Friday, November 12th
Weekly Newsletter
New Jersey Update
This afternoon, 1,254 positive COVID-19 cases were reported, bringing the statewide total to 1,055,659. An additional 6 deaths were announced, bringing the statewide total to 25,334. 13,446,500 total vaccine doses have been administered, with 6,110,173 individuals who live, work, or study in the state now fully vaccinated. 

In-school transmissions for the weeks of 10/16 - 11/1 are as follows:
  • Outbreaks: 11 (148 cumulative)
  • Student cases: 68 (681 cumulative)
  • Staff cases: 11 (113 cumulative)

Last Friday,Congress passed a bi-partisan infrastructure bill. Governor Murphy highlighted that this is a game changer for NJ. The Governor thanked the NJ delegation for their vote as this will also create jobs now and in the future. Next in line is the Build Back Better Plan, which will restore local and federal tax deductions for residents.

Governor Murphy announced the Department of Heath and Human Services is continuing to accept applications for the Excluded New Jerseyans Fund for those who suffered economic hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic, but were excluded from the financial aid provided. To check eligibility and apply, visit

General Election and Leadership Update
Additional races have been called since our last update. Former Assemblyman and gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciatarrelli conceded to Governor Murphy this afternoon, with about 2.9 percentage points separating the two candidates and nearly all votes counted to date. Senate President Steve Sweeney conceded to challenger Ed Durr on Thursday, following a waiting period to ensure all votes in the district had been counted. Assemblyman Burzichelli and Assemblyman Taliaferro also lost their seats in the third district this cycle. Current Assemblywoman Stanfield will likely succeed Senator Addiego in the 8th district; the Assembly races in the 8th district were also called for the Republican candidates. Senator Gopal won his seat in the 11th district and the Assembly races have not been called at this time. The 16th district Assembly races were called for the Democratic candidates, as was the 38th district.

