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MAY 5, 2022

Six Common Mistakes a New Manager Makes

There’s no one key to being a successful manager. It takes time, intention and a willingness to both learn and make mistakes. No one becomes great overnight.

Perhaps the easiest way to get on the path to effective leadership is to learn from mistakes I’ve made and seen in working with leaders for almost 30 years.

I’ve distilled them into six – the most common mistakes I see new managers make. (And several happened to me).

Are Pay Transparency Laws on the Way?

It’s not for everyone, or every position, but I can make a case why most “office” jobs should be at least hybrid. [Full-time office work is as dead as the dodo.]

Dan Rockwell came up with the list before I could – and I’m using his because he’s right.




    Culture building.


    Reduced tech fatigue.

    Career opportunities.

Hard to argue with those.

7 Reasons Returning to the Office Is a Good Idea (Leadership Freak) 


Most unemployed men in their 30s have been arrested

This is a rather jarring statement, based on a recent RAND study.

However, after the initial jolt, this statistic plays into a concept I’ve been discussing in recent speeches and presentations:

In this era of severe workforce shortages, we have to rethink everything about hiring. 

Including people with previous arrests. 

It’s why many states are starting to prohibit asking job candidates about their arrest history.

The Need for New Hiring Protocols (HR Drive)

Things I Read That Interested Me

How Wanting Less Leads to Satisfaction (Atlantic)

Americans More Miserable Than Anytime in 50 years (The Why Axis)

"Unretirements" Are Picking Up (Axios)

Why Did Risky Driving Increase During Pandemic? (AAA)

What We Really Need to Cure Burnout (FastCompany)


“Changing your mind isn’t a threat to your ego—it’s a moment of growth. It means you've learned something new.”

---Adam Grant

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