Our next MAP Growth testing window will run from Monday 9/16 through Friday 9/20 .
Grades 6-8 are the next group to test!
Please make sure your middle schoolers are well-rested, on time, and have eaten a healthy breakfast!
Next week-at-a-glance:

Monday- 9/16- Tangerine Chicken Bowl
Tuesday- 9/17- Beefy Nachos w/ Black Beans
Wednesday 9/18- Pizza Bites
Thursday 9/19- French Toast Sticks
Friday 9/20- Cheeseburger
We ran into a little programming issue this week, so statement activity appears as if it's through Tuesday, 9/10, but stmt totals only reflect activity through 9/6. Next week’s stmts will cover 9/9–9/13 and reflect that period's activity. Sorry for any confusion! - Mrs. Reis
"Your grace is enough for me, O Lord."
2 Cor. 12:9 
Will be held on Monday 9/16 @ 9am
Grades K-5 only!
Readers: Allison Bodeau
& Thomas Buss
(Middle school students expected to wear Special Occasion Uniforms this day!)
Thank you to those who were able to attend the Memorial Mass held on 9/11 . We were extremely proud of our school's participation of prayer and support for lives lost on that tragic day 18 years ago. Our continued gratitude to all of our public safety personnel, as well as those in service of our country. God bless America!
House Blessings and/or Crucifix Campaign!
Click here to let us know if you would love to have your house blessed and/or would appreciate having a crucifix for your home... Protect your home and center it in Christ!
As many of you know, our middle school students were asked to be the hands and feet of God this s umm er, by completing a service project. Serving others is essential to our faith and our students take great pride in their efforts for the benefit of others. A few of our middle schoolers took part in assembling Hope Bags for children who are hospitalized this past summer, and the efforts continue! Click here to read about a wonderful service opportunity coming soon to our community and consider attending this event!
Please join me in welcoming Mr. Mitchell Sylvester to our school staff! Mr. Sylvester will serve as a Math Interventionist/ IT Support person this school year. He will be teaching Grade 8 Math, as well as assisting other students in need of reinforcement or reteaching. We are thrilled to have the extra assistance in this area! Click here for a few words from Mr. Sylvester.
The BSHS Theater Company is looking for elementary school students for roles in their Fall performance of Arsenic and Lace . Please click here for more information from Deacon Ouellette, Director.
Today's Friday Folder contains a hard copy outline of fundraising opportunities for the 2019-2020 school year. Please consider these viable options for reducing your family fundraising obligation!
Thank you!
Let the fundraising begin!
Our 8th graders are kicking off their first fundraiser of the year, "Pura Vida with a Purpose" ! More details to come early next week, and bracelets will be sold beginning on Thursday 9/19!
S chool E vents C ommittee
A huge thank you to Shannon Kearney and the many other parent volunteers who helped to make our annual Grandparents' Day Celebration extra special!

SAVE-the DATE- Saturday, September 28th from 1-3pm Family Harvest-fest 2019! Games and fun for the whole family! More details and reservation forms coming next week!

Correction! Next meeting: Monday, Oct. 7th @ 7pm in Library... please join us if you are able!
Items needed for loan for upcoming events:
Large Fall Lawn Decorations
Donated Small Pumpkins
Please click here to let the SEC know how you might be able to help!
Mrs. Angeley is back, and ready to begin an amazing year of creating art! The following items are needed in order for our students to begin their artistic endeavors! If you are able to share any of the following, please send them to school with your child. Thank you in advance for supporting the Arts!
—cardboard, styrofoam, and plastic egg cartons
—ice trays
—plastic containers from yogurt, applesauce, etc.
—buttons, beads, pipe cleaners, pom poms, lace, ribbon, stickers (odds and ends from cleaning out your art supply cabinet!)
—old envelopes and greeting cards
From our Back to School Night feedback postcards from our parents:
"How will I know that the school year is really going well for me and my family?"

"Knowing my child is safe, is happy at school, is learning a lot and maintaining a faith-based positive attitude!"

"The smiles and stories my child comes home with. Knowing she feels like St. Francis is her family is important to us."

"The year is already off to a great start due to the staff changes. Pleased to see the academic focus."

"If my child comes home having more positive days. If her reports of peer interactions are based on kindness."