Dear Grace Family,

What do we do when we have doubts about our faith? Do we feel safe enough to engage those doubts, wrestle with them, and then admit to other Christians that we are struggling and unsure? I'm not sure we feel church is a safe place to admit our doubts. Maybe some will think we've "lost our faith." Maybe they'll think it's contagious.

For some faith may be one long continuous straight upward line... My faith isn't so straight and it's not continuously upward. It actually looks a lot like the ups and downs of the Stock Market. Honest doubts are normal and natural for most of us. And honesty about honest doubts should be a valued part of the fabric of life at Grace of Christ. When we admit that, live that, and support each other in the midst of our doubts, we find ourselves in good company, God's company too. 

Many of the heroes of faith in the Bible struggled with doubts. The Psalms are brutally honest about doubt (read Psalm 73). The disciple Thomas had his doubts... actually all the disciples did. And our person of focus this Sunday, the great John the Baptist, had doubts too. Good news! God is patient with doubters, He loves doubters, He welcomes doubters. May we here at Grace do the same!

In Christ,
Pastor Curt
God Is Monumental
VBS 2022
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Our May Fireside chat with the pastors is rescheduled for this Sunday. We invite you to grab a cup of coffee following the service and join them in the Fireside Room!
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Note for Parents

Cloudy with a Chance of God is designed for families and children to learn more about the story of Noah. Families will journey through four chapters of the book of Genesis and discover the promise God makes with His people.

This resource includes the following:
  • 4 Family Devotions (1 per week)
  • 4 Games (1 per week)
  • 4 Crafts (1 per week)
  • 4 Family Snack Ideas based on Noah and the Ark (1 per week)

When is a good time to do these activities each week?
Use it on Saturday or Sunday and do all activities for that week in one day.
Or spread out the activities over the whole week. For example, you could read the devotion before school one morning. Then another day do the craft, next day game, next day make the snack.
Spending time together in God's Word as a family is so important. Once you create this habit, your children will want to do it every day, and they will remind you if you miss a day! These habits will hopefully form in your children a love of God's Word that will stay with them throughout their lives. You are building a foundation of God and His love into your children by spending time together in His Word.
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