The Senate Democrats held their leadership vote this afternoon. Senator Scutari of the 22nd District won party support to replace outgoing Senate President Sweeney, Senator Ruiz of District 29 will replace retiring Senator Weinberg as Senate Majority Leader and Senator Cunningham will serve as the Senate President Pro-Tempore.
Legislative Update
Governor's Action on Legislation
The following bills were signed into law this week:
  • S-249/A-1259 – Requires pharmacy benefits manager providing services within Medicaid program to disclose certain information to DHS
  • S-324/A-3533 – Authorizes operators of motor vehicles to display electronic proof of registration; requires MVC to send application for registration renewal to lessee of leased vehicle
  • SCS for S-399 and 1645/ACS for A-869 and 1380 – Requires residential landlords to install covers on steam radiators upon request of tenant
  • S-537/A-3110 – Establishes certain minimum and maximum temperatures in rooming and boarding houses, dementia care homes, and certain nursing homes and residential health care facilities
  • S-550/A-1616 – Requires certain student identification cards to contain telephone number for suicide prevention hotline
  • SCS for S-647/A-4825 – Revises cybersecurity, asset management, and related reporting requirements in “Water Quality Accountability Act”
  • S-828/A-2101 – Requires public utilities and local units to provide notice prior to initiating certain infrastructure projects
  • S-829/A-2135 – Requires property condition disclosure statement to indicate presence of lead plumbing in residential property 
  • S-830/A-2134 – Requires public water systems to offer drinking water tests to customers in certain circumstances
  • S-894/A-3874 – Prohibits sale of paint or coating removal products that contain methylene chloride unless purchaser meets certain safety standards for use
  • S-1010/A-2103 – Permits counties and municipalities to bond for alternative fuel vehicles
  • S-1047/A-1712 – Concerns disclosure of certain information prior to sale of real estate
  • S-1148/A-1221 – Requires emergency contact information and access instructions for social services hotline to be provided to tenants of multiple dwellings
  • S-1239/A-5131 – Authorizes imposition of fee for connection to municipal electric distribution system
  • S-1259/A-2628 – Concerns labor contractors
  • S-1726/A-795 – Prohibits sale of cosmetic products that have been tested on animals
  • S-2727/A-4775 – Establishes Multigenerational Family Housing Continuity Commission; provides municipal guidance to periodically analyze local advancement of commission’s senior citizen housing recommendations
  • S-2861/A-5390 – Concerns certain restrictive covenants on real property
  • S-2996/A-5019 – Allows Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling licensees to operate mobile facilities when providing services
  • S-3000/A-4688 – Codifies and establishes certain network adequacy standards for pediatric primary and specialty care in Medicaid program
  • S-3032/A-4855 – Requires DOH to develop Statewide plan for infection control and prevention infrastructure improvements in nursing homes
  • S-3091/A-4933 – Requires builders to offer unit concrete products that utilize carbon footprint-reducing technology as option in new construction; establishes tax incentives, and State and local purchasing requirements, for unit concrete products that utilize carbon footprint-reducing technology
  • S-3253/A-2619 – Establishes alternate route to expedite certification of teachers at early college high school programs
  • S-3318/A-5893 – Provides for voluntary contributions by taxpayers on gross income tax returns for Special Olympics New Jersey
  • S-3590/A-5536 – Allows formation of limited liability companies by real estate salespersons and broker-salespersons to receive commission income and requires certain disclosures on promotions
  • S-3811/A-5769 – Establishes Kean University as public urban research university
  • S-3948/A-5896 – Authorizes supplemental State aid to school districts receiving certain federal Impact Aid; makes appropriation
  • SJR-41/AJR-33 – Designates June 2 of each year as “Gun Violence Awareness Day”
  • SJR-109/AJR-208 – Condemns hate and violent extremism and commits to defense of safe and just democracy
  • A-637/S-2670 – Revises permit and license processes for sports pools operators and online sports pool operators; revises definitions of certain sports events; allows for transactional waiver for sports wagering lounge
  • A-853/S-797 – Prohibits municipal licensure of children operating temporary businesses
  • A-2311/S-356 – Establishes study commission to examine development of mutually beneficial relationships between institutions of higher education and municipalities
  • A-3027/S-793 – Commits $3 million from Supplemental Workforce Fund for Basic Skill to NJ Community College Consortium for Workforce and Economic Development
  • ACS for A-3352/S-3504 – Requires certain newly constructed warehouses to be solar-ready buildings
  • A-3897/S-3263 – Increases fee for New Jersey Waterfowl Stamps
  • A-4138/S-2701 – Requires Department of Human Services to develop public emergency response plan for licensed providers of services to individuals with developmental disabilities
  • A-4367/S-2794 – Provides that AOC shall administer program for municipal courts allowing defendants to engage in online plea negotiations, entry of guilty plea, and payment of fine or penalty
  • A-4484/S-3153 – Requires State Long-Term Care Ombudsman to establish long-term care advocacy and educational training program
  • A-4538/S-3131 – Requires dental insurers to provide credits for reduced usage during coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic
  • A-4544/S-3150 – Permits school nurse who is retired from TPAF to return to employment for up to two years without reenrollment in TPAF 
  • A-4633/S-2856 – Permits certain nonresident Certified Public Accountants to provide attest services
  • A-4831/S-3953 – Clarifies classification in this State of criminal offenses committed in other states or under federal law 
  • A-4836/S-3313 – Establishes task force to evaluate quality, efficacy, costs, and educational outcomes of online courses offered by public and independent institutions of higher education and degree-granting proprietary institutions during COVID-19 pandemic
  • A-4861/S-3041 – Requires DOH to publish total number of COVID-19 deaths and cases in long-term care facilities 
  • A-4869/S-2414 – Requires certain bidders for prevailing wage public work to provide proof that prevailing wage will be paid
  • A-5059/S-3031 – Requires DOH to establish certain nursing education and professional advancement programs
  • A-5212/S-3638 – Permits dentists to administer vaccines under certain circumstances
  • A-5751/S-3823 – Expands State corrections officers training to include topics contributing to their core mission of treating inmates with dignity, fairness, and respect
  • A-5817/S-3852 – Revises violation and fines for approving or assigning unauthorized individuals as school bus drivers
  • A-5818/S-3849 – Provides for debarment of school bus contractors for certain violations; requires certain information in pupil transportation contract bid
  • AJR-204/SJR-105 – Designates April of each year as “Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Month” in New Jersey
  • AJR-238/SJR-123 – Urges U.S. President and EPA to take appropriate action, through waivers and other reforms, to allow blending of renewable fuels under the federal “Clean Air Act”

