Words of Encouragement From Fr. Tom
Recently the trusty yellow USB cable I have used to charge a multitude of devices has developed a fault. The micro-USB connector is a little bit wobbly. It it still connects, but it has to be plugged in just the right way. If the device is knocked, it does not work. So, it is destined for the recycling bin at Best Buy.

I find it hard to get rid of things, even items that I think I could fix if I had the time you only have to ask my wife. Moving across the Atlantic did make me slightly better at letting go as I had to decide what was necessary and important to bring into the USA.

As we continue in the new reality that we find ourselves, I have been reflecting on what is important and what I could get rid of. I know I have not been in my study for many weeks, I don’t think that I could bring myself to get rid of my books, yet.

We are all still processing the disruption that this pandemic has brought to the world. Things that we took for granted are just not possible now. They may not be for a very long time. What we once thought was essential, maybe is not so important.

When we find a moment to stop, t his time we find ourselves in is allowing us to consider the question: “What is essential in our life?”

I wonder what you have found to be truly essential over the past weeks?

My own answer has come though carving out moments of quiet, and in those moments, I have noticed the little habits that I have that distract me in my relationship with Jesus. That 10 th  verse of Psalm 42 is still going around my head: "Be still and know that I am God."

My answer is, it is worship that I have found to be truly essential. It is the loss of what was our corporate worship that has highlighted this.

We have had to respond in new ways as the Church, including our worship, but God’s Love for us is still constant. The hope that we have in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is still the same, how we express it may have changed. The Love of God that we share with those around us is still the same, just expressed in different ways.

In my time of worshipping God, I give thanks for all that you are doing in this time.

God bless

Tom +

  • Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the coffee hour after the service on Sunday, that we are making it available to the Church again. Please contact Laurie at Laurie@csmsg.org or Fr. Tom at Talbinson@csmsg.org with questions or for the Zoom "coffee hour" information.

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