Greetings! we are pleased to present your First Presbyterian Church of Green Bay September 2020 newsletter.
As was announced in church in recent weeks, your Pastor Nominating Committee is pleased to report that we made a unanimous recommendation to Session to call a new pastor which Session has unanimously approved, and that our candidate has accepted!

There is much to be done between now and September 20, when our candidate is scheduled to preach a call sermon and be voted upon by the congregation. Presbytery rules require that we maintain confidentiality regarding the candidate’s identity at this time, but you will receive a full report and biography the week of September 15.

Of course, the COVID-19 situation has greatly complicated this entire process. Session, the PNC, staff, and the IT subcommittee are all working hard to come up with solutions that will allow the congregation to participate either in person or virtually for all events that weekend. This includes improved audio and video for the service and other events as well as having the ability to vote on the call remotely.
We anticipate that means that you will need to sign up for seating on September 20 in order to ensure that appropriate social distancing can be maintained. Details will be forthcoming. While it would be great for as many of you as possible to meet the candidate in person, we want to make it super easy for those who feel more comfortable to participate virtually to be able to do so.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.

Bruce Deadman, on behalf of the PNC
Our Beautiful New Doorway!
Thank you to Gene Reynolds who facilitated the donation of the windows, and to Dave Solper for heading up the committee to determine placement and arrange for installation.
Our Elders and Deacons
Installations, Ordinations, and Appreciation

Congratulations and Thank You! We recently celebrated the installation and ordination of Elders and Deacons. Congratulations to those newly elected as Elders: David Anderson, Ross Early, and Pat McCormick; and as Deacons: Jacki Jensen, Melissa Peters, and Sara Bostedt. Thank you to Bruce Deadman, who will be serving another one-year term as an elder; as well as Judy Exl and Lisa Solper, who have agreed to serve another term as Deacons.

We also celebrated the installation of Ross Early as an Elder; and the ordination of Jacki Jensen and Melissa Peters as Deacons; as well as the ordination of David Anderson and Pat McCormick as Elders. Thank you to Mary Ginnebaugh and Deb Schober as they rotate off Session as Elders. Thank you as well as to Sandy Deadman, Devin Wellner, and Zach Wittman for their service as Deacons. We very much appreciate the generosity all of you in serving the congregation.

Thank you also to Pastor Susan Zencka from Frame Memorial Presbyterian Church in Stevens Point who officiated the Installations and Ordinations remotely.
AV Ad Hoc Committee Submits Recommendation; Session Taking Action
Jay Rietz, Outgoing Chairperson

You should recall the Session commissioned an Ad Hoc committee with marching orders to review existing, then further develop plans regarding increased audio/visual (AV) technology at First Presbyterian Green Bay. I agreed to chair the committee and was pleased that Lisa Olsen, Russ Christensen, Mary Steeno, Pete Blashka and Bruce Deadman agreed to serve.

Our first business item was to identify what type of system would best suit the needs and preferences of the congregation. A variety of options were considered. They included monitors suspended from the balcony on the left and right sides of the sanctuary, projection against the wall to the sides of the Christ window, and, the option that we unanimously selected; a descending screen.

The descending screen option gained our favor for two primary reasons. First, it is only deployed at that time of need, and therefore does not permanently change the look and feel of our worship space. Second, the screen and laser projection technology offers better resolution and brilliance than competing monitor systems. Our descending screen option would be a retractable 78” x 139” screen suspended by wires; as such, it gives the impression of hovering in space. When not needed the screen can retract back into its stowed position above the altar and behind the facade that currently accommodates our various spotlights. Significantly, our present overly complex and finicky audio system will be replaced as part of the worship space projection system. This summer, the session received this recommendation along with our preferred vendor bid-for-purchase contract quotations from Camera Corner Connecting Point (CCCP). Like the Ad Hoc committee, the Session voted unanimous approval.

The second, concurrent, item of business was the consideration of recording and broadcast options. The Ad Hoc committee asked CCCP to develop this quote as well, with emphasis on system integration. It's important the cameras and computers of the recording and broadcast system work and play well with the worship space AV projection system. 2020 events happened. Now we have a more pressing need for the broadcast components...they've been approved for immediate purchase. Too, the funding for the broadcast system is available as a previously awarded Greater Green Bay Foundation grant for exactly this type of community broadcast of our worship.

Of the total system, most of the cost is in the worship space projection system. I'll leave it to Session to communicate the remaining financial need. The congregation has some justifiably impatient but reasonable supporters who were ready to help fund a project like this over a year ago.

A few weeks ago, the AV Ad Hoc committee, having fulfilled its charter, asked the session for and gained dismissal. Some members of the session wish the committee would have “stayed on” to see the system through; perhaps to get it all up and running. Being personally sensitive to “mission creep”, I railed against that. But the point is well taken. First Presbyterian will now need to significantly grow its communications and marketing committee...or stand up a new committee...with the talent and resource to reliably put this system into service. Please volunteer to that service if God has given you talents.

