Important information and updates from Madrone Trail.

Upcoming Events

September 10
Parent Council Meeting 
6:30 pm
at Schoolhaus Brewhaus

September 12
Board Meeting 5:30 pm

September 13
Bake Sale- 7th grade

September 14
No School- Teacher In-Service

September 21
Friday Assembly- 1st grade
Bake Sale- 6th grade

Parent Night

Thank you to everyone who came to Parent Night last night. It was wonderful getting to meet new parents, and seeing returning ones again.

Parking Lot Drop Off and Pick Up

Please observe the flow of traffic in our parking lot

Dress Code

We would like to see students dress in a way that is appropriate to the wide variety of movement and weather they experience at school. This includes clothing that can get dirty, sweaty, that is not too tight, too short, or restricts their movement in any way. Their clothing should also protect them from the cold and rain, and is layered in such a way they can remove items if they get too hot and still abide by the school dress code. Closed toed shoes, with good tread, that are not easily slipped off, and are able to run in and get dirty are highly recommended. The dress code is one of the school guidelines that parents can help us enforce as children dress at home before coming to school. Please familiarize yourself with the list of clothes which we consider inappropriate for school, found in the Welcome Packet that went home last week. If you think your child's choice of clothes for the day may be in violation, please have him/her change before they arrive at school. That is a real help. In keeping with our Waldorf philosophy, we discourage clothing that draws more attention to the child's clothing than to the child.

Welcome Packets

Welcome Packets were sent home the first week of school. There is a lot of important paperwork that needs to be signed and returned to the office. Please get them in at your earliest convenience. If your child did not come home with one, please pick one up in the office.

Free and Reduced Lunch Form

It is important that families fill out this form even if you do not plan on getting a school lunch for your children. It gives important demographic information to the district that can help us get additional funding for our school. Please follow the link below:

Madrone Trail Public Charter School