Important Updates
A Message From Rev. Byron Leasure

This is a message to simply remind you of a few things that we feel are important at this time. We find ourselves in strange times that raise our anxieties, because they force us to look at our powerlessness. I had to buy milk yesterday and saw a lot of people who might, or might not, be carrying germs around the store. I was reminded that no matter how strong my immune system, how many gloves or masks I wear, or what other precautions I take I am still vulnerable. Ultimately, I have to rely on the grace of God to get me through these strange times. 
That’s where we all stand right now. Things can be really scary right now if you focus only on the scary. This is a time to take all the precautions in the world. And also trust totally in the grace of God. 
This is a time to increase your spiritual life: more prayer, more reflection, more Bible study time. Read John 1:1-8 and ask yourself where the light is shining in all this darkness. In the midst of the stress and chaos, look around for the light and remember that promise; the darkness never overcomes the light. No matter how stressful and chaotic life might be right now, the light will always shine.

Rev. Byron
A Message From Elder Paul Gish on Stewardship
Fellow FPCC Members & Friends,

As you may have heard, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, in-person Sunday worship has been suspended for the month of March. However, the basic financial obligations of the church, including salaries, utilities, and maintenance continue. To help cover these expenses, the Stewardship team urges members to continue with their weekly pledges and offerings by mailing their checks to the church at 11 Springfield Ave, Cranford NJ 07016 at your earliest convenience. You can also make a pledge payment, fulfill your per capita commitment of $45 per member, or make an offering or donation to FPCC by using the following link: Give On-Line Here .

The First Presbyterian Church of Cranford continues our worship services online. In addition, our church teams, Deacons, and Session are well into the process of laying out and executing plans for helping those most at need in our community during this trying time. Please visit us on social media and stay tuned for future email communication. 

With best wishes for you and your family,

Paul Gish 
Elder, Stewardship Team  

A Message from the Clerk of Session
Hello Members and Friends,

The Elizabeth Presbytery has been conducting weekly conference calls to check in and share information on how congregations are coping with worship and ministry. Our Transitional Pastor, Leigh Gillis and I have both been participating and keeping Session updated.

There are resources available on the Elizabeth Presbytery's Website regarding COVID updates. There will also be links to daily devotions. Pastor Leigh has a Facebook page, Pastor’s Ponderings with inspirational messages.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me, or 908-370-7647.

The Deacons are handling pastoral care concerns. Please contact Deacon Amy Aaroe, at or by phone at 908-403-5321.

In Christ,
On behalf of Session, Donna Graziano, Clerk
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