Being Sanctuary
Sunday, October 20, 10 am
ARTChurch with Christina Chang @ Sanctuary UCC
"Humble Satisfaction"
The Parable of the Pharisee and the Publican
As we continue in this green, growing time of the Season after Pentecost, we take time to remind ourselves that one of God’s promises is the promise of presence. We can so easily make a life of faith about our doing and forget that God is with us regardless of how much we do. God’s faithfulness is not dependent on our own faithfulness but is the inspiration for it. This week, we read about God’s presence and the satisfaction that is found when we come to recognize it.
We will look for the presence of God in Christina's work and wonder how we might find satisfaction in our humble experience of the Holy.
Rev. Tom Gerstenlauer will guide our ARTChurch with artist, Christina Chang's beautiful, contemporary paintins.
Prayer for the this Sunday
God, your presence surrounds us, but we do not always recognize it. Sometimes we see it in a grand moment. Other times, your presence is in the small moments of the day. This day, however, help us to recognize that your presence is with us and even in us. Help us to see your presence in the places we rarely look for it and help us to be immersed deeply in those spaces. Amen.
Annual Trick or Treating
Friday, October 25 (3 - 5)
@ Sanctuary in West Medford Square
Please Volunteer to Help
This is a wonderful opportunity to share Messy Church with hundreds of parents in our neighborhood.

Can you help share candy and an invitation to Messy Church?

West Medford Halloween Block Party
Sanctuary Needs Volunteer Team
We are currently without a volunteer team to participate in the block party.
Rev. Wendy is away and no volunteers have been identified to take on our presence at the block party. It would be a great opportunity to share the vision of the Micro Food Pantry and collect food and donations to support that ministry while offering our bathroom as respite but we need some church members to volunteer. Can you take this on?
Food Ministry Opportunities
Medford Micro Food Pantry Mission.
Planning Meeting #3
Wed, Oct 30, 6:30 @ Sanctuary
rescheduled due to Yom Kippur
Join the team!
Such great people doing such great ministry!!
Installation #3 this weekend at Wesley UMC.
There are four additional new sites being considered... we are looking for carpenters, donations, sponsors and partners to build, fill, and cover the cost of the pantries. Got ideas? Join us!!
Gather with Sanctuary/Hillside's Food Ministry Team to continue to effort to spread the love through Medford's Micro Food Pantry mission.

If you can't make the meeting but want to join the team send Rev. Wendy your email address and we will add you to the list!
and Personal Care Items
West Medford Parking lot,
Sanctuary UCC at 458 High Street (rear of bldg)
Please let your neighbors and friends know that this resource is available.
Upcoming Sanctuary and Community Meetings
Administrative Notices
Cancelled - October Ministry Listening Circle (4th Tuesday)
Medford Micro-Food Pantry Planning Meeting #3
Wednesday, October 30 @ Sanctuary, 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Updated Church Office Hours:
Beginning Tues, Oct. 15 for several weeks - former admin Alex Wang will return
Alex Wang Hours (admin): Tues, Wed, Thurs (11 to 4)
Charmaine Lee Hours (finance) Tues & Thurs (3:30 to 6:30); Saturday (9 to noon)
Rev. Wendy Out-of-Town:
Vacation - 10.14 through 10.21; Education - 10.22 through 10.27.
Pastoral Emergencies - Contact Liz Douglass or Tom Hathaway
MACUCC / SE-UCC Annual Meeting
Nov 1 - 2 in Worchester
Can you help?
Attend this historic gathering and represent Sanctuary as Delegate?!
The keynote speaker for this historic gathering will be  Valarie Kaur , founder of the Revolutionary Love Project. Kaur is a Sikh racial justice activist, civil rights lawyer, award-winning filmmaker, educator and author of Revolutionary Love.
Contact Rev. Wendy or Register
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