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April 19, 2013


Greetings Pinball Fans,  


Good News is that we now have received the first batch of production board sets. Better news is that we are completing full production games now with all production parts and we will be shipping games after our burn-in testing cycle. Next week we will have more sets of boards....more games and that's the same for many weeks after.


Working the line...    


All lined up and complete waiting for finished playfields



JJP Distributor, Abel Electronics will be at "Pinball at the Zoo" this weekend in Kalamazoo, Michigan with a WOZ. The game will have the latest code update. For more info, visit -  


Our Team has started The Hobbit LE and the game is on track for 2014. We already know that it will have multiple metal ramps, multiple flippers, feature "That Dragon" and be a fast paced game. It's already easier since Joe + Co. can focus on game elements and not drawing thousands of parts that need to be tooled for the first time.


Jeff Busch is drawing the Hobbit LE artwork and the game will incorporate all three movies and we will be able to show some playfield details soon.


We are happy to announce that "Two Steps from Hell" will produce the music for The Hobbit Pinball Machine. Two Steps From Hell,was founded in 2006 by composers Nick Phoenix and Thomas Bergersen. Two Steps can be heard worldwide in the ad campaigns for blockbusters such as "Oz The Great And Powerful", "Harry Potter", Dark Knight", "The Hobbit", "Wolverine", "Skyfall", "Lord Of The Rings", "Spiderman", "Bourne Identity", "Indiana Jones 4" and "Lincoln".


Two Steps From Hell is at the forefront of a new "Epic" music genre and have almost a billion views on YouTube and have 3 top selling albums on iTunes. The first album "Invincible" is about to become a certified Gold record. Their music can also be heard featured in television shows such as "America's Got Talent", "X-Factor" and "The Super Bowl 2013". Nick and Thomas have also worked with Hans Zimmer on two films, Sherlock Holmes 2 and Pirates Of The Caribbean 4. Two Steps From Hell will wrap up the E3 convention this summer with a concert at Walt Disney Concert Hall on June 14. This is their premiere concert and features 130 musicians from around the world.

The Hobbit Pinball Machine -
The Hobbit Pinball Machine -
"Two Steps from Hell" - Music Preview 

First production playfields down the line

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   Photo Credit: Martin Ayub of Pinball News

Left to Right: Top Row - Joe Balcer, JP DeWin, Chris Granner, Matt Riesterer, Keith Johnson, Bryan Hansen

Bottom Row: Butch Peel, Eric Meunier, Jack Guarnieri, Not Pictured - Jim Thornton



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