"Oh! Oh! Oh! Come and Save Us"
O come, O come, Emmanuel and ransom captive Israel…” The haunting and evocative melody of this seasonal sound epitomizes the spirit of Advent―the hopeful waiting for the Prince of Peace to come again to save us―and the almost unimaginable, so-surprising-that-we-have-to-whisper-about-it celebration of his O-Holy-Night arrival.

The prophet promised that the wolf shall lie down with the lamb but, the world is full of brokenness. Can we justcancel 2020? Let us pray, Rejoice, rejoice! Emmanuel shall come to thee, O Israel.

Prayer for This Sunday: 
Sovereign God, we long for your peaceable Kin-dom:  A place where children can play outside without fear of predators, where the vulnerable are not exploited for their labor, where there is enough for all.  We long for a world without the 1%, and without the exploiters, the vultures, and abusers; a world where everyone will know your peace and love. Until then, we are trapped in a world where fear, pain, and suffering are inevitable, but where comfort can always be found in your love.  Surround those of us who are suffering from the ills of this world, and send all as messengers of your love, grace, and peace wherever and whenever possible. May those who are conflicted find comfort in those who are comfortable, 
and those who are comfortable be with the conflicted until all are at peace. Amen. 
Sunday Online Schedule
9:45 - 10:15 am - Guided Meditation w/ Sarah D
10:15 am - Gathering Time (say hello and get settled in)
10:30 am - Family Worship (children, reflections, music, prayers)
11:30 am - Virtual Coffee Hour (small group conversation)
Blue Christmas; The Longest Night
December 21 at 7:00 pm on Zoom
Gather virtually with beloved community to hold the darkness of the long winter nights and lament the losses of our hearts, Take solace in the serenity of sacred space, and be affirmed by the presence of the Holy and the hope of Love made flesh.

Find access at
The Annual UNREHEARSED Christmas Pagent is Nigh!
December 20 @ 10:30 am
While the pandemic will unfortunately preclude the annual spectacle that is our unrehearsed Christmas pageant, Rev. Wendy and Rev. Tom are excited about our pivot to an online, virtual pageant.

To make that happen though, we need your help!

After you sign up, you'll receive your lines, filming directions, and costume suggestions. You'll just need you to record your part using a smartphone and then email it to us. We'll edit everyone's videos together into one, beautiful, seamless (maybe) pageant that we'll enjoy as part of worship on December 20th. 
Reminder to Visioning Process Members
Have you had a chance to complete the discernment survey form following your prayer circle? Please be sure to share your response to your prayer circle as the Discernment Team plans the next stage of our congregational discernment.
(to begin after the holidays).
Leadership Circle Updates
Highlights from November 17, 2020 - LC Meeting
LC meeting moves to the third Tuesday of the month @ 6:00 pm -7:30 pm;
Plans were finalized for the Dec 06 Annual Congregational Meeting;
Ben and Becky Jacques were affirmed for Sanctuary membership;
Agreement was reached to work on a ministry and staff review process.
For more details, please see the meeting minutes via button below
Next LC meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 15 @ 6:00 pm
Virtual Deacon-of-the-Month
Volunteer to be at the “Door” of our virtual worship (via the Zoom Chat) to greet, encourage, sign-up for news & access links, AND collect the community’s prayers.

Virtual Scripture Readers
Sign up to read and record the weeks bible passage (ahead of Sunday).

Virtual Musicians
Offer your voice or instrument or kazoo to make beautiful music with our music staff!
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