It's hard to imagine that 20 years ago, Saturday, I sat in stunned silence watching the terror attacks unfold in real time in New York City, in Washington D.C. and a third downed plane in Pennsylvania. I was at Ghormley with no TV in our home. I walked (ran) to Evergreen Hall and turned on the camp's only TV. If you are of a certain age you were likely viewing the same scenes, and tearfully wondering how evil and hatred had come so far and reached so close. The fear of that morning has diminished but the memories and uncertainties linger. Ever since, when I wake up, I turn to some news source hoping that no catastrophic evil has crashed into our lives.

And then I reflect on another event, 2000 years ago, that had a much more profound effect on my life, and on this world. It was 1 death, not 2,777. Although Sept 11, 2001 made me more apprehensive ... the death by crucifixion of Jesus Christ brought renewed meaning and confidence to each morning and day I live. Jesus Christ alone provides power and peace that is much greater than the hatred unleashed that one morning two decades ago. I'll go further ... Jesus Christ alone provides the strength we need in the face of all of the horrible acts of evil and injustice throughout history. Whatever today or tomorrow brings ... Jesus Christ and Him alone, will bring us through. As we enter a new Fall sermon series focused on lessons found in letters written to the first century Corinthian church, we'll find those lessons are for us too. Lesson 1: Christ Alone! 
Join us downstairs after the service
for hotdogs, chips & watermelon
in the gym or on the north lawn.
Even the Seahawks game will be on the Big Screen!
starts Sept 15 with dinner at 6pm in the gym
and activities for all ages at 6:45.
Kids will gather in the KidZone room on the 2nd floor
and our Youth will kickoff Youth Group with a carnival on the south lawn.

Please RSVP for childcare which is available from 6-8:30p

There are two options for adults:
Pastor Curt will lead a study on the life & works of CS Lewis in the chapel.
A women's study will offer a Beth Moore video teaching on Esther
in the Lounge. Workbooks are available in the Garden Room.
Women's Ministry
Bells Will Be Ringing!
We are looking to expand our Handbell program to more frequent participation in worship and regular weekly rehearsals. Are you interested? Looking for experienced AND inexperienced ringers. Music reading recommended, and helpful, but not required. It’s a fun way to learn music! Contact Julie Hunziker (530)209- 4329 or Join the Fun!
You can now sign in at the Family table in the Garden Room Sunday mornings! For more information contact Sarah
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