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August 26, 2022

Upcoming Events

August 27

Stewardship Day, 10-2 pm

August 29

First Day of School

Rose Ceremony, 9 am

September 1

Guitar Club meeting, 3:30 pm

Dance Team Parent Meeting, 5:30 pm

Special Board Meeting, 5 pm

September 2

No School

September 5

No School- Labor Day

September 7

Volunteer Committee Meeting, 4:15 pm

September 8

Parent Night 5-7 pm

From the Daisy Blossom Kindergarten Classroom

From the Director


Dear Families,

It has been a whirlwind of a week as staff and teachers have reported for duty. I am pleased to say that we have an excellent, energetic group of folks that can’t wait to greet your children on Monday morning!


Parking Lot and Playground:

We are finishing up some projects as we close out the summer. Our parking lot and paved playground area was sealed yesterday after being patched and having the cracks filled. There were several potholes on the play area that were creating some concern, and are now all gone. We are having a hard time scheduling the striping crew so we will start the year without painted lines on either the playground or parking lot. Please look to the staff on duty for direction when arriving for drop off and pick up.


School Lunches:

Just a reminder, we will not be opening our own kitchen at the start of the school year. There are several things that need to happen to be in compliance with the State and MSD, as well as receive government funds to offset costs. Until we do we will continue to offer bagged snacks and lunches from MSD free to all students who need them. On the bright side, Chef Evan has been creating his recipes to submit for State approval as a part of this process. He was kind enough to make a few entrees for the staff this past week and they were amazing! It will be a proud day when we can complete the process and offer such healthy and tasty meal options to our students!


I look forward to seeing you tomorrow from 10-2 pm for Stewardship Day if you can spare the time. Have a great weekend!


~Kendall Roberts


Stewardship Day- TOMORROW

Our first Stewardship Day of the school year to prepare for the first day of school is tomorrow, Saturday, August 27 from 10-2 pm. A lot has been happening on campus over the summer, so we need help beautifying and prepping it for students to return. We would love to see you there!

Some of the tasks we would like to accomplish:

  • Hauling donations to thrift store or dump
  • Deep clean breezeways
  • Mixing and setting posts in concrete
  • Moving materials for storage or disposal
  • Weeding garden beds and playground area
  • Spreading bark mulch in the playground 
  • Brushing cobwebs from windows
  • Weed whacking and mowing
  • Cleaning classroom rugs
  • Refinishing picnic tables 

Tools requested:

  • Wheelbarrows
  • Shovels
  • Hard rakes
  • Hoes 

Any families that can tow a dump-trailer willing to take a load to donate or dispose would be greatly appreciated!

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

Drop Off: Parents/Guardians have two options this year for drop off.

  • They can pull up to the drop off zone and drop off their students as we did last year. Please use only this entrance and not the gate by the crosswalk. New this year: after dropping off students pull back and exit through the parking lot. DO NOT drive on the track in the morning.
  • Parents/guardians can also park and walk their students to class. Please use the crosswalk and walkways to navigate the parking lot. 
  • Students can be dropped off starting at 7:45 am. Students dropped off between 7:45 am and 8:30 am will go to the playground where they will be supervised by a staff member.

Pick Up: As with drop off, parents/guardians will have two options this year. 

  • They can use our pick up lane (the track) and have their students (3rd-8th) delivered to their car as we did last year.
  • They can park and walk in. Change from last year: THIS IS REQUIRED FOR K-2
  • To make the pick up line go quicker, we will have 3rd-5th grade out in the courtyard and 6th-8th grade in the field. If you are walking in, please wait for those classes in the courtyard and pick them up from there. Do not go to the classroom. Pick up time will be between 3:15-3:30 pm. Please arrive in the pick up line or the courtyard no earlier than 3:00 pm.

Please be patient with us the first few weeks as we get into the rhythm of our new pick up routine. There may be adjustments as we work out the kinks.

Also, please note drop off and pick up time is not the time to engage in conversation with your child's class teacher, as they will be busy getting ready for the start of the day, and ensuring all students get to where they need to go in the afternoon. If you would like to discuss something with a teacher, please email them to arrange a time to meet or talk on the phone.

Drop Off in the morning

Drop Off Lane: Upon entering the parking lot, stay to the right and let your student out at the drop off zone. Proceed through the parking lot to exit. Do not drive on the track.

Park and Walk: Upon entering the parking lot, stay to the left and go around and park. You may park on the left side of the double row of cars, or in the field. Everyone who parks needs to use the Crosswalk to enter campus (not the far gate.)

Kindergarten parents: look out for an email from your class teacher about drop off and pick up procedures that are specific to each class.

Pick Up in the afternoon

Pick Up Lane: Upon entering the parking lot, stay to the right and go around the track, forming a line. At 3:15 pm we will begin calling for students and loading them in cars in the 3 marked spots near the exit of the parking lot. 6th-8th grade students will be able to walk directly to their car in line.