Governor Murphy conditionally vetoed the following bills:
  • S-108/A-169 – CONDITIONAL - Concerns speech rights of student journalists at public schools and public institutions of higher education
  • Copy of Statement
  • S-2078/A-5008 – CONDITIONAL - Establishes “Stillbirth Resource Center” and regional Fetal and Infant Mortality Review Committee, and programs for the prevention and reduction of incidences of stillbirth; expands list of professionals authorized to provide stillbirth-related care
  • Copy of Statement
  • S-2160/A-5701 – CONDITIONAL - Creates special education unit within the Office of Administrative Law; requires annual report
  • Copy of Statement
  • S-2525/A-4274 – CONDITIONAL - Expands powers and duties of State Chief Diversity Officer to promote diversity in State government and public contracting
  • Copy of Statement
  • S-2559/ACS for A-4179 and 4200 – CONDITIONAL - Revises requirements for health insurance providers and Medicaid to cover services provided using telemedicine and telehealth; appropriates $5 million
  • Copy of Statement
  • S-2834/A-5312 – CONDITIONAL - Mandates training on culturally responsive teaching for all candidates for teaching certification 
  • Copy of Statement
  • S-2953/A-4785 – CONDITIONAL - Expands scope of inmate reentry assistance and benefits
  • Copy of Statement
  • S-3238/A-5213 – CONDITIONAL - Establishes New Jersey Easy Enrollment Health Insurance Program
  • Copy of Statement
  • S-3488/A-5537 – CONDITIONAL - Modifies certain procedures pertaining to school district regionalization; establishes grant program for cost reimbursement of conducting regionalization feasibility studies; and provides financial incentives for regionalization
  • Copy of Statement
  • S-3867/A-5868 – CONDITIONAL - Establishes Opioid Recovery and Remediation Fund and Opioid Recovery and Remediation Fund Advisory Council; provides for funds received from opioid settlements to support substance use disorder prevention and treatment programs
  • Copy of Statement
  • S-3955/A-5905 – CONDITIONAL - Establishes “Rental Assistance Navigation Program” in DCA; makes appropriation
  • Copy of Statement
  • A-1533/S-3321 – CONDITIONAL - Requires reservation of portion of tenant-based vouchers under State rental assistance program for persons displaced due to redevelopment of an affordable housing development; provides displaced persons with affordable housing priority status
  • Copy of Statement
  • A-2455/S-2204 – CONDITIONAL - Establishes pilot program in DOE to support FIRST Robotics Programs in school districts
  • Copy of Statement
  • A-3062/S-1196 – CONDITIONAL - Establishes three year Financial Empowerment Pilot Program
  • Copy of Statement
  • A-4002/S-2257 – CONDITIONAL - Allows deduction of promotional gaming credit from gross revenue on sports wagering
  • Copy of Statement
  • A-4433/S-2715 – CONDITIONAL - Creates grant program to encourage school districts to partner with institutions of higher education in training school-based mental health services providers
  • Copy of Statement
  • A-4435/S-2717 – CONDITIONAL - Requires DCF to give priority to certain school districts with student mental health counseling centers in awarding grants under School Based Youth Services Program
  • Copy of Statement
  • A-4630/S-577 – CONDITIONAL - Concerns labor harmony agreements in retail and distribution center projects
  • Copy of Statement
  • A-4746/S-3947 – CONDITIONAL - Requires that certain provider subsidy payments for child care services be based on enrollment
  • Copy of Statement
  • A-4834/S-3474 – CONDITIONAL - Requires disclosure letter be included with mail falsely implying State government connection
  • Copy of Statement
  • A-4850/S-3095 – CONDITIONAL - Establishes expedited construction inspection program
  • Copy of Statement
  • A-5033/S-3279 – CONDITIONAL - Authorizes motor vehicle dealers to sell motor vehicles online and obtain electronic signatures for motor vehicle transactions
  • Copy of Statement
  • A-5353/S-3421 – CONDITIONAL - Provides for certification of temporary nurse aides
  • Copy of Statement
  • A-5599/S-3916 – CONDITIONAL - Establishes order of protection for current or former judge; upgrades and clarifies harassment against current or former judge; bars firearms possession by persons against whom current or former judge order of protection is entered
  • Copy of Statement
  • A-5864/S-3939 – CONDITIONAL - Allows law enforcement officers to review body worn camera recordings prior to creating initial report
  • Copy of Statement

