Greetings! we are pleased to present your 2021 January First Presbyterian Church of Green Bay newsletter!
Pastoral Note
by Pastor Katie Estes

Be The Church

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? 
Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and days of auld lang syne? 
As we usher in the year of our Lord two thousand twenty-one, we will sing of days of auld lang syne (literally “old long since”) with perhaps something less than enthusiasm—many of us are more than a little anxious to get past 2020 and move into whatever the new year holds! 2020 was a difficult year, with the arrival of the coronavirus, and lockdowns, and isolation, and masks and social distancing and working from home and distance learning. It was also a year of new or renewed civil unrest, and economic challenges, and overflowing hospitals and overstressed healthcare workers and far too many lives lost.

But if we focus only on the negatives, it is too easy to be mired in the muck and forget that we also have some wonderful positives to celebrate. The in-between time at First Presbyterian came to an end in 2020 and a new pastor was called. The Pantry continued to feed hungry neighbors and members of the community. We have found a way for some to worship here in the church again, while many are able to join us in worshipping from home through our on-line livestream. We are a resilient and faithful people, and God is with us each step of the way!

So while we rejoice in our history and remember the saints gone by, we are ready to move into the new and the now of this ministry! Vaccines for the virus are rolling out, protocols and safe practices are becoming more accepted and easier for us to adopt, and we see a light at the end of this tunnel. The biggest challenge for me is how I can get to know you all and let you know me while we still keep each other safe and healthy. I am proposing a series of small group events either on Zoom or by phone that would offer us the chance to connect more personally and do a little dreaming together. Watch for your invitation to join me for a brief conversation in the coming months. Let’s not hesitate to be the church, even in a new and different way.
Cozy Kids Campaign
January 1-31

The drive to collect winter items for the kids at Tank Elementary School begins January 1 and continues through the month. First Pres aims to keep those kids cozy with a collection of hats, mittens, scarves, long underwear, jogging pants, jackets, snow pants, and boots - these can be gently used - they will have a home. Also needed are new items: underwear, socks, lip balm, tissues, and any other items to finish out the winter. Please place the items - by January 31 - on the table at the back of the sanctuary. Thank you ahead of time from Tank School Kiddos! And parents!!
Youth/Family Ski Trip

Unfortunately, with the pandemic situation as it is, the ski trip is uncertain this year. It is being worked on to see if it would be at all feasible as even the lodges up in that area are closed.

We will let you know if it can be worked out.
Presbyterian Pantry
January 12 and 26, 10 am - noon

The Pantry is open for guests on January 12 as well as January 26 from 10 am to noon. All are welcomed, however masks MUST be worn, as well other precautions taken to help prevent the spread of COVID.

The Presbyterian Pantry of Green Bay is a united effort by three area churches - besides FPC, the First United Presbyterian Church De Pere, and Wequiock Presbyterian are contributors and provide volunteers. Through their efforts, and the many, many donors who provide funds and product to fill the shelves, the Pantry is able to provide for Tank/Seymour Park area residents in need. For January, pantry volunteers are requesting donations of peanut butter and jelly.Thank you to all who make it possible!
Deacons to Provide Meal for St. John's Homeless Shelter
January 30

The Deacons is looking for volunteers to donate and help prepare the food - beef stew - for the St. John's Homeless Shelter. Food prep will take place in the morning of that day. We will NOT be serving the food, but it will need to be delivered to the shelter. Kevin plans to use Outreach funds to pay for the meat. We will need donations for other supplies, including carrots, potatoes, onions, celery, and frozen peas. We will need people to cut up and prepare the food at 8:00 a.m. and two people to meet at First Pres at 4:30 p.m. to load up food and deliver to St. John's. As an option this year, you may want to purchase and cut up vegetables at home and bring them to Banner Hall that morning (or contact one of the Deacons to meet you at the door.) Please sign up on the bulletin board if you can donate or volunteer. If you are not going to the church building, please call Leah to add your name and donation(s) Thank you!
A/V Update

From Bruce Deadman, "Work is ready to begin again on our A/V upgrade. Camera Corner / Connecting Point will be installing a state of the art projector and descending screen in the sanctuary. We are also taking advantage of their presence on site to significantly upgrade our WiFi and internet services.

