Our first MAP Growth testing window will run from Tuesday 9/10 through Friday 9/27 .
Grades 3-5 are our first group to test!
Please make sure students are well-rested, on time, and have eaten a healthy breakfast!
Next week-at-a-glance:

Monday- 9/9- Southwestern Beef Bowl
Tuesday- 9/10- Chicken Quesadilla
Wednesday 9/11- Pepperoni Pizza
Thursday 9/12- Grilled Cheese
Friday 9/13- Chicken Patty
**Please note that students will no longer be able to order 'just peanut butter" or "just jelly sandwiches" this year. New Bedford Food Services is now serving an uncrustable peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
"Your grace is enough for me, O Lord."
2 Cor. 12:9 
Will be held on Monday 9/9 @ 9 to celebrate our grandparents!
Readers: Emilia Shaughnessy (7)
& Thomas Clavell (7)
(Middle school students expected to wear Special Occasion Uniforms this day!)
A very special Mass....
Please make an effort to join us if you are able on Wednesday, September 11th at 5::15pm at the church for a Mass remembering the victims of 9/11.
We had a decent attendance last year, but would love to see more students and their families there this year!
(Students should come in uniform to show our school's solidarity-with victims... and will earn a dress down pass)
Our school grotto was blessed today!
As mentioned at Welcome Back Parent Night, this beautifully newly renovated space will open its doors as a place of prayer and devotion to Our Lord. As we reopen our adoration grotto, we need volunteers to help prayerfully supervise the students in this prayer space. Please click here to inform us that you have some time on Tuesdays to sit with our Lord, and pray the rosary with our students!
Thank you!
House Blessings and/or Crucifix Campaign!
Click here to let us know if you would love to have your house blessed and/or would appreciate having a crucifix for your home... Protect your home and center it in Christ!
Grocery Program begins next week! Please send any orders to the office by Thursday morning. If you would like more information on the program, please email Mrs. Reis ( breis@sfxacushnet.com ).

Our Fall Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough sale kicks-off 9/23/19. Please look for order packets in your child's backpacks that day. 

More information on all of this year's fundraising opportunities will be coming in your child's Friday folder in the next 2 weeks. Take advantage of as many as you can to help reduce your family fundraising obligation!

Thanks for your support of our school! Mrs .Reis
S chool E vents C ommittee
MONDAY is Grandparents' Day! Have you RSVP'd???
If not please click here to notify the office of who will be attending the event! Thank you!

In the works : Plans for a daytime Harvest-fest for our kiddos! More info coming VERY soon!
Next meeting: Monday, Oct. 3rd @ 7pm in Library... please join us if you are able!
Items needed for loan for upcoming events:
Corn Hole Game
Large Fall Lawn Decorations Hay bales
Donated Small Pumpkins
Please click here to let the SEC know how you might be able to help!
From our Back to School Night feedback postcards from our parents:
"How will I know that the school year is really going well for me and my family?"

"By seeing that my daughter is feeling confident in her school work, her school routine, her interactions with her peers, and feels connected and protected by God."

"My children will come home excited each day, sharing stories of their time at school."

"See academic progress and have a motivated student."

"I don't get called in for a meeting with the principal." (LOL)