I heard a report about a bad outbreak of the tummy bug, apparently 9 out of 10 people there suffered from diarrhea...

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Cool new option for BBB sponsors this year!
You can sponsor, and call!, your own game!
To purchase this space, please contact Chamber via email here or 952-469-2020.
What a fun week!
Thank you to the Waffle Bar for making Lakeville your second location's home! We are so excited to have you. They open to the public on Saturday, be sure and check them out!
Welcome WINGS!
Thank you to Wings Financial for hosting an open house and ribbon cutting this week. What a bright and beautiful facility! You need to go check out the virtual teller stations!
The Mark Irving Experience
What a fun kick-off to summer luncheon on Wednesday! We started with a slightly comical hot mess of a game, and ended with an entertaining talk by Mark Irving, Racing Ambassador at Canterbury Park.

We hope you had fun! And, congratulations to Kathryn Forbord for picking the "winning horse" and getting some Twins tickets!
Shelley Jans will be holding down the fort!
Shanen and Krista will be in Madison at a Chamber conference and Jeanne's son is getting married, so we have enlisted the help of Shelley Jans to come back and staff the Chamber office June 10-13.

You can reach Shelley at
952-469-2020 or shelley@lakevillechambercvb.org
Upcoming Events
June 10-13
Shelley Jans will be at the Chamber office, as Shanen and Krista are out at a conference and Jeanne is celebrating her son's wedding!

Friday, June 14
Business Advocacy Meeting
Chamber Office

Monday, June 17
Brenda Kluck starts part-time at the Chamber!

ABS Cleaning Services LLC

To purchase this space, please contact Chamber via email here or 952-469-2020.


I can’t stop thinking about that tenth person who apparently enjoyed it?
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