Greetings! we are pleased to present your First Presbyterian Church of Green Bay October 2020 newsletter.
Welcome our new Pastor, Reverend Katie Estes

A ministry that is relational and collaborative is how Pastor Katie described the congregation to which she believes God is calling her. “I am passionate about good experiences of faith formation for all ages and stages and would love to lead in a community that embraces intergenerational understanding of worship, education, and service.”

We feel blessed that she was called to us! Welcome and blessings Pastor Katie!
After she preached a call sermon on September 20, the congregation quickly voted to welcome Pastor Katie to First Pres as our new pastor. She will need to wrap things up with the church at which she has been co-pastor for 19 years in Saint Paul, MN. No fears that she might be a Vikings fan as she has let us know that she and her son DeShawn are die-hard Packers fans!

Once Pastor Katie is able to let us know a date she will arrive, we will communicate that with you. We know that you will make her and her daughter and son (pictured) feel very welcome here, even though the pandemic continues to limit what we are able to do in person. As Pastor Katie says, "While COVID-19 makes so much of our church life together different or challenging, I am certain that God has abundant blessings in store for us still. Let’s discover them together!"
Guest Pastors
October 4, 11, 18, 25

Until Pastor Katie is able to join us, we continue to express our appreciation to our guest pastors who have agreed to provide the sermon for each of the following Sundays.

-October 4 - Bruce Deadman
-October 11 - Ken Sann
-October 18 - Ken Sann
-October 25 - Nancy Siewert

Thank you to Mary Steeno for making these arrangements. We really appreciate each of our guest pastors who provide us with their enlightening thoughts and words.
Sunday Worship
10:00 a.m.

First Pres is continuing to meet for Worship in our Sanctuary on Sunday mornings at 10 am (with masks and safe distancing to protect each other.) More of our church family join us through live streaming here on Facebook.

If you ever miss the live stream, the recordings of the services are available on our Facebook page ( under "videos" or on our website at: It's so wonderful that we can worship together in so many ways! If you are not going to be joining us at the church, you can still follow along on the bulletin, which is also on our website at: Join us!
Sunday Fellowship on ZOOM
11:00 a.m.

We are happy to be able to continue to provide a way for First Pres members to "get together and talk" online via Zoom. You received an email from Connie on 8/13 with the information for the Fellowship Sundays at 11:00 a.m. Those who don't have the ability to go online will still be able to call in with the information provided. We hope that you will join us for the next best thing to being able to gather in person. (If you need it resent, please ask Connie ASAP.) It is great to see people's faces or hear their voices! (Marj Krause Crowl is on the phone in the photo.)
Sunday School
New Format

Sunday School is happening in a different format at this time, with pages of the curriculum sent with an email to parents for each week. If there are any parents who want to submit their email addresses to be included in the Sunday School emails, please do so by emailing Brenda at In general, Sunday School is for pre-K through 5th grade.
FMSC Fundraiser

Due to COVID-19, Feed My Starving Children has suspended all MobilePacks through February 2021. In an effort to help cover cost of meals being packed at FMSC Headquarters, Deacons are offering face masks as a fundraiser. 

They will be available for sale at church, or you can contact Holly Gehri. Suggested donation of $5 with all proceeds going to FMSC. Purchase of one mask will feed a child for about a week! Holly has made the masks in children's and adult's sizes and she said larger masks can be made to order.

The World Food Program estimates that 265 million people could be on the brink of starvation due to the effects of COVID-19. Please keep FMSC and starving children in your prayers and consider a gift to FMSC through our church if you are able. The deadline to donate is October 31, 2020. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.
New Pantry Procedures Continue
October 13 & 27

The Pantry will continue to operate as it has during the pandemic, with changes in how the groceries are provided to our guests. The procedures will continue: everything will be pre-bagged and distributed at the entrance to the door on Howard St on normal pantry days (2nd and 4th Tuesdays, October 13 and 27 from 10 am to noon.) This provides for the least amount of person-to-person contact, as guests will pick up the bag(s) on the sidewalk table and bring them to their vehicles. Note that MASKS are REQUIRED, as well as the 6 foot distancing.
Pantry Requests

For October, the Pantry volunteers are requesting donations of spaghetti. If you would prefer to make a monetary donation, checks sent to the office should be made out to Presbyterian Pantry of Green Bay, or donations online ( should have the Pantry noted as the fund to which you are donating. You can also support the pantry through Amazon Smile: Shop at and AmazonSmile donates to the Presbyterian Pantry of Green Bay! Thank you!
Tank Thanks FPC

A great big thank you from Tank Elementary School for the Back to School supplies you all donated! While we couldn't get a photo of children with the supplies this year, the principal and staff wanted everyone to know how appreciative they are. Whether the children are at home or at the school, they still need those supplies, and all of you who donated helped to make the start of their school year a good one.
Financial Report
October Birthdays
1st - Katie McCormick

2nd - Nancy Blashka

3rd - Carol Christensen

6th - Mary Barlament

7th - Nina Lundin; Ann Price; Wayne Price

8th - Shirley Schoffelman

9th - Jennifer Christianson; Emma Smith

11th - Kyle Thomas

13th - Gabrielle Minor
16th - Joseph Bruette; Patrick McCormick;
Linda Van Pay

18th - John Wood

21st - Mary Steeno; Gary Van Pay

24th - Beverly Wood

25th -Jesse Batal

26th - Tammy Escot

27th - Judy Knutzen-Nerad

29th - Keith Stange