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Friday the 13 th
Full Moon Meditation-Activation
Greetings Dear One ~

How Exciting is this, we are so very gifted by the Light of the Full Moon and the Essence of 13, the Divine Feminine Frequency and more .

The Energy of this Experience is Doubled on this Date

Not only is this date the 13 t h and the Full Moon , it is 9.13 which is 9+1+3=13 , so no matter how we whirl around, we will be Found in the Frequency of 13 !!!

We lovingly Embrace the Energy of 13 , whereas some fear it. As we begin to Erase False beliefs and listen to our Soul and Spirit, we begin to Embody the loving, kind and gentle Energy that this Frequency of 13 offers.   

We are going to be delivered some very powerful New Energy into our Embodiment's , as we Experience the Ethereal Light as a gift of Love.  

With the heightened Energy that this Full Moon will deliver, we will be given a potent vial of Love that will help us to get up and get moving, to invite family and friends to frolic and play, and to say ‘hey’ to the neighbors, who are out bathing and basking in the Flow of this same Frequency that the Mother Moon will pour upon us with her Divine and giving Light .  

We will be showered with a Double Dose of this Divine Alchemy , while getting an Amazing Peek into the doorway of 13 , as we Remember and Awaken while propelling ourselves even further, keeping this Amazing momentum of Light streamlining through our daily Life. 

Full Moon Meditation-Activation's create a powerful energy that invokes New Light into the Embodiment’s System, which creates and stimulates New Energy and Blessings to the individual and Soul Groups participating.

During this Friday the 13 th Full Moon Meditation-Activation , Mary will serve as a Guide and a Conduit to help bring forth the messages and energy for the Experience. As a Receiver and a Transmitter, she intones Light Language as a Sacred Expression and a Co-Connection to the Higher Planes of our Existence.  

Please Join us in this REMOTE Friday the 13 th Full Moon Meditation-Activation .

What:                  Remote
                            Friday the 13th Full Moon Meditation-Activation
(with a  Guided Meditation Audio-Activation Recording )  

When:                  Friday, September 13 th , 2019

Where:              In the Privacy of your  OWN  space

Time:                  9:00 p.m. ( YOUR TIME )

NOTE**                IF you are not available at this hour, you may still participate and receive the  Guided Meditation Audio-Activation Recording , and listen when you are able to do so. 

Cost:                         Donation
Mary Martin Medium