Park and Walk: Upon entering the parking lot, stay to the left and go around and park. You may park on the left side of the double row of cars, or in the field. Everyone who parks needs to use the Crosswalk to enter campus (not the far gate.) 1st and 2nd grade will be in their classrooms, 3rd-5th grade classes will be in the courtyard, and 6th-8th grade classes will be in the field.

Bus Schedule

Parent Night

Parent Night will be on Thursday, September 8 from 5-7 pm.

The schedule is as follows:

5:00-5:40 pm: 2nd-5th grade class meetings

5:45-6:15 pm: All School Welcome

6:20-7:00 pm: 6th-8th grade class meetings

Kindergarten and 1st grade parents will have their class meetings on a different night. Kindergarten and 1st grade parents are encouraged to attend the All School Welcome portion of the evening.

We ask that no children attend and there will be no childcare provided. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

From the Athletic Director

Welcome back Madrone families! I am very excited about this upcoming year. Last year was an amazing year for our school with regards to expanding our clubs and school sport opportunities.


A note about fees:


Club fees will be $50 per club. Basketball, Dance, and Guitar in the fall, Soccer in the spring. (be on the lookout for more additions) We are also working on having Futsal again, which was super fun and very popular last year.


SOMSAC (Southern Oregon Middle School Athletic Conference) Sports


SOMSAC sports fee will be $75 (These sports are much more involved in regards to commitment levels as well as coaching and equipment needs)


These sports are actual school sanctioned sports where we compete against other schools. Last year we did track and field with our sports partner school Sacred Heart. Our Madrone kids did fabulous and are all over the record books. Our hope is to further our partnership and be able to offer more sport opportunities to our Madrone middle school students through SOMSAC.


Basketball Club will be 5 Saturdays beginning September 10th and ending October 8th and will take place at the Grace Elementary School. (Look for more detailed directions next Friday) The 6th grade will be split between A and B levels. A level is for players that have played 2 seasons or more. B level will be players just starting out or that have one season only of experience. This is really about putting students in the situation that is best for them and their progress. Participation forms will go out the first week of school.


9am-10am: 5th-6th(B)


10am-11:15am: 6th(A)- 8th


Also, similar to last year I will be seeking out community sport opportunities for our students that focus on skill development, work ethic, teamwork, and fair play. The primary programs I feel offer this the best are the YMCA and the Junior Comets program. Their mission is closely aligned with these goals in mind.


Current Community Opportunities


Junior Comets Kinder Soccer (Co-ed)


Cost: $35

Registration closes September 3rd (Very soon)

Register at 


Junior Comets Volleyball


Who: 3rd-6th Grade (Co-ed)

Cost: $50

Registration closes September 9th

Register at (Scroll down to find volleyball)


Medford YMCA Flag Football


Who: 1st-6th Grade (Co-ed)

Cost: $65

Registration closes September 8th

Register at


As always stay tuned for more details and Go Dragons!


If you have any questions or have a club idea (ultimate Frisbee anyone?), feel free to reach out.

~Jeff Roberson

Athletic Director

Guitar Club

Mr. Zeller is offering an after school guitar class first semester (Sept. 8 - Jan. 19) for 6th - 8th graders. There will be a Parent and Student Information meeting on Thursday, September 1 at 3:30 pm.

We have 2 guitars for highly motivated students who absolutely cannot afford one. Otherwise

students will need their own classical or acoustic guitars. Please contact Mr. Zeller for some guidelines if you are looking to purchase a used guitar for your student.

The class will cost $50.00 for the semester, due by the first day of class, Thursday, September 8, to the Madrone Trail Office Manager along with the Guitar Class Registration form, which will be handed out at the meeting,

Any questions please contact Mr. Zeller

School Calendar

The school calendar can be found on our website. A downloadable version of the below calendar can also be found there.

Meet Mr. Tryllium's New Baby

Mr. Tryllium and his wife Erin were blessed with their first child, a baby boy, who arrived in the wee hours of the summer solstice in their living room at 2 am on the 22nd of June, 2022. He was a day shy of 3 weeks overdue and as a result weighed in at a substantial 9 lbs 9 oz. After about a month of deliberation, Cedar Koru Tryllium finally had a name. He is healthy and happy and his parents are overwhelmed with gratitude for this amazing blessing from the Cosmos. Which incidentally, was one of his potential names, along with River, Gonzo, and Stardust.

Mr. Tryllium's 5th graders with the help of Michelle Sanders and Ms. Cori made a baby quilt for him. Each square was tie-dyed by the students!

Volunteering at School

To be a volunteer in the classroom or to attend field trips, you are required to pass a background check through MSD. These expire after a few years, so if you have not filled it out in awhile, you will need to again. Fill it out today, so you are ready to go for the beginning of the school year.
Volunteer Application

Email Update

Starting Friday, September 2, the Friday Update will switch the email you receive the Friday Update from. Currently it is sent from, but will be switching to Please make note: if you do not receive the Friday Update in September, check your spam/junk folder! 

Quote of the Day
Handlettered by Ms. Cori
Madrone Trail Public Charter School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or age in its programs and activities.