Friday, September 22, 2023   7 Tishrei, 5784

Dear Harkham GAON Families,

Wishing all families Shana Tova 5784 and G’Mar Chatima Tova!

B'ezrat Hashem we have been in school for five weeks!  We were pleased to have had some professional learning community meetings with teachers this week, and teachers are in the process of closing out the first 5-week grading period, which is a progress report, only reflecting students who might be in danger of failing a particular course prior to the 10-week grading period. Progress reports will be sent out next week, after we return from our Yom Kippur break.

Please be reminded that we will start back on Tuesday of next week with a late start of 9:15am, in recognition of the late end of Yom Kippur on Monday evening.  Further, in recognition of the need to set up for a little more time to be ready for Erev Sukkot next Friday, we will employ another “minimum day” schedule and end school at 12:15pm on Friday, September 29th.  The day after Sukkot break (October 10th) will be a regular Tuesday schedule of 8:15-3:45, with the SMC class for high schoolers until 4pm. 

Last but very much NOT least, our Hot Lunch Program (order here: Hot Lunch Program Order Form) piloted this past week; just like our school, it was small but mighty!  Many had the opportunity to have a look at, and smell the aroma of: a delicious personal cheese pizza on Tuesday, a hearty hamburger with fries on Wednesday, and tasty chicken strips on Thursday.  I ordered mine for next week; please join the party!  We are planning a repeat of the three menu items at least until the end of this secular month, and then will look into changing the menu on perhaps a monthly basis. We are open to feedback on making this program even better, but first, let’s all give it a try next week. 

On the subject of hot lunches and food, we have been experiencing a couple of issues that we’d like to bring to parents’ attention, and ask for your support. 

  1. We encourage students to bring snacks.  Taki brand chips are not kosher, and may not be brought into our building.  A kosher alternative is Trader Joe’s Rolled Chile & Lime Chips - a favorite in Jewish Day Schools.  Please ensure that your children do not bring Takis to school; we would prefer not to have to confiscate them on sight, and dispose of them accordingly.
  2. It has come to our attention that students have been ordering food delivery to our campus. This is not permitted for a variety of reasons, including: violation of both our cell phone and kashrut policies, inevitable classroom disruptions, and competition with our pilot hot lunch program, which cannot continue without our full support.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation regarding food on campus. It feels ironic to be talking about food so much before I wish everyone a meaningful fast this upcoming week!

Ruth Morris