Your Weekly School Update
March 2, 2018
"Oh, the places you'll go!" when you're on a great adventure!
This week's adventures...
Welcome back from a well-deserved week away from school!  It is always so great to be reunited with our students and staff after February vacation. Some sun-kissed (and many well-rested) faces filled the hallways this week, smiling to see their school family once again. Let's remain hopeful that the happiness remains, as we hit the ground running with our academic responsibilities!

Our students jumped right back in to their studies, putting forth best efforts and making certain any missing assignments were completed. The numerous absences due to illnesses experienced before the break, left many students scrambling with make up work and midterm exams. Everyone should be caught up with their responsibilities very soon, and we can finish out the second trimester strong! Students will also be sharpening their test taking skills this month, as they prepare for our standardized testing set for the first two weeks of April. Perseverance and hard work will be at the forefront of all that we do in the coming month.... from keeping our Lenten promises, to maintaining our academic expectations!

Please stay well informed by frequently visiting our website, and reading all school correspondences! We will engage in numerous opportunities for prayer, fasting and almsgiving during this holy season of Lent... let's continue this journey together!

Please be safe in this wild weather. God bless and have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs. Russo
Parents, just a reminder:

at-a-glance when we return:

MONDAY (Mar 5) --Hot dog
TUESDAY (Mar 6) --Chicken Nuggets
WEDNESDAY (Mar 7) --French Toast Sticks
THURSDAY (Mar 8) --Chicken Drumstick
FRIDAY (Mar 9) --Pizza Square

2nd Trimester Grades 
close next
Thursday, March 8th!

Report cards for Gr. 1-8 will be sent via email on Tuesday, 
March 20th. (Only Kindergarten will receive a hard copy.) 

Please join us if you are able 
for our next school Mass.

March 5, 2018 @ 9am
 (PS3-Grade 8 attending; weather permitting)

Grades 6-8 should wear special occasion uniforms.

Tonight @ St. Francis Xavier parish
"Do not be afraid when LOVE requires SACRIFICE."
 ~St. John Paul II
Next Friday, March 9th we will pray the Stations of the Cross together in the gym @ 1:30pm.
If you can, come a little earlier and join our school community in special devotions on the Friday's of Lent throughout March.
SEC Announcements
Please consider joining us as we discuss Gala details, Pi Day, and Teacher Appreciation Week 2018!
**A fun Italian Night was planned in February
The ADVENTURE is coming quickly!
With only 57 days remaining until the Adventure... here's what's happening!

Gala Family Challenge entries continued this pa st week, and in addition to the Martel, Almeida, Pereira, Borba, and Teixeira, Miller, Amaral, Borges and Shurtleff families, we add the Melendez, Ashley, Girourd, Baptiste, Vieira, and Hinkley, Hamel and Gonsalves families to our THANK YOU list!
Your participation is greatly appreciated!


CLICK HERE for a special "What is the Gala?" video explanation of this awesome fundraising event!
K-5 Family STEM Challenge Night
March 14th

Come take the 3.14 Challenge!

Together we raised $20,167.54!
Please extend our gratitude to your
Fun Run Donors!
They can visit our photo gallery to see what fun we had.

30 chromebooks were ordered, have arrived at the school, and are ready to be put to use in the coming weeks.  
It has also initiated our fundraising efforts and Call of the Heart 2018 for a new playground that is safe for our students. 
THANK YOU for your support!
There's LOTS happening look below......
  • NEW SESSION Gr. 4-8 ART CLUB with Miss Wilson starts this coming here to sign up!!
  • CHORUS with Miss Cournoyer is on TUESDAYS from 2:55-3:30pm.
  • MARCH K-3 CUPCAKE CLUB, March here for the flyer to sign up.
  • NJHS Tutoring both WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY after school!
  • Instructional Basketball- GIRLS have ONE FINAL session, taking place on FRIDAY, MARCH 9th!!
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in one book.

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Fly on the Wall... heard from the hall:
During classroom walkthroughs on Monday morning, I entered the second grade classroom to find the students in partners, preparing to go to confession, by practicing with a peer. As I came upon a particular duo, I leaned in a bit closer to hear, and one witty 2nd grader said:
"Don't worry, Mrs. Russo. When we get to the part when we tell our sins, we just say, " Blah, blah, blah ," so they don't know what our sins really are."