If you have been worshipping with us, you will know him as "An Angel of God". We invite you to meet, John Graham Sinclair (pictured here with his spouse Natalie)!

With the following goals in mind, the shared ministries of Sanctuary and Hillside will serve as the teaching site for John's experience as an intern. With Pastoral Supervision provided by Rev. Wendy and an Internship Committee chaired by Rev Tom - and YOUR support and reflections - John seeks to "To grow in a reflective and reflexive praxis of ministry and;
  • Deepen the practice of pastoral care;
  • Navigate participation in the faith communities (Sanctuary/Hillside); their shared ministries; and the community at large as a spiritual leader;
  • Grow in and understand what an β€œart ministry” might look like in a congregational setting;
  • Develop an understanding of community chaplaincy and a called to care ministry;
  • Understand emergence and evolution as these faith communities move through and out of pandemic conditions;
  • Develop as a leader of worship, ritual/sacrament, and faith formation small groups.