I think that it is safe to say that we are all ready for a break from Virtual Learning! Our school staff did not "miss a beat" in providing at home learning experiences, our students have been working hard and "giving it their all" and you, parents, have done an outstanding job supporting our efforts.
For starters, this vacation should include limited screen time for our students!
Here are a few Spring Break Stay-cation Ideas .... minus the screens!

  • Go for a walk, bike ride, hike... exercise!
  • Read a book for pleasure!
  • Pray together as a family! (Click here for resources!)
  • Make, create, build (Click here for a few fun STEM activities!)
  • Cook, bake, clean ( Click here to organize a Family Chopped Champion Challenge!)
  • Arrange "zoom playdates" for your children, with their friends... we know they miss each other!
  • Play board games, do puzzles, talk
  • Rest, nap, snuggle!
"Your grace is enough for me, O Lord."
2 Cor. 12

A special opportunity to be spiritually connected....AGAIN ! 

Our next virtual school First Friday Mass will be held on
Friday, May 1st @ 9am!
The Mass will be posted on the parish Facebook page as well as the parish website.
Mass will be posted by 9am.
Please click here to join our parish family in praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet. On Sunday a live streamed Holy Hour and praying of the Divine Mercy Chaplet will take place through the parish FB page.
The graces of Divine Mercy Sunday are so extraordinary that every Catholic should take full advantage of them, especially in these very difficult days...
Jesus, we trust in you!
An easy way to serve others.... that ALL of us can do... while maintaining distance!
Thank you to all of the parents and students who have taken the time to share a picture expressing gratitude and well wishes to health care workers, the elderly, and those who are on the front lines caring for those who are ill.
Please continue to take pictures of signs and smiles over the break!
( All NJHS Positivity videos/pictures can be sent to NJHS co-advisor, Mrs. Shaughnessy @  ashaughnessy@sfxacushnet.com )
If you have not yet secured your child(ren)'s spot for the 2020-2021 school year, the re-registration process has quite recently become a very important task! With St. Margarets and Coyle and Cassidy school closings, we have already had several inquiries not only for the middle school, but for the younger grades as well. Please take the time over vacation to complete the registration process and solidify your seat! Thank you.
For the first time ever, our SEC will meet via zoom on Monday, April 27th @ 6:30pm. Please click here for link to enter zoom call! Our committee will be discussing "what- ifs" in regards to the gala, as well as Teacher Appreciation Week!
Please consider joining us!
We all miss the Morning Announcements and the applause.....
Pre-K 4, Julia Pio 4/20!
8th grader, Garrett Vieira , 4/21!
4th Grader, Sophia Amaral 4/22!
and upon our return.....
3rd Grader, Emma Jacintho 4/28!
Kindergartner, Chloe Martel 4/28!
Asst. Principal, Mrs. Shaughnessy 4/28!
2nd Grader, Kate Moniz 4/29!
Kindergartner, Mason Lopez 4/30!
6th Grader, David Gobern 5/1!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of you!
A huge thank you to our specialists (Mrs. Angeley, Mr. Amaro, and Senora de la Cruz) who continue to provide learning opportunities and creative outlets for our students at home! Mrs. Angeley says,
"Keep the pictures coming!"
Click here to email Mrs. Angeley your artistic masterpieces!
We realize that the days can be quite long with the children at home. The limitations placed on our lives during this time are challenging to say the very least.
Click here f or a Disney medley that will make you chuckle!
Joining hearts.... sharing joy!
We are in incredibly challenging times and children are becoming more anxious and missing their friends. These videos offer some very helpful tips and tricks to face the challenges that we currently face. While the S.E.A.L. Foundation primarily supports Special Education students and their families, these forums are applicable to all parents!