate Joy"
Service at 10 am.