Your Weekly School Update
February 9, 2018
Congratulations to our 7th and 8th graders on their hard work!
This week's adventures...
Another great week was had here at school! With the festivities of Catholic Schools Week in our rearview mirror, we were able to settle into a more normal, consistent schedule and continued academics.

Our middle school students had a chance to shine this past week, as our annual science fair required their personal best! Their projects were very well executed, and we thank our middle school teachers for all of the hard work necessary in preparing students for their participation in the science fair. A special thanks to Mr. Crowell, new to the St. Francis faculty this school year, for planning and orchestrating the opportunity for student choice, exploration and experimentation.

Ash Wednesday is right around the corner, and I gently suggest that this weekend you devote some family time to discuss our Lenten journey with your children. Here at school, we will be completely immersed in the season of Lent, and the commitment to prayer, fasting and almsgiving . Please watch for announcements of our Lenten traditions and devotions and feel free to join us, should your schedule allow.
God bless and have a wonderful weekend!
~Mrs. Russo
Next week's

MONDAY (Feb 12) --
Taco Salad
TUESDAY (Feb 13) --
Sloppy Joe
WEDNESDAY (Feb 14) --
Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
THURSDAY (Feb 15) --Creamed Turkey
FRIDAY (Feb 16) --
Mozzarella Sticks

Attention Middle-School Parents:

Each day next week our 6th-8th grade students will be taking their mid-term exams in the morning. They have been given the schedule and any study guides in advance.

Please be sure your child gets a good night sleep, eats a healthy breakfast, and arrives to school on time each day to ensure the best possible performance on their assessments. Thank you!
If you require any documentation from the school for tax purposes
please EMAIL your request
to Beth in the office at

Financial Aid Application Deadline
The deadline to apply for Financial Aid through the Diocesan FACE Funds is fast approaching and this year they are using an application ONLINE ONLY.

Please join us if you are able 
for our next school Mass as we begin the Lenten season on ASH WEDNESDAY.

February 14, 2018 @ 9am
 (10:30am Mass at the school if we are unable to walk to church)
1st reading: Rebecca A. (7)
2nd reading: Gabrielle O. (8)
Prayers of the Faithful: Amber E. (6)
See many of you this Saturday at the Spaghetti Supper for some great food, a Chinese raffle, and special entertainment from our 5th graders.

Thank you for supporting our School Event Committee events!
Keep collecting those BOX TOPS for our final collection

More information coming soon from our Box Tops Coordinator, Mrs. Cindy Baptiste!
The ADVENTURE begins!
With only 76 days remaining until the Adventure, we ask that you consider the following:
  • What items might you have at home that could serve as auction items?
  • Who might you know that can provide goods or services to our annual event?
This year's Gala Family Challenge has just begun, and we thank the Martel, Almeida, Pereira, Borba, and Teixeira families for their participation!
Here's what's happening......
  • Gr. 4-8 ART CLUB with Miss Wilson continues on MONDAY!!
  • Instructional Basketball- Our BOYS session has one more make-up day next Tuesday 2/13! GIRLS final instructional session is scheduled for 2/16!
  • CHORUS with Miss Cournoyer will be on TUESDAYS from 2:55-3:30pm...please note the change of day!
  • NJHS Tutoring both WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY after school!
  • BOOK CLUB WITH MRS. BENTLEY on book! Pay It Forward
Mark your Calendar...
and tell Grandparents!

Mrs. Russo will offer a LAST CHANCE CORI training session here at St. Francis on Wednesday, February 28th at 7:00pm.

If you haven't been trained yet, and you want to be a chaperone on any of the Spring Field Trips, you must come!
Fly on the Wall...heard from the hall!
Daily dismissal time allows for casual conversations like the following:
 Me: "Hey, (insert child's name here)! How was your day today?"
Student: "It was alright."
Me: "Alright? Really? Is that all it was? What did you learn today?"
Student: "Nothing much. Nothing new. It just seems like we keep learning the same thing over and over."