Friday 08 September 2017

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A new profession is emerging to help Chinese olive oil consumers, as an olive oil sensory analysis lab was officially launched in Shanghai on August 30. The lab, also the first of its kind in China, will be committed to the formulation of sensory evaluation standards for China’s virgin olive oil, the research of olive oil and the cultivation of the country’s first olive oil tasters. 

More proof that recognition of the importance of EVOO quality and standards is growing - across the globe.
Currawong principal Ed Vercoe received the award shield from Central Market personality Mark Gleeson.
The 2017 Royal Adelaide Olive Awards were presented on Wednesday night, to a big crowd at the National Wine Centre on North Terrace. Best Table Olive was won by Currawong of Carrackalinga South Australia. The Michael Burr Prize for Best Oil in Show, sponsored by The Olive Centre, was won by Boundary Bend. Download the full results here and don’t miss our coverage in the December edition of Olivegrower & Processor, where we celebrate the winners of 2017 National, state and regional competitions. 
The good oil: head judge Shane Cummins, back centre, with representatives from Oils of Milawa, Barfold Olives and Wangandary Grove at the Golden Olive awards.
The North East region dominated the Golden Olive Awards with Oils of Milawa sharing the best in show prize while Rutherglen district growers fared well.
The nation's olive industry is looking positively at sustained success as while consumer intake rises, Europe's oil powerhouses face weather, drought and disease hurdles hampering the industry.

AOA CEO Greg Seymour gives a heads-up on the current state of the Australian olive industry (starts at 16-minute mark).
New Zealand
Entries for the 2017 NZ EVOO Awards close on 15 September, so it’s time to get your entries finalised. This year’s highly experienced judging panel includes two Italian specialists, along with experts from Australia, Lebanon and New Zealand.
Information packs for the NZ EVOO Awards and entry forms have been emailed to all members who have had oil certified, and are also available from the Olives New Zealand website here .
Due to the late harvest season this year, it appears that some growers need a little more time to get their entries in for the Australian International Olive Awards . To accommodate these growers, the organisers have extended the deadline to COB next Wednesday, 13 September. If you want to enter but have issues meeting this deadline, please contact Chief Steward Trudie Michels on +61 4 1903 1527 or email .

Full information and entry forms are available on the competition website here .

AOA member? Don’t forget the AOA are subsiding the entry cost as another benefit of your membership. Simply use the member discount code THANKYOUENTRY at the checkout to receive the discount price of $200/entry (normally $350). You can also attend the Awards Presentation Dinner for the members discount price of $100pp (normally $120) with the code THANKYOUDINNER.
Good luck to all entrants – and see you at the celebrations!
Quoting ORAC values as a marketing tool has gone the way of the dinosaurs. But the measure of antioxidant activity still points to potentially important beneficial properties of ingredients, experts say.
We know coconut oil is good for your skin but is it also good for your brain? What about coconut oil as a possible superfood? Is there enough science to back up the claims of health benefits for the brain or is it based on hype?
Dr. Jack Rutherford.
Innovative products in the organic sector are continuing to contribute to its growth in 2017, as non-dairy milks, nutty butters and confectionery join traditional recipe snacks.
Scientists have developed what they describe as a “low-cost, portable, paper-based sensor” that could be used to produce “smart labels” that detect food spoilage and contamination.

Olive-relevant uses include detection of antioxidants for quality authentication, along with contaminants like e-coli.
Olive oil exports to the U.S increased nine fold in this year's harvest season and reached $36 million, achieving significant success in one of Turkey's most important agricultural exports items.
Credit: © ilietus / Fotolia
Dark chocolate enriched with extra virgin olive oil is associated with an improved cardiovascular risk profile, according to new research presented at the ESC Congress.
Palmstead Nurseries marketing manager has said plants such as olives are now too risky to import and designers and specifiers must look at other options.
Rice and pasta products on sale in Italy will be required to carry country of origin labels from February.

Can we hope that olive oil will follow?
What's On
8 September – Entries close, 2017 Fleurieu Food Olive Awards – Fleurieu Peninsula, SA

9 September – Awards Presentation Dinner, 2017 Perth Royal Olives Show – Perth, WA

13 September  – Entries close, 2017 Australian International Olive Awards – Adelaide, SA

11-14 September – Fine Food Australia 2017 – Sydney, Australia

15 September - Entries close, 2017 NZ EVOO Awards – Auckland, NZ

21-23 September - Oil China Expo 2017- 12th China international olive oil & Edible Oil Exhibition – Beijing, China

24 September - 2017 Shanghai international olive oil Tasting Meeting - Shanghai, China

26-28 September - Science Protecting Plant Health 2017 Conference – Brisbane, Qld

10 October - 2017 Australian International Olive Awards Presentation – Adelaide, SA

10-11 October - AOA National Olive Industry Conference & Trade Exhibition – Adelaide

14 October - NZ EVOO Awards Dinner – Wellington, NZ

15 October - ONZ Organoleptic Seminar – Wellington, NZ

17 November - Awards Presentation, Hunter Olive Show - Hunter Valley, NSW

March - World Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting Team Championship, Priego de Cordoba, Spain

To include your event, or update your existing event details, email FOE editor Gerri Nelligan at
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