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June 2017
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Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant 

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Here it is .... Grammy Award Winning, AMC AND CMA Award Winning Country Super Group .... Shenandoah at The Historic Grand Theatre in Fitzgerald, GA!

Saturday, August 12, 2017  
Doors Open - 6:30 
Show Starts - 7:30

Get your Tickets at - Use this link

Tickets at the Chamber of Commerce RIGHT NOW!


Colony Discount Drugs
502 S. Grant Street
Fitzgerald, GA  31750

JULY 4th Tshirts for the whole family!!! $9.99  
  Plates, "God Bless America" Door signs, Dessert/Snack bowls for the summer holidays    All $1.00 each!!!    
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These Bougainvilleas are really showing out. Drought tolerant, and they love this summer heat. Tim has red and purple available.

The Hanging Basket 
113 Colony Drive
Fitzgerald, Georgia
Call (229) 325-6548

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We're holding a special movie day on Tuesday, July 11th at the Grand Theatre at 10:00 a.m. featuring a special FREE screening of the Disney favorite, Moana (201 7, rated PG)! Moana is a spirited teen who sets sail on a daring mission to save her people!

Call 229-426-5080 or visit for more information on our Summer Reading programs.

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It's no secret small businesses have an advantage

Small businesses have an advantage that can really help them survive, and even thrive, in these challenging times. That advantage is flexibility. Huge corporations, which operate much like the huge cruise ship QE2, are impossible to turn on a dime. Small businesses can make decisions and implement changes necessary in fluid conditions. A small business owner can review the business plan and quickly decide a new course to steer the ship of business.

Small businesses can seek h elp from supporters, friends, family, and even other small business owners. Small business owners have closer connections with their customers, making it easier to talk and ask for their ideas. It's also an opportunity to sell existing customers new products or services.

Other advantages of small businesses include an ability to offer exceptional customer service (they have a smaller number of employees to train) and the ability to use networking opportunities. Who isn't impressed when the business owner greets you, the potential customer, by name? A small business owner can use these times to reach out to former customers and rebuild a relationship. Unlike big business which requires formal approval processes for decisions, the small business can offer special sales pricing or incentives quickly and efficiently. A small business can be innovative and entrepreneurial in packaging their services and products. They can beat the larger businesses to the market with new ideas.

Whether in business or in our personal lives, we can spend a lot of time and energy lamenting the downturn in the economy. Or we can look for ways to streamline our operations and run a tight ship when it comes to our budgets. Practicing "back to the wall" management can be exciting and can refocus our efforts like no other situation can. In good times we all tend to get a little plump and lazy. When times are good, it's easy to add people, to get fancy, and to assume that the ride will continue to be smooth. When times get tough, successful businesses (and successful families) take a critical look at what they are doing, what needs are essential, and how to get the most of the dollars available.

[Marietta Times]

FITZGERALD, GA 31750-3352
(229) 423-5376

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Now hiring for a Staff Physical Therapist 
Description:Plans and administers medically prescribed physical therapy treatment for patients suffering from injuries, or muscle, nerve, joint and bone diseases, to restore function, relive pain, and prevent disability by performing the duties of physical therapist.

Minimum Qualifications:Education: Graduate of an accredited college of Science in Physical Therapy. License: Must be currently licensed by the Georgia State Board of Physical Therapy. Experience: Minimum of one (1) year hospital/nursing home experience preferred Staff Physical Therapist and a Physical Therapy Assistant

Description:Administers physical therapy treatments to patients, working under the direction of and as assistant to a Physical Therapist

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White chocolate
key lime cake

Our Chicken and egg Salad is available in a croissant!
Banana pudding cake

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Georgia Chamber of Commerce hosted a roundtable discussion on rural GA economy w/ Ben Hill Co. officials in new Center for Rural Prosperity in Tifton.

Canes Jerseys are here!! Limited supply so get them now! #canesjerseys #footballready


101 Dewey McGlamry Rd
Fitzgerald, GA  31750
(229) 423-3040

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Margarita pizza

Cirillos Pizzeria
113 S. Main Street
Fitzgerald, GA  31750

(229) 622-0044

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202 Ocilla Hwy.
Fitzgerald, GA  31750

Wiregrass is looking to expand our Adult Education/GED classes in Ben Hill County, and we are partnering with Ben Hill County School System to do so. If you live in Ben Hill County, do not have your GED or high school diploma, and are ready to achieve this goal, please complete this quick survey for us.

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