Governor Murphy absolute vetoed the following bills:
  • S-415/A-4685 – ABSOLUTE - Requires reentry assistance to be provided to certain inmates who have served their maximum sentence
  • Copy of Statement
  • S-969/ACS for A-2687 – CONDITIONAL - Establishes loan redemption program for teachers in certain fields to redeem loan amounts received under New Jersey College Loans to Assist State Students Loan Program through employment in certain low performing schools
  • Copy of Statement
  • S-2261/A-4265 – ABSOLUTE - Revises law relating to common interest communities
  • Copy of Statement
  • S-2347/A-4030 – ABSOLUTE - Establishes Employment and Business-Related Tax Deferral Assistance Program in EDA to allow small businesses to defer the payment and remittance of certain employment and business-related taxes during COVID-19 public health emergency
  • Copy of Statement
  • S-3093/A-4910 – ABSOLUTE - Establishes county-based mitigation plan to allow businesses to operate during pandemic
  • Copy of Statement
  • S-3505/A-5371 – ABSOLUTE - Requires assignment of unemployment claims handlers to legislative districts and partisan offices during COVID-19 pandemic state of emergency; appropriates $1.8 million
  • Copy of Statement
  • S-3868/A-5895 – ABSOLUTE - Concerns construction code enforcing agency fee revenue
  • Copy of Statement
  • A-2722/S-1862 – ABSOLUTE - Requires Commissioner of Corrections to institute 30-minute shift overlap in State correctional facilities
  • Copy of Statement
  • A-4297/S-2631 – ABSOLUTE - Permits conduct of bingos and raffles remotely; permits online sale of tickets for all bingos and raffles
  • Copy of Statement
  • A-5231/S-3806 – ABSOLUTE - Allows county or municipal governing body to enter into revenue sharing agreement for alcoholic beverage sales by concessionaire permit holder
  • Copy of Statement

Monday, November 8th
Committee Meetings
Assembly Transportation and Independent Authorities
A1626 / S228 (Lampitt / McKeon / Mukherji / Diegnan / Ruiz) - Requires EDA to establish loan program for certain costs of electric-powered school bus purchases by local school districts and school bus contractors. Passed

A2441 (Benson / Chiaravalloti / Vainieri Huttle) - Requires DHS to employ Transportation Planning Coordinator to manage and oversee transportation services provided to DHS clients. Passed

A2556 (Benson / Murphy / Moen) - Authorizes reciprocal agreements for enforcement of toll violations with toll authorities from other states; modifies penalties for toll violations. Passed with Committee Amendments

A5718 (Benson / Verrelli / Reynolds-Jackson) - Permits counties to operate airports as county utilities; provides that bonds for county and municipal airport purposes be issued in accordance with provisions of "Local Bond Law." Passed

