Mini Prosit Newsletter
February 28, 2021
A Message from the President

On February 3, 2021, the Malvern Retreat House Board of Directors voted unanimously to take the extraordinary step to extend the term of Jacqueline Delaney, Board Chair, for a period of one year, commencing April 7, 2021 and expiring April 6, 2022. The genesis of this decision comes from the serious impact of COVID-19 upon our beloved retreat community.
Both the Nominating and Governance Committee, as well as the Executive Committee recommended, without reservation, to place in consideration a vote on this matter from the entire Board of Directors. Boards may make decisions to extend the service of a Chair whose term will soon expire when an organization is facing extraordinary challenges or in the midst of major campaigns.
Based on the strength, passion, and determination demonstrated by Jacki Delaney in leading the Board of Directors in a positive way in advancing the mission and principles of the retreat house, amid issues of centennial magnitude, the Board agreed that this decision was in the best interest of the retreat house. The Board expressed its gratitude for Jacki’s willingness to accept this recommendation.
James Molinari will continue serving in his role as Vice-Chair of the Board. Jim displayed exceptional humility, awareness, and dedication in spearheading this initiative. Although likely to have been confirmed as the next Chair at the MRH Annual Meeting in April, Jim discerned the importance of maintaining Jacki’s leadership throughout the pandemic as well as the resulting tumultuous challenges brought upon the retreat house. Brought about through prayer, Jim’s inspiration triggered the process to ensure that this unique decision moved forward in faith, trusting that it was the right decision for the right reasons. The approval of new and returning Board members will be voted upon at the 2021 Annual Meeting.
Malvern Retreat House Golf Outing

The Malvern Retreat House Golf Committee wants to put a smile on your face and some good thoughts in your mind. Please “Save the Date!” for a day of golf on green fairways, sunshine, and fellowship!!

We hope to see you there for our 12th annual event. This year's event will be held on Monday, May 17, 2021, and hosted by White Manor Country Club.

Visit this link to register and learn more!
Lent at Malvern

We just finished the second week of Lent. The past twelve months have felt like a long Lent, a time of sacrifice and penance. The requirements of the liturgical season, the harsher weather, and the feeling of loss from the pandemic can make us feel discouraged. Regardless, the Lord can use this time as an opportunity for renewal and growth in faith.
We invite you to see Lent as a time for renewal! Celebrate the grace that comes with surrender to Jesus. To help you, we have planned some wonderful retreats and days of reflection. Whether you are a participant of a traditional Men or Women of Malvern Retreat or an occasional attendee at other retreats or events, we are confident that these programs will help bring you closer to God. Commit to attending one of the programs listed below and live Lent well!
Upcoming Programs

  • Women's Tea: March 7, 2021: Women's Tea with Gloria Coyne, National Service Committee Member of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and Catholic Evangelist, in Memorial Dining Hall. The cost is $25 per person for virtual or onsite. Start Time: 2 PM. Theme: "Moving Beyond Your Comfort Zone."

  • Day of Reflection: March 17, 2021, The Sisters of Life will lead a Lenten Retreat at Malvern Retreat House. Our theme will be "God's Creative Love." There will be time for prayer, adoration, and presentations. Cost is $40 PP onsite; $25 Virtual. We will start at 8:30 AM and end at 3:30 PM.

  • Day of Reflection on St. Joseph: March 19, 2021, Father McGuinn will lead us in a Day of Reflection on St. Joseph. Our theme will be "The Wonders of our Spiritual Father." Cost - $40 PP onsite; $25 Virtual. We will start at 8:30 AM and depart at 3:30 PM following Mass and with a Consecration to St. Joseph.

  • St. Joseph Event: March 21, 2021: 2-4 PM: Eucharistic Adoration and Procession followed by a presentation and discussion about St. Joseph.

  • Holy Week Retreat Day: March 31, 2021. A day retreat led by Father Jim McGuinn. Our theme will be "Growing In Our Catholic Faith" Cost is $50 PP onsite; $25 Virtual. We will start at 8:30 AM and depart at 3:30 PM.
Men and Women of Malvern Retreats
We invite all Men and Women of Malvern to register for an upcoming retreat. Traditional retreats through March will be offered in a one-day format, due to the ongoing impact of COVID. We invite Traditional retreatants accustomed to attending a retreat with a specific group, to also consider attending any of the upcoming retreats. Our theme is "Deepening our Faith in Christ," and there will be time for prayer, reflection, and opportunity for confession and Mass will be offered.

Upcoming Retreats

Visit our calendar for registration information and virtual options.

Please note: All Men and Women of Malvern onsite retreats are broadcast virtually via Zoom as an alternative to attending in person. 
Cyber News

On February 15, 2021, cyber-criminals attacked Malvern Retreat House. The retreat house experienced a temporary IT system shutdown due to a type of ransomware released into our server. The attempt to encrypt access to files on our server was contained and our information was not compromised. No personal information of staff, retreatants, or donors was exposed in this attack. A few files and some registrations were lost in the hours leading up to the attack.
In addition to utilizing a professional IT service, we have increased the level of our cyber-security protection. Malvern Retreat House will continue to monitor this important segment of our operations and adjust and update as needed.  We are committed to keeping safe and secure any information that you share with us.
We are Open: Another Side of Malvern      

Dave Tulli, Manager of Retreats and Events.
At the end of last year, I began my role as Manager of Retreats and Events for Malvern Retreat House. Moving into the non-profit sector for a faith-based ministry was a change in the best way possible. It has been exciting, and as a long-time Man of Malvern retreatant, it has been interesting to see another side of what goes into making MRH a special place of spiritual renewal. It has been a pleasure working with different group leaders to set up private retreats and events. Some of these groups consist of high school campus ministry in setting up Kairos retreats, various dioceses for diaconate formation retreats and seminarian retreats, to name a few. Especially during this COVID period, it has been rewarding to hear the positive feedback as group leaders share that the group had a wonderful retreat experience. Leaders often note their gratitude for everything the staff at the Retreat House did to accommodate them and make them feel safe and welcomed. We are open and implementing COVID protocols. I encourage you to reach out about booking a retreat and learning more about what MRH can provide for non-profit organizations and retreat groups. Feel free to contact me at [email protected].
Check Out the MRH YouTube Channel         
The MRH YouTube Channel is chock-full of videos to assist you on your spiritual journey. Seven days each week a new video is posted. If you have not taken a look lately, or have yet to discover this rich resource of spiritual material, please take a look. Many retreatants have commented that the MRH YouTube Channel has fed their heart and soul during these trying times. Check it out!  While you’re at it, “like us” and subscribe to our channel. The more subscribers we have the better we can use the channel to reach our retreat community. And best of all, it’s free!
Mission Statement
"Rooted in the Catholic Faith, we provide retreats, programs and events that help people deepen their relationship with God and find peace!"