On behalf of my committee friends, I thank you for the opportunity to steer this initiative. Pray we use this ability (and all our undertakings) foremost to give Glory to God, to proclaim His Word as Trustworthy and Sufficient, and to always Proclaim the Saving Gospel of Jesus Christ that the world may know more of Him and less of itself.
Guest Pastors
September 6, 13, 20, & 27

Thank you to our guest pastors who have agreed to provide the sermon for each of the following Sundays.
  • September 6 - Corday Goddard
  • September 13 - Ken Sann
  • September 20 - New pastor candidate
  • September 27 - Corday Goddard
Thank you to Mary Steeno for making these arrangements. We really appreciate each of our guest pastors who provide us with their enlightening thoughts and words.
Worship Resources
on our Website

We are making sure you know about the worship resources being available on the church website, In particular that the bulletins are posted each week so that online worshipers can follow along at home (under Worship with Us), as well as videos of the service, and more also under that section of the site.
Sunday Fellowship on ZOOM
11:00 a.m.

We are happy to be able to continue to provide a way for First Pres members to "get together and talk" online via Zoom. You received an email from Connie on 7/17 with the information for the upcoming Fellowship Sundays at 11:00 a.m. FYI, the Devotional Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. have been cancelled. Those who don't have the ability to go online will still be able to call in with the information provided. We hope that you will join us for the next best thing to being able to gather in person. It is great to see people's faces or hear their voices! (Marj Krause Crowl is on the phone in the photo.)
Pantry Requests

For September, the Pantry volunteers are requesting donations of Hunt's meat-flavored in cans (no jars please.) If you would prefer to make a monetary donation, checks sent to the office should be made out to Presbyterian Pantry of Green Bay, or donations online ( should have the Pantry noted as the fund to which you are donating. You can also support the pantry through Amazon Smile: Shop at and AmazonSmile donates to the Presbyterian Pantry of Green Bay! Thank you!
New Pantry Procedures Continue
September 8 & 22

The Pantry will continue to operate as it has during the pandemic, with changes in how the groceries are provided to our guests. The procedures will continue: everything will be pre-bagged and distributed at the entrance to the door on Howard St on normal pantry days (2nd and 4th Tuesdays, September 8 & 22 from 10 am to noon.) This provides for the least amount of person-to-person contact, as guests will pick up the bag(s) on the sidewalk table and bring them to their vehicles.
FMSC - the Need is Greater Now More than Ever

Due to COVID-19, Feed My Starving Children has suspended all MobilePacks through February 2021. Although the FMSC Green Bay MobilePack will not take place this fall due to coronavirus, there is still an urgent need to raise money to feed people all around the world. The World Food Program estimates that 265 million people could be on the brink of starvation due to the effects of COVID-19. By God's grace, meals will continue to be packed by machine or by FMSC staff at one of the stand-alone packing sites in Minnesota.

The Green Bay MobilePack, which is made up of a partnership of 11 area churches, has set a goal of raising $125,000 so that a half-million meals can be packed and shipped all over the world to those that truly need it. Approximately 1/3 of the funds have been raised to date. The deadline to donate is October 31, 2020. Please keep FMSC and starving children in your prayers and consider a gift to FMSC through our church if you are able. Thank you on behalf of children everywhere!
Thank you to Rose Schumacher

With restrictions regarding singing because of COVID still firmly in place, there is no projected date for the return of choir rehearsals or performances. Knowing this, Bob Nickel had the sad responsibility to let our accompanist, Rose, know that she will not be needed until further notice. Since no projected return date is in place, we are unsure whether or not Rose will be available to us when we gather again.

For a young person, Rose has truly embraced the responsibility of accompanying our group. Some of our anthems were not easy, and her diligence in preparing the accompaniments for us was appreciated. She did a great job! Thank you Rose!

If you'd like to contact Rose, please feel free. Her contact information is printed below.

Rose Schumacher
4525 North New Franken Road
New Franken, WI 54229
Financial Report
September Birthdays
3rd - Benjamin McCormick;
Linda Michael; Nancy Siewert

4th - Patti Kabacinski

7th - Connie Early

10th - Sarah Arcand

13th - Gabrielle Minor

14th - David Anderson; Lisa Escott

15th - Melvin Collins; Kevin Kabacinski;
A.J. Walker
16th - Bryan Ryder; Tammy Schober

17th - Hannah Bauer; Wes Michael

18th - Jessica Kabicinski;
Wyatt Stenson; Jon Tessier
23rd - Lacy Schimmel;
Brandt Schoffelman

25th - Duber Aceituno; Kristen Alger;
Sara Bostedt; Donna Jansen

26th - Jody Minor