August Water Events Reminders
This week: Parks and Open Spaces webinars (Aug. 4 & 6), Healthy Lawns and Healthy Soils workshop (Aug. 6), Artesiana, Episode 1 with Malcolm Harris, Circle of Blue Series

We Need You! 
The Missing Piece for Parks & Open Space is Your Voice.
The next few days will make or break a months’ long effort to win a generational victory for Hays County watersheds, open lands, and natural habitat. In two public meetings via Zoom webinar, the Parks & Open Space Advisory Commission will present its recommended projects for public input on a potential $75 to $80 million bond package:

Please register now and attend on:

Please, send your support to your County Commissioner and Judge Becerra:

Let them know you want them to move forward with a $75 to $80 million Parks & Open Space Bond, Nov 3. The Court takes up POSAC recommendations during its Tuesday, Aug 11, 9am meeting.

Wimberley Valley Watershed Association wholeheartedly supports the POSAC effort and contributed two proposals:

  1. Coleman’s Canyon Preserve project (also linked from the image above)
  2. Regional Conservation Fund project

WVWA is pleased that Coleman’s Canyon Preserve project ranked top of the committee’s list of recommendations, and supports the quality and range of the tiered proposals. Without affecting the County tax rate, these projects will add parks, trails, open spaces, natural areas, and habitat, and improve water quality and flood mitigation. Hays County’s economy depends on hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, many of them drawn by County parks, trails, and natural areas. Now, more than ever, the benefits of outdoor recreation for health and well-being are worthy investments.

For more information, please visit POSAC’s website.

Now is the moment. Please lend your voice to the land, water, and natural beauty of Hays County. You make a difference.
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