This week was not as expected. Last week, I felt under the weather. Typically, this would lead to picking up some over the counter meds and working through it. But during this time we are living in, I was torn between “it’s a cold” to thinking “maybe it isn’t.” I have been extremely careful, wearing a mask everywhere, hand sanitizer in my Jeep, my purse and using it diligently. But all it took was thinking of Elizabeth, who I just spent the weekend with, and the team at the Chamber. No way would I put them at risk.  

First, I should tell you that the Lee Health process was seamless. I used the Lee Tele-Health option, spoke to a nurse practitioner and based on our conversation, she suggested that I get the COVID test. I also needed to isolate for 10 days because though the positive tests are 95% accurate, the negative tests are only 70 - 80% accurate, and it wasn’t worth the risk. I made an appointment and went to Page Field for the test. Literally, this took 5 minutes, from the time I drove in to pulling out, all done. Yes, the test makes you blink a bit and gave me a short-term instant headache but within an hour, it was history. I also received my results that evening! It was negative. I know I am lucky with this; we all know people that have gone through tough times due to COVID. I must admit to being scared a bit but also sad because Elizabeth was scared, too. For days, I kept asking her, how do you feel?  
So, I packed up my office and moved back to "Chamber South" for my isolation. The boys, cats Tanger & Nemo, were thrilled - okay, as thrilled as cats can be - and got into all my stuff and sat on the papers that I needed.

I share this story with you, because I felt kind of stupid and that maybe I was overreacting, which I shared with the nurse. The nurse told me that this is not the time to think this way, it is okay to take extra precautions and to be aware. Thank you to Lee Health and their staff for providing such good care of our community! 

To lighten it up a bit, I found this article after my adventure and wanted to share. It is less business-minded and more personal. From the Tiny Buddha website, written by Maria Stenvinkel: “19 Simple Daily Habits For A Happier Life”. They are simple and I imagine you are already doing them but hope you enjoy.  
Last week I shared an article about words that people hate and #2 was "pivot." I also shared that pivot had become my new favorite word because that is how I saw our community staying successful. This week, Chris Knapp, from Harmon’s Audio Visual shared what they are doing. Can you imagine the hit that the Audio Visual / Event planners have taken over the past few months? Well, they found one way to work during this time so I wanted to share this example of my new favorite word, pivot. 
Harmon’s Audio Visual is a full service audio, visual and lighting solution provider, based in Fort Myers that has been serving Southwest Florida for over 25 years.
Harmon's has produced virtual events for many years now, with increased demand in these difficult times. They have a wide array of offerings to help facilitate a professional and polished event, including a new turnkey broadcast studio that expands their abilities to assist their clients. Some key features of the studio include:

  • Cleaned and sanitized space following CDC guidelines
  • Harmon's professional technical staff
  • Pre- and Post-Production consulting
  • Multi-camera broadcast video switching
  • Broadcast-grade audio and lighting equipment
  • 12' x 20' Fully customizable LED wall Backdrop
  • Video and graphic playback
  • Support for presenters in remote locations
  • Teleprompter
In addition, Harmon’s offers a fully customizable live-streaming platform to allow for event branding and sponsorship opportunities, as well as the ability to track participant attendance and engagement, particularly useful to events offering continuing education credits.

To contact Harmon's call 239-939-2273 or email
From the Florida Chamber this week – yes it is another survey but the information will be used to build business policy for the upcoming session and more.  

"The current reality of 2020 is unlike anything we could have ever imagined. We realize it is difficult to focus on anything other than the constant demands of the COVID-19 pandemic and the necessary economic recovery efforts resulting from it. The future is uncertain and we are rightly spending energy focused on how the next day, week and months could play out. We also recognize there is an important election between now and next year’s legislative session, which at times seems as distant in the future as the conclusion of this year’s session is in the past. With that said, our full-time business advocacy team is fully immersed and focused on already building the Florida Chamber of Commerce’s 2021 legislative and competitiveness agenda. Our team is seeking your important input in a time when a united business community around one agenda to Relaunch Florida’s economy is more important than ever.  
Each year, the Florida Chamber presents the Legislature and Executive Branch with a policy roadmap for how to grow Florida’s economy. Florida’s Business Agenda is a member-driven, pro-jobs agenda based on sound policy and built by thousands of chamber members, research from our research foundation, local chambers, and partnering associations. In an effort to put the long-term over the short-term, we invite you to please take a few minutes to tell us what your business needs from your elected officials to help your company and employees prosper as we unite business to Relaunch Florida’s economy. Your leadership, expertise and feedback has never been more essential or needed. Please complete our short survey and help us set Florida’s 2021 Business Agenda today."
There are many of our community members in need of assistance. If you are able to volunteer your time or offer a donation, please consider doing so. Here are some Chamber member nonprofit organizations working hard to help our neighbors.
13140 Metro Parkway
Fort Myers, FL 33966

Email Allan Nicholson or call (239) 745-7373
10291 McGregor Blvd
Fort Myers, FL 33919

Email Eric Lane or call
(239) 278-1551
3429 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Fort Myers, FL 33916

Email Stefanie Ink-Edwards or call (239) 332-7687
Last weekend, I spent my isolation time spring cleaning my condo, and it needed it, but this weekend, I will be working on habit #11 from this week's article, “take time to recharge.” I hope you do the same.

Have a great weekend, stay safe and keep the mask on.