In August, The City of Atlanta partnered with United Way of Greater Atlanta to help combat the ongoing negative impacts of COVID-19. Through this partnership, BCM was awarded a $2 million grant to help fund the amplified efforts that have been put into effect since the outbreak of the pandemic. This financial support will allow BCM to step up our financial assistance by hiring an additional Emergency Assistance team to support this effort. The new team will provide a critical staffing boost to help meet the augmented needs of our city incurred by the pandemic. All of the grant money awarded to BCM will go directly to providing aid to City of Atlanta (incorporated) residents who have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, and whose income after March 1 is at or below 60% of the Area Median Income by the end of this year.

BCM President & CEO, Keeva Kase, commented on the prominent need for immediate financial relief due to the virus: "How can one shelter in place without a shelter? How can a child effectively attend virtual school from home, without a home?" This grant, he explained, will allow BCM to triple, if not quadruple, the scale of its services to households in the City of Atlanta for up to three months. He called this partnership and the impact it is expected to make a "historic and essential effort to prevent homelessness for neighbors negatively affected by the pandemic."