What is happening with the Transition Team?
A Transition Team Update
From Kirke Ryder,
Transition Team Chairperson

The Transition Team has been working hard to put plans in place to help transition the church after Pastor Randy’s retirement. We have met many times as a team, and have communicated and met frequently with the Commission on Ministry (COM), which is a part of the Winnebago Presbytery. In our case, the Presbytery has granted us permission to move ahead without an Interim Pastor, which means we can go ahead and appoint a Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC), and begin the search for our called and installed pastor. This is good news, since it will shorten the process to find a pastor!
The Nominating Committee (chaired by Jon Tessier) is hard at work finding members who are interested in serving on the PNC. 

More details and how this process will work will be included in our next newsletter, out by July 1, and at that time, it will also be posted on our website.
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