The month-long fast of Ramadan will begin on Monday, May 6th.

At the conclusion of Ramadan is the 3-day holiday of Eid-al-Fitr (Celebration of the Feast). Like many other holidays, traditionally, celebrations usually consist of family visits and food, along with an exchange of gifts. For many of our resettled families, this time of year highlights the struggle for parents to make life for their children as it was back home.

So, for the fourth year running, we are putting our Eid Drive campaign into action, and, once again, with your help, we are hoping to make that struggle a bit easier by providing gifts for the children, with our campaign #ChicagoDoesEid2019.

Some quick info:

  1. We are asking that you purchase and wrap the gifts rather than donate money or gifts cards
  2. The minimum amount to be spent per child is $25, with the maximum amount per child being $50 (to ensure gifts are equal by comparison from child to child, sibling to sibling)
  3. In an effort to avoid confusion about sizes, please do not purchase clothing

If you are interested in participating, and making a child's Eid that much better, please contact us with the number of families/children you would like to sponsor or any other questions.