September 11, 2020
Feature: Photos of Our First Days Back!
Home Health Screening
Academy Hill is requesting the cooperation of our families as you send your children to school each morning. The AHS Re-Entry Plan contains a comprehensive list of symptoms to check for each day.

Please create your Parent Portal login by CLICKING HERE. You must register with an email address we have on file. Please use all lower case when creating your portal login. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Kelli Brodhagen.

We will notify you when the COVID-19 Daily Home Screening Checklist is installed and ready for use. You will be able to access this information on your cell phone. In the meantime, please perform a home health check daily.

The single most important thing to do if any of the following symptoms are present is to STAY HOME. Our collective health relies, in part, on individual attention and responsibility. Note that some symptoms of COVID19 are the same as the flu or a bad cold; please do not assume it is another condition. When in doubt, STAY HOME.

Below is the full list of symptoms for which parents should monitor their children, and staff should monitor themselves. If a student or staff presents with these symptoms, they must consult with a healthcare professional before returning to school.

❏ Fever (100.0° Fahrenheit or higher), chills, or shaking chills
❏ Cough (not due to other known cause, such as chronic cough)
❏ Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
❏ New loss of taste or smell
❏ Sore throat
❏ Headache when in combination with other symptoms
❏ Muscle aches or body aches
❏ Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
❏ Fatigue, when in combination with other symptoms
❏ Nasal congestion or runny nose (not due to other known causes, such as allergies) when in combination with other symptoms
Congratulations to Our Underclassmen Award Winners!
The Underclassmen Language Awards Day, the Math Olympiad Award Ceremony, and the National Junior Honor Society Induction were postponed last spring due to the pandemic.

This week, we announced the following language awards:

National Spanish Examination

Honorable Mention (greater than 50th percentile)
Keshav Ambadi
Avery  Kay
Becky Mlapah
Elizabeth Hanechak

Bronze Medals (greater than 75th percentile) 

Ryan Cooley  

Silver medal (85th percentile)

Tovah Woldorf 

For first time, two seventh graders challenged themselves and sat for the Level 2 exam. Both students earned medals!

Nyah Bailey-Burton
Jack Murphy

National French Contest

Level 01D

Spence Deliso - Silver
Farrah Kanorwalla - Gold

National Latin Exam

Introduction to Latin 
Outstanding Achievement Purple Ribbon and Certificates: Ryan Cooley, Tovah Woldorf, Avery Kay
Excellent Achievement Certificates: James Wells, Keshav Ambadi, Andrew Tini

Latin I  level,
   Silver  Maxima Cum Laude Medals and Certificates: Bhaveeth Vemulapalli, Elizabeth Hanechak, Nyah Bailey-Burton
   Gold  Summa Cum Laude Medals and Certificates: Spence Deliso, Farrah Kanorwalla, Jack Murphy
The following students earned recognition for their performances as Math Olympiad team members:

Grade 3-5 team
Top 50% World Wide Award: Lauryn Piela
Team Top Scorer: Lauryn Piela

Grade 6 team
Top 50% World Wide Award:
Tovah Woldorf
Avery Kay
James Wells
Gabriel Ostrander
Keshav Ambadi

Top 50% World Wide Award, and Top 10% World Wide Silver Pin Award:
Andrew Tini
Ryan Cooley

Top 50% World Wide Award, and Top 2% World Wide Gold Pin Award:
Eddie Flanagan

Team Top Scorer:
Eddie Flanagan
The following students have been selected for induction into the National Junior Honor Society, in recognition of their demonstrated commitment to the five pillars of this nationally-recognized organization: citizenship, character, leadership, scholarship and service.

Ryan Cooley
Edmund Flanagan
Avery Kay
Rebecca Mlapah
Gabriel Ostrander
Andrew Tini
James Wells
Tovah Woldorf
School Photos
We are excited to announce that our friend, Sarah Gallagher, of Sarah Gallagher Studios, will once again join us to capture your children's photos as they begin a new school year. School picture day is Tuesday, September 29. Our rain date is Wednesday, September 30.

I am including recent examples of Sarah's work with our students. We will be welcoming many new families to Academy Hill this September. As you can see from the sample photos below, these are not your average school photos! Sarah is also able to capture sibling photos, which make fabulous holiday cards or gifts.

Please note that due to social distance requirements, we will not be able to take class photos or the whole school photo this fall.

Order forms will be sent home soon!
Back to School Parent Meetings
Please note that homeroom teachers have scheduled individual back-to-school meetings for their classes. These meetings will be held via Zoom next week. It is very important that at least one parent attend the class or grade level back to school meeting.

If you did not receive a Zoom invitation link from your child's teacher, please reach out before Monday.
Thank You, Tech Volunteers
Academy Hill extends an enormous virtual hug to Nick Hopkins and Aaron Kay! Thank you for ensuring that our technology was set up and ready to go on Day 1! We appreciate your generous donation of time over the past few weeks.
Mark Your Calendars
Week of September 14
Grade Level Back to School Zoom Meetings
Individual Dates TBD

September 17
Mum Orders Due!
See information in PA section below

Tuesday, September 29 (raindate Wednesday, September 30)
School Photos

Tuesday, September 29 (raindate Wednesday, September 30)
NJHS Induction Ceremony
(invitation only)

Please continue to check back often for changes to the academic calendar.
Any major changes will also be announced via parent email.
Alumni Corner
Good luck to the Academy Hill Class of 2017 as you begin your senior year! We cannot wait to see what your final year of high school has in store for you. Please notify us of your post-secondary plans.
Parent Association News and Updates
The Mum Sale is Here!
Look for order forms in today's Friday Folder!

9" mums are $7 each. Please choose red, yellow, purple and/or orange/bronze.

Pay for your mum order using the AHSPA PayPal link!
If you choose to use PayPal, email your order choice to
Mum orders are due by Thursday, September 17! Delivery is expected the week of September 21! Order your mums today!
New parents are encouraged to join us! To to get involved with Parent Association activities, please send a note to PA President, E'beth Wells today!
Thank you, Parents Association, for our fun and useful back to school gifts! We will be sure to sanitize, sanitize, sanitize throughout the day!
For all current AHSPA news and information, join the Parent Association Facebook Group
Academy Hill has been named a Constant Contact All Star Award Winner for 2018. Thank you to our subscribers for reading and responding to our emails! We remain proud of our strong commitment to home-school communication.
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