Senate Education
S1219 / A3392 (Turner / Reynolds-Jackson / Timberlake / Jasey) - Requires student representative be appointed to each board of education of school district that includes high school. Passed with Committee Amendments

S3094 / A4856 (Ruiz / Beach / Lampitt / Benson / Caputo) - Requires Internet websites and web services of school districts, charter schools, and renaissance schools to be accessible to persons with disabilities. Passed with Committee Amendments

*S3129 / *A2300 (Pou / Sumter) - Requires apportionment of membership on certain regional district boards of education to be based on amount of district costs apportioned to each constituent municipality. Passed with Committee Amendments

S3464 (Testa) - Requires instruction on information literacy in curriculum of students in grades kindergarten through 12. Passed

S3726 (Weinberg) - Ensures student well-being during school security drills. Passed with Committee Amendments

S4021 (Gopal) - Requires school districts to provide instruction on history and contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders as part of implementation of New Jersey Student Learning Standards in Social Studies. (pending intro and referral) Passed

S4073 (Ruiz) - Provides supplemental appropriation of $20 million for loan redemption program and tuition reimbursement program for certain teachers of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. (pending intro and referral) Passed

S4074 (Ruiz) - Allows alternative evaluation in place of basic skills testing requirements for certain teacher certification. (pending intro and referral) Passed

S4075 (Sweeney / Ruiz) - Eliminates requirement for three years that school districts receive DOE approval for non-instructional or non-educational school facilities or capital maintenance projects. (pending intro and referral) Passed

Assembly Military and Veterans Affairs
A259 (DeAngelo / Mukherji) - Provides civil service preference to military service members who did not serve in theater of operation but received campaign or expedition medal. Passed

A1024 (Downey / Tucker / Houghtaling) - Requires issuance of one free copy of birth certificate to military veteran. Passed with Committee Amendments

A1121 (Murphy / Dancer) - Upgrades certain crimes of misrepresenting oneself as member or veteran of US Armed Forces or organized militia. Passed with Committee Amendments

A1410 (Lopez / Dancer / DeAngelo) - Permits county clerk or register of deeds and mortgages to issue identification card to Gold Star Family Member. Passed

A1562 (Houghtaling / Downey / DeAngelo) - Permits issuance of motorcycle endorsement to certain out-of-State military personnel. Passed

A2559 (Benson / Verrelli / DeCroce) - Provides for increase in allowance paid to war veterans with certain service-connected disabilities. Passed with Committee Amendments

A4624 / S2817 (Downey / Danielsen / Houghtaling / Gopal / Pennacchio) - Allows active duty service members to provide document other than DD-214 when claiming veterans' preference for civil service. Passed

A4870 / S1454 (Catalano / McGuckin / Holzapfel / Brown / Gopal) - Allows shore municipalities to provide spouse and dependent children of veterans free or reduced cost access to beaches. Passed

A5694 (Houghtaling / Downey / Dancer) - Permits dependents of military member to enroll in school district in advance of military member's relocation to district. (pending referral) Passed with Committee Amendments

Senate Transportation
S1555 / A2429 (Scutari / Benson / Murphy / Moen) - Establishes "Transportation Services Coordination Task Force." Passed with Committee Amendments

S1722 / A1504 (Lagana / Rooney / McKeon / Bramnick) - Requires publication of certain information related to toll discounts on E-ZPass website. Passed

S2645 (Kean / Ruiz) - Establishes "New Jersey Transit ADA Task Force." Passed with Committee Amendments

*S3424 (Corrado) - Requires MVC to allow person to indicate special needs with motor vehicle registration. Passed

S3438 / A5341 (Diegnan / Lopez / Houghtaling / Benson) - Updates 2-1-1 telephone system information to include all current modes of public transit and information on access and usage. Passed with Committee Amendments

