November 22, 2019
November 26: 11:30am dismissal
(NO afternoon Extended Day)
Thanksgiving Holidays: (No School)
November 27, 28, and 29
Cultural Club - November date change!
Please note that there is a Cultural Club date change
from November 25th to December 4th !
The December 16th date will remain as planned.
Congratulations to our Tennis Teams!
This season, SJS had 45 student athletes face off against other schools within the Arlington Diocese. At the final match of the season earlier this month, our 4th through 8th grade teams claimed 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place overall in each of their respective categories!

4th/5th Grade won 3rd Place in the Wimbledon I Category (Liam A., Andrew R., Savannah V., Savannah F., Valery R., Ella D., Lucy B., Penelope G., Scarlet A., Sydney A., and Marissa O.)
6th Grade won 5th Place in the US Open I Category (Charlie D., Julia H., Khang Le., Kenneth V., Dinh D., Jack G., Tony S., Mrudu A., Aleksander M., and Luke M.)
7th Grade won 2nd Place in the US Open I Category (Ryan T., Preston M., Gabrielle L., Ava G., Ryan G., Hailey G., Addison H., Maya G., Mateo M., Natalia M., Thomas Q., and Jordan Q.)
8th Grade won 4th Place in the US Open II Category (Sophia A., Elizabeth H., Madison R., Madeline D., Meaghan W., Connor D., Natalia M., Dennis M., Sophia M., Jenny V., Trey C., George K., and Harrison T.)

We are proud of our student athletes for all the hard work and dedication they put forward this season! Special thanks to our fabulous coaches for their support and dedication: Matthew Raikes/Shannon Freeman/Katherine Rivera (4th/5th), Scott Hueseman (6th), Percival Mcarthy (7th), and Chris Abrahams (8th).

Go Saints!
Tip Off Tournament
Let's go Saints!
The CYO Basketball Tip Off Tournament is this weekend!
Show your support and school spirit!
Game Schedule - SATURDAY, November 23rd - 8th Grade Boys
11:10 am St. Joseph (Carrier) v TBD
12:20 pm TBD v St. Timothy (B)
1:30 pm St. Joseph (Carrier) v St. Timothy (B)
2:40 pm St. Joseph (Duffey) v St. Tim's (A)
3:50 pm St. Timothy (A) v St. James
5:00 pm St. Joseph (Duffey) v St. James
DOORS OPEN @ 12:00 am on SUNDAY
Game Schedule - SUNDAY, November 24th - 8th Grade Girls
12:15 pm St. Joseph v TBD 1
1:30 pm TBD 1 v TBD 2
2:45 pm St. Joseph v TBD 2
ADMISSION - Donations to our Food Drive! 
P lease remember your
w hen you arrive at St. Joseph Catholic School
CYO Tip-Off Tournament, Nov. 23-24!!
Sixth Grade Girl Scout Troop 709
will be collecting for
Catholic Charities/The St. Lucy Project. 
 CANNED FRUITS particularly needed!
Book Fair - Winter Wonderland
The theme for the 2019 Book Fair is
Winter Wonderland!

The dates for the Book Fair are Dec. 3-8th.

Volunteers are needed for after school and weekends! Click the link below to help!

Scout Mass - Nov. 26
St Joseph Scout Mass
GIVING THANKS!  Please join St Joseph Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Scouts BSA for Scout Mass on Tuesday, Nov. 26, at the 9:30 school Mass .
We show our thanks to God by sharing the many gifts we have with the needy of the world. All St Joseph Scouts may wear their best uniforms to school this day.
Prayer Leaders
November 25: Jenkins, L. and S.
November 26: Johnson, A. and A.
November 27: NO SCHOOL
November 28: NO SCHOOL
Novmeber 29: NO SCHOOL

December 2: Jones, E.
December 3: Jordan, A.
December 4: Kane, S. and C.
December 5: Kassar, E. and G.
December 6: Kasselian, G.

Prayer leaders are to report to the library no later than 7:50 AM in order to appear on the morning news show. Parents are welcome to watch the live show
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