For the past three Sundays we have focused on the importance of Christian stewardship. Stewardship is defined as "How we take care of what we have." Everything we have has been given to us: the education we received, what we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, our health, our friendships and loves, the family we enjoy... or don't, our talents and abilities, all of our stuff, our mind and memories, even time itself. 100% of what we have has been given to us by the One who created us... and loves us.

It is of absolute importance that we remember, and thank, the source of who we are and what we have. If we forget that everything we have that's good is God given our life loses balance, our focus turns inward, our priorities get twisted, our relationships become a commodity. 

And so, as part of our Christian stewardship, we reflect, we think, we pray. We ask God for strength and courage. We want to give freely, generously, to meet the real needs of real people because that is How God lived out His life among us. We should not give if we feel forced or guilty, that harms not helps our soul.
Intentional Christian stewardship helps us remember who we are and why we are. Christian stewardship helps keep our perspective clear and our priorities in order. We take care of what we've been given, and we offer a portion of what we have and entrust it to God. 

Stewardship helps us avoid the dangers of getting too attached to the things we have.

This Sunday passage will offer practical steps in how we give. It's a personal decision. It's a faith decision. It's a community commitment. Here at Grace we seek to love and serve God and others together. Where is God leading us? Somewhere good. Somewhere exciting.
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Spend the month of November helping instill gratitude into your children!

The Great Gratitude Feast involves three challenges each day for families to do together in the month of November: read Scripture, write Scripture, and pile on gratitude. This resource will help your children focus on the Bible as they read 30 verses about thanking and praising God. And it will also help them memorize Scripture as they write it down. Then, your family will be able to pile their plates with gratitude every night as yousit down for dinner. You will spend the of November feasting on the Word of God!

I hope your family enjoys The Great Gratitude Feast!
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