The audio/video committee is looking for people to help with the A/V during worship. It will be every 4-5 weeks. Contact Amy Wittman, 920-737-7717 or Lisa Olson, 920-309-4116 for specifics of what would be involved with this task - remember, people watching at home are counting on it being there. Stay tuned for details on how else you can help!
Update your Pledge

If you are an online donor to First Pres, or if you would like to be, please take the time to review both your donation information, and your personal data. Log in on our website ( under the "Giving History & Profile" option at the top of the page. First time online donors should click the "Donate Now" tab. If you need any assistance with this, Lynne Nelson is happy to help at 920-437-8121, ext. 114.

If you've pledged a new amount to the Generous Giving Stewardship campaign, have a new email or home address, a new cell phone number, or new bank information, we want to make sure that we have the most current data possible.

Also, note that there are still boxes of envelopes on the table in the hallway nearest the Sanctuary stairs.
Per Capita Payments Due by March

Per capita exists as a way for all Presbyterians to share costs that belong to the whole church, to give meaning to the interdependent nature of the Presbyterian community.

Per capita is part of the glue that holds Presbyterians together. It exists to allow the whole church to share equitably in those things that make us Presbyterian:

  • our theological identity
  • our connectedness
  • our system of mid councils that allow elders and ministers together to discern the mind of Christ
  • our ecumenical connections that make us part of the church universal
  • our core structures that keep us together as a church
  • our call to work for full participation in decision-making

Per capita allows us to work with other churches to further the mission of Jesus Christ around the world. Per capita in 2021 will again remain at $37.00 for every confirmed member of the congregation, and should be paid by this coming MarchMore details from PC(USA).
Prayer Basket
Thank You

Thank you to all who helped make the Prayer Baskets a reality by donating gifts and food, and wrapping the gifts, and for all of your prayers for these families. A huge thank you to the three family coordinators for the Prayer Baskets: Ken Sann; Lynne Nelson Family; and Leah Mott Family. This year we debuted an online sign-up option, which made it convenient and accessible for people, but also added to the coordinators' duties. Without you we could not have succeeded in this important mission. Together we made three special neighborhood families very happy with a completely beautiful Christmas! (Photo is of the many gifts for just one of the families.)
God Bless You All!
Reverse Advent for Pantry Thank You

The true expression of this church's support of the Presbyterian Pantry was clearly demonstrated by everyone who participated in the Reverse Advent gifts of food and supplies to help stock our pantry shelves. Because of your generosity, our pantry will be able to continue to provide nutritional foods, as well as much needed laundry soap and bathroom tissue to those in our surrounding neighborhood and community who are in need of our support. On behalf of the Pantry Board, I would like to say Thank You to everyone who so generously participated in this Advent gift, and especially to Brenda Hubbard for coming up with this great idea and working with the pantry to make this happen.
Mary Ginnebaugh, the Pantry Board, and all of the Pantry volunteers
Pageant Thank You

From all of us who had the opportunity to see this wonderful Children's Pageant, thank you to all of the participants, parents, those who provided the music, and those who helped put it all together. It certainly was a challenge this year, having the entire service and pageant online, but it worked out beautifully. If you missed it, you can view it on our Facebook page under Videos or our website under Sermons/Services. You can also see still photos taken from the video on our Facebook page, under Photos.

In addition to all of the children performing their parts very well, the small videos of many of our members holding a candle at the end of video was a lovely touch. Thank you also for the cast of characters guide, as that provided guidance to those of us who might not have seen some of these children for a while (and they do grow!) While Mary Steeno, Jill Stenson, and Amy Wittman suggest that their names not be listed, we wanted to mention those dedicated ladies for all of their hard work.
Financial Report
January Birthdays
1st - Lyn Early, Toy Sisavath

3rd - Duber Aceituno

5th - Julia Doenges

7th - Tom Escott, Sophia Salb

8th - Brianna Jimenez

12th - Julie Thomas

16th - Dayton Wellner

18th - Alex Bostedt, Nancy Wittman
20th - Olivia Crooks

22nd - Stephanie Fahringer

23rd - Gabriela Jimenez

24th - Sandy Deadman, Theda Nero

26th - Elliot Stenson

27th - Tom Schoffelman

29th - Aaron Schoffelman

31st - Grace Ann McCormick, Tom Steeno