Friday, November 5th
Election Update
Late Wednesday evening, Governor Murphy delivered an acceptance speech in Asbury Park following the gubernatorial race being called by the Associated Press. Phil Murphy will remain in office for a second four-year term as Governor.

In one of the biggest upsets of the night, Senate President Steve Sweeney has lost his Senate seat to his Republican opponent, Edward Durr. While ballots in Sweeney's district continue to be counted, the Associated Press declared Durr the winner by a 51-48 margin. Senate President Sweeney is a key ally of the physician community, specifically as the first and last defense against full APN independent practice in the state. The Senate President will remain as the presiding officer until the new legislative session in January, when a new Senate President will take over. Until then, our society will continue re-enforcing our strong relationships throughout the Legislature as we prepare for the new session.

The Senate President's defeat sets in motion a reorganization of leadership in the Senate. Late last night, it was reported that Senator Nick Scutari, who services the 22nd district in Union, Middlesex, and Somerset counties, and holds a powerful seat as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has gained significant support to become Senate President in the new session come January. Reports from intra-party negotiations in the Senate Democratic caucus indicate that Senator Scutari has 8 of the 12 necessary votes needed to secure the presidency. Despite broad reporting, there are also said to be other members in contention for the position; among them are incoming Majority Leader Teresa Ruiz and Budget and Appropriations Chair Paul Sarlo and Senator Joseph Lagana. This will be the first time in 15 years that the Senate President or the Assembly Speaker isn't from South Jersey, representing a major shift in political structure.

Senator Oroho was selected to be the next Leader of the Senate Republicans, replacing outgoing Senator Tom Kean. The remainder of leadership team includes Senator Robert Singer as Deputy Leader and Ranking Member of Health Committee; Senator Joe Pennacchio as Deputy Leader; Senator Kristin Corrado as Conference Leader; Senator Holly Schepisi as Deputy Conference Leader; Senator Anthony M. Bucco as Whip; Senator Declan O'Scanlon as Budget Officer; Senator Michael Doherty as Ranking Member of Judiciary Committee.

In the General Assembly, leadership votes occurred yesterday among caucuses. Assemblyman Coughlin won support from his caucus for another term as Speaker of the Assembly. Sixth District Assemblyman Louis Greenwald was again selected as Majority Leader. Annette Quijano will return for a second term as Majority Conference Leader. The Assembly will have a new Speaker Pro-Tempore in Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly to replace Senator-elect Gordon Johnson.

Assemblyman DiMaio will assume the leadership role of Assembly Republican Leader, a position vacated by Senator-elect Jon Bramnick. Assemblyman Ned Thomson will be the Republican Conference Leader and Assemblyman Antwan McClellan was selected for minority whip.
There are several other legislative races that remain too close to call as of this afternoon, with about 95% of expected votes having been counted. Among them include the 8th district, in which the incumbent Senator Dawn Addiego is trailing about 1,800 votes behind Jean Stanfield. The 8th district's Assembly seats also remain uncalled at this time, with the Republican candidates each leading by about a 3,000 vote margin. In the 11th district, Senator Gopal leads by a slim margin of 2,000 votes against contender Lori Annetta. The district's two Assembly seats also remain in contention, with incumbent Assembly members Eric Houghtaling and Joanne Downey down by a little over 1,000 votes each to their Republican opponents. In District 16, a Republican stronghold, current Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker has won his bid for the Senatorial seat vacated by Senator Kip Bateman.

The Democrats will retain their majority in both houses, but lost seats to Republican opponents in some districts. Two Senate seat races have yet to be called in legislative districts eight and eleven; nine seats are still in contention in the Assembly in districts three, eight, eleven, sixteen and thirty-eight.

AMG will continue to provide more information as it becomes available. Please reach out to any members of our team with any questions.
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