This Sunday we join together in one service to demonstrate our unity as a church (we do this from time to time), and to remember the reason Jesus entered into our world. Jesus came to: proclaim good news to the poor, proclaim freedom to those being held captive, to restore sight to the blind, to release those oppressed, and to proclaim the time of God’s favor. 

The church does not exist to ensure its own survival. God will take care of that. The church exists for this same purpose: to proclaim the Good News of God, helping others meet Jesus, who is the only source of real and lasting healing and freedom. Together at Grace we want to live this out in both spiritual and practical ways as we seek to Love God and Love Others. This morning we are taking a very tangible step as we proclaim God’s favor, and ask Him to clear away obstacles littering our path. When we fail others, and ourselves, we confess those failings and ask for God’s good favor. He offers us forgiveness and mercy and that leads to the freedom He intends. This is for us, for our community, for the world. Good News!
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In Memory Of
Charlotte MacKenzie
Service held at Grace of Christ Church
Saturday, January 15 at 2pm

Pat Park
Service held at Grace of Christ Church
Saturday, January 29 at 11am
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Note To Parents
Blast Off is designed for families and children to learn more about being an "out of this world" witness for Jesus. This month we will be focusing on four stories from the New Testament that show us how to be witnesses for Jesus.
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