S3439 / A5337 (Diegnan / Chaparro / Benson / Mukherji) - Requires DOT to implement complete streets policy that considers individuals diagnosed with autism. Passed with Committee Amendments

**S3877 (Pou / Kean) - Establishes permitting process for testing highly automated vehicles in NJ; establishes Highly Automated Vehicle Interagency Advisory Committee. Passed

S4062 (Sweeney) - Exempts honorably discharged veterans from payment of passenger motor vehicle registration fee; requires notification of eligible motorists. (pending intro and referral) Passed

S4063 (Sweeney) - Removes New Jersey Maritime Pilot and Docking Pilot Commission from appropriations act provision that limits compensation and prohibits State payment for participation in State Health Benefits Program. (pending intro and referral) Passed

S4071 (Diegnan) - "Motorbus and Passenger Rail Service Employee Violence Prevention Act." (pending intro and referral) Passed

Senate Budget and Appropriations
S867 (Pou) - Permits physical therapists to perform dry needling under certain circumstances. Passed

S991 (Weinberg) - Requires owner or operator of certain trains to have discharge response, cleanup, and contingency plans to transport certain hazardous materials by rail; requires DEP to request bridge inspection reports from US DOT. Passed with Committee Amendments

S1049 / A2285 (Cryan / Armato / Vainieri Huttle / Benson) - Establishes standard medical expense deduction under SNAP for certain senior citizens. Passed

S1411 / A1841 (Bateman / Lagana / Timberlake / Quijano / Schaer) - Allows gross income tax deduction for amounts paid for removal of lead, asbestos and other contaminants from taxpayer's residential property. Passed with Committee Amendments

S1423 (Singleton / Pou) - Requires carriers to pass prescription drug savings to consumers. Passed with Committee Amendments

S1530 (Oroho) - Establishes a joint legislative and executive branch New Jersey Revenue Advisory Board to provide consensus revenue forecasting advice for State budget purposes. Passed with Committee Amendments

S1673 (Greenstein / Pou) - Requires DHS to establish Alzheimer's disease public awareness campaign. Passed

S2748 (Diegnan / Scutari) - Establishes NJMVC Virtual Check-In Pilot Program.Passed

S2835 (Ruiz / Cunningham) - Requires compilation of data and issuance of annual reports on New Jersey teacher workforce. Passed

S2888 / A4690 (Gopal / Codey / Houghtaling / Downey) - Expands eligibility criteria for municipalities wherein projects receiving New Jersey Redevelopment Authority assistance may occur. Passed

S3324 / A5160 (Smith / Bateman / DeAngelo / Conaway / Zwicker) - Establishes minimum energy and water efficiency standards for certain products sold, offered for sale, or leased in the State. Passed

S4065 (Addiego) - Revises gross income tax credit for child and dependent care expenses. (pending intro and referral) Passed with Committee Amendments

S4068 (Sarlo / Oroho) - Revises calculation of elective pass-through business alternative income tax. (pending intro and referral) Passed

S4076 (Sarlo / Gopal) - Appropriates $500,000 for USS New Jersey Commissioning Committee to support commissioning of boat and assigned personnel. (pending intro and referral) Passed

Senate Health, Human Services, and Senior Citizens
S1066 (Singleton / Weinberg) - Establishes Prescription Drug Affordability Board. Passed

S3291 (Kean / Singleton) - Creates resume bank for certain persons with disabilities. Passed

S3552 / A1058 (Codey / Jasey / Reynolds-Jackson / Murphy) - Requires discrimination prevention training for certain providers of services to senior citizens. Passed

S3833 (Gopal) - Permits use of automated dispensing devices in long-term care facilities and hospice care programs. Passed with ?Committee Amendments

S3975 (Greenstein / Oroho) - Requires newborn infants to be screened for congenital cytomegalovirus infection; establishes public awareness campaign. Passed

SR128 (Rice) - Urges support and protection for African-American women. Passed
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